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  1. Tommy's last goal must be goal if week contender! Still calming down!
  2. Max can also drop back into defence to block Darling etc
  3. I'm concerned that the Jones article mentions Hibberd is sore and might not get up for the game! Looks like Wagner will get a recall
  4. Bloody great effort by the boys and coaches
  5. Hannan - pole-axed Dunn nicely
  6. Didn't like first half, loved our second half! We won, so I get to wear MFC tie to work. If Watts has a groin injury might explain lack of leap (and make some posts here look lame)
  7. So quick from hand to kick at times and often goals in that situation - like him more each week
  8. Bet Bernie would have gone if it was the other way round!
  9. Bloody fantastic
  10. I'd simply like to see JKH mark the ball, dispose of it cleanly to our player(s) and kick goals more frequently.
  11. Just had some showers here
  12. Unfortunately he chooses to bump all the time instead of tackle, which is what he did Monday night. Smart players will know that is his pattern and simply evade the bump they know is coming!
  13. He's one of my favourites (at present) - fearless!
  14. Tell Geelong supporters I know that the DemonsRRising!
  15. Anyone go this morning?