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  1. Except for the fact that they (AFL?) seemed to have changed the tune for the Club song! It certainly wasn't the same tune sung by the team in the rooms afterward (or supporters at the G)!
  2. Considering we will have pick 18, what trade do you envisage to get a pick around 12-14? 😳
  3. Not sure that Garry Lyon needed to have weighed in and fed the WA press ammunition to attack Oliver? 😡 https://thewest.com.au/sport/afl/clayton-oliver-should-be-fined-for-diving-says-former-melbourne-captain-garry-lyon-ng-b88518083z
  4. Frankly, the 'home game' that I have always resented is the one we also had to have at Etihad (often against St. Kilda or another tenant)! Finally, they have taken that away from us just in the year that we have learned to win there! Go figure! 😳
  5. Good to see the Club has it rolling but they should be more expansive on the website in promoting what the "3-game membership " offers. Basically, all it says is that it entitles you to get in to three of the four remaining home matches at the G (for only $2.55 per week)! What it doesn't promote is a free scarf, e-newsletter, New Balance discounts, etc. Anybody taking this offer up is unlikely to already have a MFC jumper so a thousand new scarf-wearing members in the stands would make an impact for the remaining games!
  6. If Freo win this period, we will romp into the top four! (We are merely .1% behind them now which will evaporate when they are on equal losses!)
  7. It is not as though we have been fixtured in Beijing! Darwin is fine by me as long as it is scheduled the week before the "bye"! I am sure that (as a percentage of total population) Melbourne has grown its support base more in the NT than either Port or the Suns have managed in China (despite the Suns playing in the same colours as the Chinese flag)! The flight time to China is far greater than to Darwin and the smog is a lot less in Darwin zero)! I would rather the Dees strengthened their links with a State that is passionate about Aussie Rules and which is the source of some of the more exciting indigenous kids to pull on footy boots than play in another country with no interest whatsoever.
  8. I have missed our best (last) three from Italy, Switzerland and Germany, and unfortunately will be in Athens when we demolish the Swans next week! ☹️
  9. Who was the hero who passed to Tommy Mac?
  10. I am not watching it but 18 Marks to 7 in their favour (on the AFL Website) doesn't augur well!
  11. Plenty of reports guys! I am in Germany and not able to view or listen on SEN!
  12. Following this post (excitedly) from Kassel in Germany!
  13. Nice to see interest from around the World. I am in Northern Germany at present and have abandoned all tourism plans for the day in favour of following the game through Demonland and the AFL sites if nothing better. Go Dees!
  14. I think that you are on the money! Feeling quietly confident about the way Goodwin has developed a belief in the players. Although missing arguably our two key players, Gawn and Stretch are not too shabby substitutes! If we win this week, and then back-up against Sydney the following week, we can go all the way. With Hogan, Watts and Jones to return and the way Petracca, Hunt, Salem, Garlett and the others are going, those Demonlanders that backed us as Premiers before the start of the season could be in for a pleasant surprise!