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  1. 220 up from yesterday, 3000 up,from last year and 5000 up from 2015. We are tracking ok.
  2. The 32,279 was the number in the morning and wasn't updated all day so you may well be right!
  3. 32279 (up 150 since the weekend) so not quite smashing it yet despite our two wins over the Premiers and the family day! Let's just keep the momentum up and keep selling the message!
  4. Actually one win on Saturday was a 'practice match' against the remaining Premiers playing on their home ground but the other match (AFLWomans) was the main event, also played against last year's "Premiers" playing on their home ground (and we won both)!
  5. Another thing to take out of yesterday was the return of Garlett as a crumbling forward. His goal assists in the early game were very unselfish and he could just as easily slotted a few more himself rather than giving them off. I enjoy having him in the forward line and feel that we are much more formidable to play against than when we lack his creativity (unpredictability)! Interesting that so many AFL promotional articles discount our midfield and forward structure when in reality they will be our greatest strengths this year.
  6. Late posting but was very impressed with the efforts of Hogan, Salem, Brayshaw, Petracca and Oliver and it was nice to see Garlett back and his unselfish goal assists in the first quarter which gave us the momentum. We are a better team when he is 'on song'!
  7. Shame about Trenners and Johnstone. Would rather watch them than ANB for this first match.
  8. What time is the game expected to finish (as my gf is pressuring me to take her to a film at 7.00 and I have to allow time to walk home from the pub)?
  9. We beat the Bulldogs, Power and Saints last pre-season. Let's see in we can go through again undefeated, starting with the Bulldogs this afternoon!
  10. Not sure how deep the expectations are that we make the finals in the AFL hierarchy. Personally I think that we are still under the radar with Gawn the only Demon that they rate in all their published lists of rated players. (They haven't got a Demon midfielder or forward for example.) i concur with the players that you have listed however I would add Hogan, Weideman, Hunt & Trenners! Watts for the Bluey! p.s. Winning our three pre-season games last year didn't set us up to even win the first match.
  11. CHRISTIAN Petracca says the influence of senior coach Simon Goodwin and new offensive coordinator Troy Chaplin have been significant for his game over the summer. Petracca said Goodwin’s elevation and the injection of Chaplin to the coaching group had been positive for him this pre-season. “They’re awesome. They’ve been great,” he told Melbourne TV. Petracca's words on Chaplin: “They’ve been really good mentors for me and a lot of other guys.” Entering his third AFL-listed season, Petracca said he was feeling upbeat about 2017. He expects to play half-forward and deeper in attack, while he hopes to spend some time in the midfield. “The body’s feeling well and I’m running a lot better and I’m feeling a lot fitter, which is good,” he said. “The biggest thing for me this year is playing my role and keep doing what the team needs me to do. “Whatever Goody and Chappy want me to play, I’ll play it.”
  12. 32,137 which is 350 up on Wednesday. The excitement is building ahead of tomorrow's double headerr!
  13. Aren't we allowed to,play the rookies (Keilty/Smith)?
  14. Not sure what the rationale is of having Hibberd, Watts and Frost out, particularly as I am not aware of any injury concerns with the latter two and all three would have to be best 22?
  15. And Full-backs in the goal square (bring back Danny Hughes)! No more unworthy balls bouncing through unattended goal squares.