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  1. Unfortunately he chooses to bump all the time instead of tackle, which is what he did Monday night. Smart players will know that is his pattern and simply evade the bump they know is coming!
  2. He's one of my favourites (at present) - fearless!
  3. Tell Geelong supporters I know that the DemonsRRising!
  4. Anyone go this morning?
  5. Me too
  6. Great news
  7. Cloke outmuscled TMac
  8. I'm here- Trac gets first goal. We are kicking with the wind
  9. Have to buy a ticket because its a double header (i believe), so I did!
  10. Sorry - but it was Cat Phillips goal from the impossible angle. She was also on the goal line when she and the two magpies crashed into each other to spill the ball to Mifsud
  11. Got my tickets for the double header next week already
  12. Said on TV Meg woke up in change room
  13. Great effort by the women. Loved Odea, Paxman, Duryea, Cat Phillips and number 24 looked really composed. Daisy turns the ball over more than I expected.
  14. Frost will be in the backline with both Macs, I think Hibberd will be on half back and Salem on wing.