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  1. Dedogtor

    Retro gear

  2. Dedogtor

    Retro gear

    Had to throw these two strapping demons in the mix.
  3. To breeze by the Pies claiming a 95pt QB win claiming Buckley’s (coaching) scalp in the process and after a very public media breakdown (eddy) Fat Head fall in his sword.
  4. Dedogtor

    2018's 'breakout' player

    Why is no one talking about my man Oska Baker ? The kid looked very at home in the midfield group on wednesday squeeze in front of Petracca more than once and dished it out with speed and class, and please a request no more with the Ginger Ninger cringe worthy at best we can, will and must do better.
  5. Dedogtor

    Training - Wednesday 25th January, 2017

    Stopped in very briefly to witness Hogan training with the midfield! looking quite at home collecting the fruits of Gawn's tap work.
  6. Dedogtor

    The MFC Apparel Thread

    Simple and all class, love it!
  7. Dedogtor

    Training - Wednesday 30th November, 2016

    Thanks for the update glad it's minor
  8. Dedogtor

    Training - Wednesday 30th November, 2016

    I stop by just in time to see Gawn hobbling off the ground looking fairly disappointed I hope someone can shed some light on this !
  9. Dedogtor

    2017 Clash Guernsey

    So can any of our photoshop experts make a marked improvement to the currant clash jump (the f~>#*ing massive logo one) using a similar arrangement ?
  10. Dedogtor

    2017 Clash Guernsey

    It's almost lazy to just disregard the jumper as JUST A JUMPER, exsuse the pun but it is the fabric of our club and brand I could not think of a better way to dilute the brand than to constantly introduce new jumpers and colours. Think about some clubs with iconic kits The Yankees - pinstrip The Raiders - siliver and back Real Madrid - there logo hasn't change since 1908 The all backs - back white fern The Chicago Bulls if you want your club to be a icon first the jumper must be.
  11. Dedogtor

    2017 Clash Guernsey

    Perfect ?? was that so hard! And just think someone actually got paid to design the new one.
  12. Dedogtor

    2017 Clash Guernsey

    I love the new logo, but hate the new jumper !! I am so confused.
  13. Ben Long looks sharp! But I guess the challenge is picking the upside player the one who will grow the most being a full time footballer.
  14. Dedogtor

    Nick Kommer

    Just watched his highlights he is/was a tenacious player, good runner with speed bit of a Ben Kennedy type. Not sure of his age now
  15. Dedogtor

    The Middle Men

    I did contemplate putting Hunt on the list but his performances have been so consitent I feel his worth is proven and there is no need to contemplate and discus.