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    Dean Bailey speaks out about tanking

    Yes, we definitely need yet another thread to be started on this topic...I saw the Bailey item on Ch7 news, but nothing worth discussing here in a new thread. Suggest you visit the AFL investigation thread that already exists.
  2. '87 Spirit

    Our best 22 post draft

    One thing that concerns me about the various posters' possible best 22s is that they don't seem to differ greatly from the recent past. In almost every team put forward so far, the defence is unchanged from last season and most only have Toumpas as a new addition to the centre line. Most have Dawes, Pederson and Byrnes as new names among the forwards, but two of these three, i.e. Pederson and Byrnes, were unable to make the 22s of the clubs they came from and Dawes struggled last season, although we hope will have a better 2013. Viney features as a new player among the followers in most posts, and we generally have high hopes for him, but on the interchange many have Roden, another discard from his previous club, as the only new player. So, on this basis, I struggle to see where the improvement is going to come from. Admittedly some stronger bodies and seemingly better depth in the sqad, but many of the new names on the list don't feature in posters' best 22. Perhaps Neeld and co will prove more adventurous in their actual team selection when the time comes by going with more new names than posters have here, thus giving the 22 a different and newer look to it.
  3. '87 Spirit

    Crows pull out of draft ... sort of

    Gerard Healy couldn't help himself on 3AW earlier. At the end of an interview of Adrian Anderson about new tribunal rules for 2013, Gerard asked him whether he expected Melbourne to follow Adelaide's lead and forfeit draft picks ahead of tomorrow's draft. To his credit, Anderson responded by saying that they were completely different circumstances and that Melbourne has not been charged, so no he doesn't expect that.