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  1. Pirlo

    Petracca in a rut?

    How many midfielders are game breakers within 100 games, let alone 50? Only one I can think of at Melbourne is Oliver. Cripps, Bontempelli, Kelly, Shiel stand out in recent years. Coniglio is rated by everyone these days, but took 80 games to really get going at all.
  2. Pirlo

    Petracca in a rut?

    Bloody hell, the guy is out of form. Not sure why he deserves so many people casting aspersions over his character. He obviously needs to improve, but there's plenty of time for that. Lets wait and see where we are in six, 12, 18 months time before we start piling [censored] into a 22 year old.
  3. Pirlo

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Absolutely not. In the space of two days, he has kicked his lieutenant out the coaches box and directly contradicted our (usually quiet) CEO who demanded and promised a response and promised that we were past honourable losses. Goodwin doesn't fit.
  4. Pirlo

    Nathan Jones is the problem

    Christ. Nathan Jones is not the problem. Ridiculous. Having said that, I do think his days as leader are numbered. He lacks the ability to delegate and isn't the best communicator. He was a great captain when effort was the word of the day, but now that we need to be winning games I think a more natural leader like Viney, who can rally the troops on field, is needed. I'd imagine we'll only have one captain next season.
  5. Pirlo

    Be Patient with Lever

    We've got no choice but to be patient with him. Having said that, we can stop structuring our D50 around his fabled intercept marking until he sorts himself out. Would much rather have Hibberd in that role.
  6. Pirlo


    Bugg plays like he doesn't want the ball. Fumbly, nervy, inaccurate. If he doesn't turn that around, and at his age the odds are against him, then this will be his final year on our list. A side like Carlton may take him for a year to shield the younger bodies, but he's lost his mongrel since he knocked out Mills and allows himself to be pushed around. He's suffering a crisis of confidence and AFL level is not the place to sort it out.
  7. Pirlo


    I am staggered that Stretch has been dropped ahead of Jake Melksham.
  8. Pirlo

    Leadership Group 2017

    Jones will still be top dog, I can see Viney butting heads with Jones if we start losing games. Remember when Ebert whispered something to him last year and he starting slinging punches? I'm not suggesting JV will be anything less than a great teammate, but he's clearly got some growing up to do.
  9. Pirlo

    Leadership Group 2017

    Seriously? He's put in all the hard work in turning this club around, only to be told by the new coach that he'll be splitting his role with someone far less qualified - no ifs or buts. People like Viney because he's uncompromising, and I'm almost certain he wouldn't take too kindly to this if it was the other way around. Its such a [censored] stupid decision, it makes my head spin. What was the point of it? It just makes us look stupid to the rest of the league. Trial co-captains, twice, and finally get it right - before doing it all over again. Goodwin's made his bed by evidently imposing an executive decision, a captain's call, and will now have to put up or deal with whatever comes his way.
  10. Forgive him for trying to focus on football with a sick dad on the other side of the country. Is Hogan the one who decked a teammate on a night out a few months ago? You people are insufferable.
  11. Boyd was terrific yesterday, absolutely outstanding in the big moments. That doesn't change the fact that he got 15 touches, took eight marks, and kicked 3. I recall Hogan having 20- touches and 14 marks late in the year, and people ripping into him. He is far and away the best young key forward in the game, whether in red and blue or purple and white, because he doesn't have a stand out deficiency. He will lead us to a flag if circumstances allow it.
  12. Came because this was the first google result for "Dermott Brereton [censored]", stayed for the brilliant Roos bashing before our 'demolition' of the Power. Oh 2013, we couldn't have known.
  13. Pirlo

    Late Mail Round 3

    That ridiculous statement from Misson is anything but good gamesmanship. Just another reason for people to laugh at us.
  14. Pirlo

    How many will Hogan get on Saturday?

    By the way, whether here or out West, he'll be an excellent player. Anyone saying otherwise is kidding themselves. What can't be excused is that he really didn't look like he could be bothered today. Daniher took everything at its highest point, and Hogan never even jumped.