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  1. Umpires gave 22 to 10 free kicks in favour of the Roos! Absolutely crucified us! 😑
  2. 6. Hunt 5. Pederson 4. Watts 3. Hannan 2. Viney 1. Petracca
  3. Unlike some, I didn't mind that Mike (a Demons member) focussed on the gambling rather than Daniel's football career. The interview conveyed a strong anti-gambling message at a time when the media is saturated with gaming adds. So gratifying to see him back on track and warming to hear the support that he received from Daniher!
  4. Don't forget that we also have Joel Smith coming back (and Garland still on our list)! Our depth down back isn't too bad and some players like Smith have an exciting upside and are creative.
  5. Brilliant! I hope that Will was able to wear his scarf to school on Monday! πŸ‘
  6. 6. Frost 5. Viney 4. Hunt 3. T. Mac 2. Lewis 1. Garlett
  7. Particularly if they announce it on the big screen! πŸ‘πŸΎ
  8. Just sign up a mate who is a Collingwood or Essendon supporter! πŸ‘They will thank you for it!
  9. I spoke of this in an earlier post but if only the AFL would let us have a (Reserves) Women's Team playing throughout the season, we would be well past 40,000 members and closing in on 45,000. We need to explore this, particularly when we are currently one of only four Victorian franchises and accordingly have the drop on other Clubs such as the Bombers and Hawks. We should really push this so that followers of Women's football can follow the Dees (and Daisy) throughout the season. (Be nice to get some more Casey followers also, following the mighty Casey Demons.)
  10. After reading that, I again worry when we are likely to see Brayshaw back and reaching his potential? No worries whatsoever in relation to Trac or Clarry!
  11. Are we still talking about Watts here or are you referring to Pedersen (who you haven't given any votes)?
  12. 6. Watts 5. Pedersen 4. Petracca 3. Oliver 2. Hunt 1. Garlett/ T. Mac
  13. No reason why we can't clock over 40,000 before the weekend. Surely at least some of the 85,000 who attended Monday night will have signed up on the day (and their figures have not filtered through yet)! Expect a boost at the end of today when they are added to the total.
  14. The AFL are an absolute disgrace! They should have stopped the game at 3/4 time due to expected lightning strikes! 😑
  15. 6. Hibberd 5. Hunt 4. Petracca 3. Watts 2. Garlett 1. Oliver