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  1. It was top $. Clubs need to deal with players with respect. Adelaide showed no respect to Lever. That will be a turn off for players they want to recruit. Will they do that to me? They have promised me the world - will they get the deal done? Ask Gibbs. At least we took the pressure off Lever by dealing early. We showed the AFL world that we walk the talk. Better to get a reputation amongst players as a club who respects and deals fairly. The Crows need to be careful they do not lose their ability to acquire good players. I also think we treated Jack Watts with respect. Sometimes it pays to generate goodwill so I am ok with the price we paid.
  2. Farewell Jack Watts

    If we get Lever we need to trade in order to get a reasonable pick in the draft. Plus we have the Weed waiting in the wings. Hogan and Pedersen as talls. T Mc can play forward tall. Maybe Smith will improve heaps? Would hope for around 15 - 20 pick. So trading Jack is really a no brainer. Hope he gets where he wants.
  3. We have a duty to talk Lever down and Watts up until trade season is over.
  4. Hmmmm, value dropped a tad today, looked to big and slow for the smalls. Will not be tall enough or strong enough to play on the bigger talls. Lucky for him most teams have 3rd tall forwards and he can play the intercept role.
  5. Farewell Jack Watts

    Hopefully get around 15 - early 20's pick.
  6. Cotchin out?

    It may be deemed an unavoidable accidental to allow him to play. There is high contact. There is medium impact. 2 out of 3. Accidental or careless. The MRV have to decide. They will be loathe to rub a player out for a GF so they will look for an out. They have to publish reasons for their decisions.
  7. Cotchin out?

    The tackler has an obligation of 'duty of care' when executing a tackle or bump. That is the starting point. Could he have avoided that contact or made an attempt to nullify the contest without the high contact? Going for the ball does not in any way waive a tacklers 'duty of care' obligation to other players. If it was an unavoidable accident then he will be in the clear. He tucked his shoulder in for contact so not likely an accident. He definitely has a case to answer. Home and away he likely would have at least received a fine. It looked careless and concussion means at least medium impact. GF coming up he hopefully will be let off - common sense should prevail. There are plenty of precedents to let him off which have left the public scratching their collective heads. Their will be an (Tigers) uproar if Sloane gets off and Cotchin is outed.
  8. Emotionally timid lapses

    We have a team that is physically tough at it - no doubt. No short steps at the contest. At least we can be happy with that. Emotional timidness is the inability to stick with the game plan under all manner of pressure and stress. It was evident for large periods of time against Collingwood. Late in the game against the Lions we had them on toast and should have put then away by 40/50 points. Its responsible for those dammed costly momentum swings and failure to put the opposition to the sword when on top. How many times did we hear Roos say the consistently top teams performance does not vary much. They just keep doing the same things every minute of the game. The good news is emotional strength mostly comes with age and games under the belt and an inbuilt competitive spirit - coaches need to nurture it, recruiters need to find kids who are strong in that area. It also develops quicker in young players when they have leaders who are mentally very strong and keep it together under all manner of duress. That is why we recruited Lewis. There are plenty of players just as good. But he can hold it together 'up top' better than most. Can't underestimate how much we miss Viney in that area when he is out or not at his best. More good news is that it is contagious if the teams leaders display it over and over and over again. If the teams leaders cannot do this???. The hardest skill in football to learn is total 100% adherence to the game plan under all sorts of adversity. Even harder than that is the Coaching teams task of getting 22 players doing it at the same time. As I said the good news is that it will come in time - hopefully not to far away.
  9. Dom Tyson - Yes or No ?

    I think Tyson is underrated as a player.
  10. Casey Demons v Northern Blues

    Keilty must have played very well and showed some promise. Got a mention in Goodies after game presser. Very unusual to mention players untried at the AFL level. So looks like he has a 'sniff at it' if he goes hell for leather over the pre season and of course the remaining VFL games this year.
  11. Brendan McCartney pregame today

    Yes I think the tigers are one of them. Wonder who the others are. Thanks for the thread QD. Very interesting summary of Brendan Mc key points. Cheers,
  12. Tim Smith to Debut

    Thanks rusty nails, seems like he has what it takes, hope he goes ok. I will be at the game tomorrow and hope he goes ok. No walking on water required. Just ok will do.
  13. Tim Smith to Debut

    Not having seen Casey for some time what are Tim's strengths. Can he mark overhead in the pack or on the lead? Can he play KFP at 192cm. Has he got any pace at all? Is he hard at the ball. Have not yet seen a description of his abilities.
  14. Who will be our third tall forward?

    The 3rd tall will need to assist in the ruck when Gawn is resting. So its likely Pedo who lacks consistency. So he will likely spend some time at Casey as usual. Watts did provide some relief last year. Maybe Keilty will get to show what he can do in the pre season.

    The dogs are a hard at it contested ball and spread system based team and it is working at both AFL and VFL level. No coincidence that Macca was at the Cats and the Bullies while they were developing. We have the hard at it contested ball winners and he (and other coaches) are teaching the insiders to spread, run and give off. Most insiders come out of TAC cup with little spread skills. We are likely at least a couple of seasons behind the dogs.