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  1. 6. Oliver 5. Jones 4. Gawn 3. Hogan 2. Petracca 1. T. Mac Apologies to Hannan, Neil-Bullen, Garlett, Brayshaw, Hunt, Salem, Watts, Vince, Jetta and Lewis (who turned it over a few times, otherwise I would have had him top six).
  2. Just about to head to the Mountain View to watch it (as I hate Etihad)! Hoping for a decisive win during a weekend where I have already had the pleasure of losses to Carlton and Collingwood!
  3. KC did we beat both Willi and Port?
  4. Don't worry Drunkn! We have got both games covered!
  5. I am quietly confident that between Hannan and Hunt, the Saints supporters 😇 will traipse out of Docklands today scratching their heads! http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2016-11-26/pick-46-mitch-hannan-highlights
  6. I think that if you watch Hannan's highlights you will find that he combines the leap of Howe with the speed of Hunt. He also knows how to find the goals! Go Dees! http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2016-11-26/pick-46-mitch-hannan-highlights
  7. I have just rewatched his highlights (insomnia)! If he can bring similar style tomorrow then it will be an exciting game and very watchable! To me, he appears a fusion of Hunt and Howe in the way he backs himself and he will quickly become a fan favourite and a headache for opposition coaches identifying someone to line up on him. A good selection IMHO and I am looking forward to watching him and Hunt tear the Saints up! Go Dees! http://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/2016-11-26/pick-46-mitch-hannan-highlights
  8. 1. Hogan 2. Watts 3. Garlett 4. Weideman 5. Petracca 6. Kent 7. Pedersen 8. Hannan's / Hulett / Tim Smith 9. JKH / Vanders 10. Gawn / Spencer (These are the only ten that we need worry about this year!) 👍GO DEES! 👍
  9. I love reading these posts! A MCC member for fifty years and an MFC member for nearly as long, there is nothing as uplifting as reading these posts! This year should be inspiring yet I'm speaking at a conference in late September. Taking it one week at a time, I am planning to return during the last week in September to watch our first "Twilight Grand Final"!
  10. We still need to catch the KANGAS and SAINTS!
  11. LH why are you surprised? All of Melbourne's list is under-rated except for Max Gawn. I am happiest that way!
  12. I have never heard of Garlett as a full-back (nor have I heard of Garland as a crumber in the forward pocket)! Lucky for us it is Garland who is injured and our backline is full strength for Round One with Garlett getting through today's practice match!
  13. Who's talking about Lance Franklin contracts? I am sure that they would be over the moon if they were all on a rookie wage!
  14. Except the AFL won't let us upgrade a rookie for some reason same as last year we could not replace Melksham! (It's a handicap not being Essendon or Collingwood when you are a Melbourne-based Club!)
  15. It seems crazy that the eight teams all have to disband for ten months immediately after the GF next week and go back and play suburban football with amateur coaches and no exposure. Surely the competition could continue in the background without being too much of a threat by fragmenting the support base and thereby allowing the girls (like Daisy) to become professional. Personally, I enjoy watching the girls and I am sure that they would grow the code and grow the sponsorship to pay their own way!