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  1. Just now, MrMoose said:

    Seriously - my daughter with her iPhone would do a better live stream!

    It's a practise match... you don't normally get any coverage. And other than audio, which I wasn't expecting, it is pretty good.

    On the game, Vanders is looking good

    Am a fan of Bull Smith, however.........

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  2. 2 hours ago, DeeZee said:

    No less than a second round pick

    2013 = 15games

    2014 = 13

    2015 =4

    2016 = 20

    2017 = 6

    2018 = 5

    So averaging less than 9 games a year for the last four years... that ain't equal second round: and that's before you look at his talent.

    3 year contract offered? If you are Dean Kent, you have to take it with open arms. If you are Melbourne, you would (hopefully) not be offering 3 years based on above!!

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  3. Redlegs: pointless?

    Now maths isn't my strong point but say 15000 mcc members contributing on average $70 for membership equals >$1mil

    Then add gate receipts

    Then add many are foundation heroes, etc

    and I could go on...



    Steno - mcc member, 15+ MFC member, father of 2 and 4 year olds who are 3 and 5 year members and can sing every word of grand old flag with gusto (they are part of the new band and will be mcc members with their mates)

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  4. 13 hours ago, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

     It's just that I think we've experienced the odd 'short term' (shall we say) sponsor before (Kaspersky anyone?)

    My name is going to give me a way to some on this one, but I know a fair bit of the background on Kaspersky and the sponsorship. A bit harsh to call it out as a "odd" short term sponsor. There was no major sponsor heading into the AFL season and a MFC member stood up and did something about it. It wasn't looked at as a 10 year opportunity, more how can a member and company support the club in a time of need. Energy Watch on the other hand..........

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  5. 49 minutes ago, Baghdad Bob said:

    But in essence the Hawks have more than twice the income of the Saints and you just wonder where all the money goes.  .........................

    Does anyone know? 

    Premiership celebrations and drink drive education.... Court costs are similar between Hawks and Saints.

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