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  1. Pipefitter

    Calling All MCC Members

    I’ve been making the donation for 11 years. I’m happy this year they offered a $25 dee shop voucher in lieu of a scarf. Id love a guaranteed opportunity to buy a reserved seat for grand final in the reserve grand final if the Dee’s make it. Offer that as premium offer and watch the cash role in. I’ve bern a restricted member for MCC for what seems like forever, and make financial contributions, but if we had made the grand final I would have had no opportunity to purchase a legit grand final ticket.
  2. Pipefitter

    Jack Watts video

    Really interesting to see how he responds to this. There’s been a lot of excuses made for the bloke over 170 games but the incidents over the pre season point to his lack of professionalism causing his below average career, not he was debuted too early, not he needs the right coach, not he needs a fresh start etc.
  3. Pipefitter

    Jack Watts video

    Given his off season to date I’d be trying fade into the background, but to willingly allow someone to film this regardless of the substance is staggering. He doesn’t GAF and while I’m not of the idea that players need to be a role model, all you expect of your players is to give their best crack and clearly Jack has never done this and never will.
  4. Pipefitter

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    Totally agree. I’ve been a joint member for over 10 years and theres literally no benefit. Either drop the price or make it more attractive to sign up.
  5. Pipefitter

    Gary Pert?

    It’s interesting the flack this guy cops like he is the next CS. The guy had a huge tenure at the biggest footy club in the country. He’s clearly no nuffy. Collingwood needed a scape goat if they weren’t going to boot Buckley.
  6. Pipefitter

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    I’ve been in good paddock.
  7. Pipefitter

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Not that maxy needs any encouragement to train hard, but can def see value in training with another mature size ruckman rather than the toothpicks he’s been training with the last few years.
  8. Pipefitter

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    When are we going to get Range Rover or Mount Buller as a major sponser? Time to profit off those lame jokes.
  9. Pipefitter

    Jarryd Lyons

    “but unlikely to play many minutes in a midfield that now contains Anthony Miles and George Horlin-Smith,” wow! That’s who’s keeping him out of the midfield in 2019?
  10. So pumped to see him in action.
  11. Pipefitter

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    “Final offer”?? Still plenty to play out.
  12. Pipefitter


    Reminds me of the gysberts Pedersen trade.
  13. Pipefitter

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I thought I was prepared to say goodbye but seeing Jesse hogan touring freo’s facilities makes me feel like a jealous ex lover.
  14. Pipefitter

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I’m sad to see him go because I love him as a player, but if he was always going home at some stage, he’s doing us a massive favour by doing it now as the club is strong enough now to not fall apart from this and he’s at peak value. We could potentially end up with 3 new best 22 players out of this.
  15. Pipefitter

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Is there actually any quotes from either Hogan’s camp or the Dee’s camp? Or is it one of those classic “it’s believed that hogan is up for a trade” lines.