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  1. Shouldn't Gawn be down to 11 weeks this week? Thought it was 12 weeks last week - but who's counting...
  2. It seems to be additional to the Melbourne sponsorship, perhaps seeking exposure to more than one state/region: "Mr Lu said finding a strong community spirit was key to the sponsorship and said the airlines’s sponsorship of Melbourne Football Club was evidence of its commitment to top-level sport in Australia."
  3. "Lynden Dunn quickly bringing the ball in from full-back kicks straight to McDonald-Tipungwuti, who converts from 20m out. Terrible error. Dons 88, Pies 92"
  4. But back then Jones wasn't the 28 year old, with more games under his belt and existing captaincy experience that he now is.
  5. The deal's been extended, according to an AHG announcement this morning. No details regarding term or dollars.
  6. If they get a priority pick I will console myself with the very comforting thought that Essendon have been denied the first pick.
  7. Adelaide have been referred to as the fruit loops, and sometimes licorice all sorts, because of their coloured looped jumpers, rather than fruit tingles. But yeah, Adelaide.
  8. A good weekend for MFC. Not only a win and still in finals contention, but thanks to Gold Coast, they have now avoided the humiliation of being the only team to have lost to Essendon this year.
  9. Nathan Jones was asked at the today's press interview whether they could find a spot for Hogan, and he replied: "oh come on, that's a drastic call. I think we can easily find a spot for him!"
  10. On Footy Classified this week Matthew Lloyd made the comment that T Mac should not be expecting as much as $700k because of his delivery, or lack thereof, then they crossed to footage of one of TMac's classic brain-fade passes across ground last week as evidence.
  11. Well he said he thinks he'll stay anyway. Later Jonathan Brown was the most positive of the panelists, backing Melbourne to play finals next year, adding that he thinks Melbourne has the best talent of the teams outside the Eight.
  12. No not 65k last time, it was 47,558 in the round 4 Collingwood home game. 65k+ today would have been good, but it was largely the Collingwood supporters who didn't turn up today - I think a number of them had already put their cue in the rack for this season.
  13. For all the AFL's talk about protecting the head, the danger of concussion, the head being sacrosanct and effectively banning the bump out of the game, they still just prefer to turn a blind eye to players ducking their head and putting their own head at risk.
  14. Are we are deducting cut up membership cards from the total, may have dropped back to around 25,000 this week.
  15. Didn't take long for this to become another Watts discussion thread