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    Post Match Discussion - Round 5

    Tigers are playing better than last year. Its no great revelation but we need Viney to get the midfield firing and TMc as the forward 50 Anchorman. Will make a difference. The last couple of weeks has exposed a few players. Hopefully they just need some more games under the belt. Weid to stay in the team. Showed promise.
  2. manny100

    My 3 word player analysis V Richmond

    Tigers pressure - caused errors fumbles Tigers pressure - we looked timid Our forward line - we can't score Our forward line - Bring in TMc next week Our forward line - TMc as our inside 50 anchorman. Our forward line - Play Weid forward and relief ruck Our forward line - let Hoges do what he wants, mid forward whatever it takes Vineys injury - if anyone's got some magic dust get it to the club urgently
  3. manny100

    Changes v Richmond

    In Hunt, Tyson and Pedo or Weid - not fussed who. Harmes up in ruck oh what can I say. Take your pick Out of: Harmes, Melksham, Wagner, Bugg etc IMO that was way worse than any loss under Roos. I had little expectation then. Now I have high hopes and heads need to roll. unacceptable performance. I wonder whether that illness Tyson has went thru the club? OPPS I have not changed either. Still looking for excuses. We looked like stunned Rabbitts staring at Car headlights. To frightened to move. Its amazing how hesitancy makes you look timid. Do that to often and you get labelled.