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  1. AFLW: Rd 3 Vs Fremantle in Perth

    What are the scores (I aren’t watching)?
  2. Supporting them over eight decades! 😳
  3. Ollie Wines

    If Port had of had the selection before us they would also have selected (South Australian) Toumpas (leaving us with Wines) as that was clearly the ranking at that stage. Whilst we knew the type of player Wines was, I suspect we envisaged that Toumpas was destined to be Robbie Flower reincarnated and that we had pulled off a coup. Things don’t always turn out as scripted! 😢

    Good article in the Hun but the Age didn’t report anything.
  5. Tom McDonald Ready to Re-sign

    Even eclipses pick 53 for brother Oscar. 😉

    Watts got two 10-pointers! I wouldn’t describe that as zero impact!

    I see that Watts kicked two 10-pointers! Possible Port’s best player. Ce la vie! 😳
  8. 2017 Player Reviews: # 36 Jeff Garlett

    Great effort for your eighth post! 👍 Ten minutes of viewing pleasure to gear us up for the first round! Shame that we didn’t pick up Eddie Betts as well! 😉
  9. Preseason Training Week commencing - 05/02/18

    Others or other’s?

    I started a few decades before you Old Dee but at least I have been there for a few Premierships since the “Fuschias” ran out! 🥂 Like you I am a Dee for life (but hoping to see another Premiership in my lifetime)!
  11. Gold Coast propped up by AFL

    If anyone, Richmond should rightly be the Tassie Tigers. (Then we could take over Punt Road oval which is in Melbourne not Richmond!) problem solved (for us)!
  12. Casey Demons 2018

    Possibly the player not listed above whose loss will be felt by Casey is their 2017 B&F, Jack Trengove! There are other contributing former Melbourne players such as Kennedy, Spencer and Hulett (with a few cameos from Watts)!
  13. Give him a break! If he is not up to it, Goodwin will select someone else (as he did with Watts)! If Goodwin however feels Oscar is part of the preferred list, then maybe you and Deemania can petition the FD and advise them of your list of preferred players!
  14. We win both our Alice Springs and Darwin games by comfortable margins making both venues our fortress!
  15. Clicked on this morning hoping to find that we had spanked Collingwood but not a single post. So much for the women’s league attracting a whole new group of passionate supporters? Isn’t there a proud parent out there?😳