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  1. whelan45

    Sam Weideman

    Think improving his tank will see his largest improvement. Looks noticably more tired around contests after half time in the games I've seen him at AFL level
  2. whelan45

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I would say it is more likely than not that you will need 14 wins to play finals. Key outcomes to require this: Geelong to beat Hawks - Highly likely on current form North to beat Adelaide away - probably most iffy result, but big chance Adelaide season already over when they play Port to win one of WC at home or Pies at G - Big chance given Gaff impact and Pies massive injuy list Hawks to beat Swans round 23 - if Sydney have nothing to play for likely, if they do, they probably beat us this week, which is not good! Amazing we could possibly be top 4 AFTER this round and still miss!
  3. whelan45

    Declan Keilty

    Question for the regular VFL watches. Im interested to know what Declan Keilty's kicking disposal is like. Would this be considered a weakness of his? I see a big weakness in our key defensive players kicking skills and decision making. A team like Essendon has a huge advantage that their CHB Hurley is a threat with the ball in hand. I think in modern footy you cant hide 2-3 poor users of the footy in the back half. The match reports of Keilty sound good, but wanted to see if hes much of an improvement on McDonald brothers and Frost?
  4. whelan45

    Clarence Oliver

    Didnt know where to put this, but does anybody know why the coaches votes from last round havent been released?
  5. whelan45

    Opponent in finals

    If we lose to Pies 80 - 100 And WC beat Adel 100 - 80 We miss finals. Wouldnt shock me one bit if WC beat Adelaide in Perth. I really wish we kicked on / held that 32 point last quarter margin vs Brissy! Still a very real chance we miss finals
  6. whelan45

    FA & Trade Whispers

    I agree. It's just the rumour with the strong sources has us giving this years pick 29 and next years 1st rounder to Brisbane. Which makes me think how do we get Hibberd given we can't trade next years 2nd rounder? We shall see I guess
  7. whelan45

    FA & Trade Whispers

    It just seems strange to me that Essendon would be OK with taking a mid 30's pick for Hibberd rather than our pick 29. To me that only leaves trading pick 19 to Essendon for Hibberd, with maybe another pick coming back from their end?
  8. whelan45

    FA & Trade Whispers

    Yes but the trade per the rumour from the Brisbane Footy Boss and John Murphy is: Dunn, Future 1st & Future 2nd > Rockliff, Pick 19 Am I correct in saying that is not possible?
  9. whelan45

    FA & Trade Whispers

    It's not possible to trade a future 1st pick and a future 2nd pick according to this article: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2015-08-06/future-trading-given-goahead-but-with-restrictions So not sure how this Rockliff deal can happen?
  10. whelan45


    Can't remember seeing the membership package that entitled you to detailed personal information of a leaving employee? Spare me
  11. whelan45

    Patrick Dangerfield

    What were the other 3?
  12. whelan45

    Goodwin's Law?

    @DemonFrog Do you actually think you know enough facts about the Essendon ASADA issue to categorically rule Simon Goodwin a drug cheat, and then effectively remove the biggest support you can provide the football club, your membership? I would suspect you, me, and nearly everybody else (including journo's) don't. You also must not think much of Roos, Jackson, Bartlett and rest of board who made the appointment of said 'drug cheat'. Given they conducted the interview process, reckon they might know a bit more than you and I. Maybe a couple of deep breaths might be in order...
  13. whelan45

    Patrick Dangerfield

    I don't get this? A smokescreen for Demonland followers? How exactly would pretending to go for Dangerfield enhance prospects of getting say a Sloan?
  14. whelan45


    If they didn't pay for the Uni course, the money used would have been paid to Clark as part of his salary. It makes no difference what so ever that they paid for his partners uni course! It's salary packaging that nearly every individual can do with whatever organisation they work for to assist with their tax position. Good riddance
  15. whelan45

    Altitude camp for two

    Do we have an altitude room at AAMI? That's pretty good. Do you know the extent in which we use it?