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  1. Spirit of '87

    Sponsorship Problem?

    Why the enquiry about Jackson and the CEO position on the Sponshorship thread? Seems to be taking is all off at a bit of a tangeant and derailing the thread topic.
  2. Spirit of '87

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    I think you'll find he was having a bit of a shot at most other posters, including the poll, mis-spelling his name as David Schwartz instead of Schwarz.
  3. Spirit of '87

    The 2018 Fixture Thread

    McLachlan's comment about Carlton being allocated 4 Friday night games: "There's clearly a bit of risk in them if you took the end of 2017 (as a guide on their form next season) but I think Carlton are building a strong team and they're well coached." The inference from that comment would be that in contrast, Melbourne, despite coming off 12 wins and finishing ninth, are not building a strong team and are not well coached, therefore warrant only 1 Friday night game! And giving Carlton 4 games is based on the AFL's somewhat subjective and speculative assessment of Carlton's "strong team", being "well coached" and how they'll go next year.
  4. Spirit of '87


    Are we still starting up new threads about Jack Watts, even now that he's gone?
  5. Spirit of '87

    Richmond 2018...are they the Bullogs of 2016

    I assume you mean will Richmond 2018 be the Bulldogs of 2017 when things went pear shaped for them, rather than will they be the Bulldogs of 2016 in your heading, when they won the premiership? But yes, potentially...
  6. Spirit of '87

    Misson's Time Up?

    To do that would be Misson Impossible.
  7. Spirit of '87

    Nathan Jones Media Conference

    Calls for an 'apology' from the club? "The club apologises for winning 12 games this season, being two more games than last year, which in turn was three more wins than the year prior, etc. We sincerely apologise for such progression from just two wins for the season only a few years back..."
  8. Spirit of '87

    Reconciliation Action Plan

  9. Spirit of '87


    To make out at the highest level? I'm sure with his good looks that the ladies provide him with plenty of opportunities to prove that.
  10. Spirit of '87

    Tommy Bugg Graffiti

    I noticed Bugg making that 'titanic' pose after his goal last week, in front of Jack Watts, as a bit of a send up of Watts's celebration of his own goal the previous week, mimicking the same stunned facial expression.
  11. Spirit of '87

    The Ladder

    4th in Round 2 this year?
  12. Spirit of '87

    All The Goals Round 12

    It was great post-Watts-goal TV footage showing Taylor Adams, having made those unsuccessful Melbourne vs successful Collingwood remarks in the week prior, slumped on hands and knees and puffed out after a futile, distant chase of Watts, looking down at the ground dejectedly.
  13. Spirit of '87

    Is Ling a commentator or special comments?

    Has Demonland really sunk to such depths that Cameron Ling gets his own thread on here? The only special comment he ever seems to manage to come up with is "they have all the momentum!" whenever a team kicks a few goals. Thanks for pointing that out to us every time Lingy - great observation, we would never had worked that out for ourselves.
  14. Spirit of '87

    Queen's Birthday

    That incident when Watts was targeted by their players seems to have been greatly overrated and overhyped ever since to me, with all the "haha welcome to AFL football Jack" talk. At the time he wasn't actually crunched or hurt or anything, he just got up and took his free kick and played on.
  15. Spirit of '87

    Demon Injuries 2017 season

    Shouldn't Gawn be down to 11 weeks this week? Thought it was 12 weeks last week - but who's counting...