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  1. Thanks rusty nails, seems like he has what it takes, hope he goes ok. I will be at the game tomorrow and hope he goes ok. No walking on water required. Just ok will do.
  2. Not having seen Casey for some time what are Tim's strengths. Can he mark overhead in the pack or on the lead? Can he play KFP at 192cm. Has he got any pace at all? Is he hard at the ball. Have not yet seen a description of his abilities.
  3. The 3rd tall will need to assist in the ruck when Gawn is resting. So its likely Pedo who lacks consistency. So he will likely spend some time at Casey as usual. Watts did provide some relief last year. Maybe Keilty will get to show what he can do in the pre season.
  4. The dogs are a hard at it contested ball and spread system based team and it is working at both AFL and VFL level. No coincidence that Macca was at the Cats and the Bullies while they were developing. We have the hard at it contested ball winners and he (and other coaches) are teaching the insiders to spread, run and give off. Most insiders come out of TAC cup with little spread skills. We are likely at least a couple of seasons behind the dogs.
  5. The AFL has a potential serious O H & S problem looming. With the bottom teams loaded with young 18, 19 year olds and injuries playing kids week in/week sometimes when they are not ready physically or mentally for the regular rigors sooner or later it may well come back to bite the AFL on the bottom. We were regularly resting tired players this season but we had the luxury of a reasonable year with injuries - the Lions, GC and Freo were crushed with injuries. The AFL has an obligation to ensure the kids are not pushed beyond their limits and may have to allow bottom clubs (who should have salary CAP room) an extra couple or more of spots on their lists to be filled by older players. Alternatively shorten the time games are played for, reduce the arena size and number of players etc, etc. So perhaps a few picks of players of players 21 or older before the National draft for the bottom teams already loaded with kids would be a better option. Maybe lucky to get a VB, Saad, Barlow or Adams etc.
  6. For the sake of Queensland football the AFL should pull one out of left field - give the Lions a PP before the commencement of the pre season. This will prevent shad dealings to get O'Meara through to the Dons via the pre season draft or force the GC to take an inferior value pick. At the same time the Lions may be able to pick up an ok player.
  7. Cam McCarthy will take a little bit off their CAP. Guess it means Freo will get him for a song. But in general other clubs will be feasting on GWS leftovers. Tomlinson will be highly sought after. Picking up 40 possessions in the 2's as a mid and he is a big body.
  8. I think you have to delist/trade 5 players out and use a minimum 3 picks in the National draft. A club can redraft or rookie a delisted player. Dawes is reputedly on $500k a year. If he stays it will be reduced a fair bit. If he can get fit and injury free there would be some other clubs interested - so he will have some currency. Pederson will likely stay on a slightly reduced contract as well. Cannot see both staying as we have Frost and a couple of developing KFP's.
  9. It was obvious in the first quarter we were very sloppy with the ball even though we were in front. I was worried at quarter time and completely over it by the end of the game. Just no fight in the team.
  10. In an unusual step the AFL drug testers are testing the entire team. Evidently they are looking for balls. The coaching panel is confident there will be an all clear and no balls will be detected.
  11. Do members just present/scan their card at the turnstyle to go through or do we have to line up at the ticket office show our card and get a paper ticket and then go to the turnstyle?????
  12. Hunt deserves another game next week but Vince has been used through the midfield and half back so it is going to be a tough call.
  13. Brayshaw passed the concussion test but he had a serious concussion pre season and his fitness suffered. He may miss/be managed to play at Casey where its less intense and he can build fitness and form. He was ok today.
  14. Yes, but they already have quality tall forwards, would struggle to fit him in the CAP and would need to trade good players away to get picks to trade for Hogan. Cannot see WCE interested unless they are prepared to give up Kennedy which will not happen.
  15. Hoges is contracted until end of season 2017. Would want Neale plus a top 5 pick plus a first rounder the next year - so good is Hoges. Freo is ageing and could be on the decline. Why would he leave a club on the rise if his pay is ok. Plus Freo have to fit McCarthy and Hooker if they go there in the CAP. Cannot see it happening.