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  1. I think Gawn and Wagner in. Watts and jones out. Pedo to replace Watts. Wagner to free up Lewis/Vince/Salem to cover Jones' role. Wish it was trenners.
  2. I was also worried about the lack of ruck depth at the end of the trade and draft period. Its not hindsight just because I didn't post it at the time. Its an important position and I didn't think we had enough coverage. You always need a plan, a backup plan, and a backup to your backup. I liked what I saw of Flip at the Maroochydore session, can't comment at all on King. They are just not ready yet to be viable options.
  3. Are you Mitch Cleary?
  4. I would have Bruce in my best team, but you also left him out of the exports. Cam would easily get a run in that team.
  5. I thought Wagner was playing in Brisbane and we recruited him from Aspley. Splitting hairs though as your argument still stands. While I am logged in though I'll leave my opinion, I agree with #11 - TonyA above, Tim Smith to be a cult hero by round 18.
  6. Mine is a little different too. I wasn't fortunate enough to see much of Robbie Flower in action, but Stephen Stretch is still my favourite - followed him over from West Torrens. Over time I have loved watching: Cameron Bruce pre-shoulder. Nathan Brown - never stopped trying. Wrecker - his hit on Hird still brings a smile to my face. Not so much as a player but a play - Nathan Carroll when he tackled Fraser Gehrig trying to run around him on the mark. Adem Yze - especially in the forward line. David Neitz - Troy Broadbridge - don't now why - just liked the cut of his jib. Clint Bizzell Jack Viney I know it is sacrilege these days, but - Brock McLean especially his final vs the Saints in 2006.
  7. An Essendon and GWS grand final would be unwatchable. In fact I think if GWS make a grand final everybody should boycott it and protest outside AFL HQ. It is time for them to stop meddling with the game, and time for people to let them know it. They got away with it this year and seem to have muffled the media on the subject but the centre of gravity of this issue will change eventual. The GWS concessions have been way too far over the top - I mean the mini-draft - come on....
  8. I'm still looking forward to it. I usually find the later picks more intriguing anyway. Never know who is going to pop up. Also looking forward to some uncut gems from the rookie draft. You know, the Jace Bode, Jayden Hunt, Tom McDonald, Josh Tynan and Davis types. Some make it and its great - but if they don't it doesn't break your heart like a Cook or Gysberts.
  9. Are you Titus O'Reilly?
  10. 'The Bombers will be thrilled if McGrath is still available at pick 1.' Love Titus and that first line made my morning. Thanks Jack
  11. That, and you have to contract a new draftee for two years. Rookies can be delisted after one year. When your picks a so low I think it is a good use of the rookie list.
  12. I would Rookie Fitzy for insurance. Only needs to be for year. Worst case he plays CHB for Casey.
  13. After my rant in the Oscar McInerney thread I thought I better back it up here as well. Does anyone want to provide any insights on why they think Cameron wasn't picked up in his draft year, even as a rookie?
  14. Quoting this part to keep relevance to the thread. I don't have anything to add except that I am interested in hearing details and information about young Oscar (and any potential young Ruck/fwd prospects as I see it as need we have to address this draft). I would hate to see this thread derailed into pages of Saty bashing and wall p-ssing like as so many do. AAC, Penant St Dee, and anyone else with info please continue to feed us insights on players as I come to these threads because I am interested.
  15. Well the Swans have 46 - so here is hoping they are not in the hunt - for the sake of AAC's blood pressure.