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  1. If anything we will be equal seventh with Meth Coast! Port Adelaide are a mile,in front of us on percentage and we are well clear of Freo for now! It is imperative that we win tomorrow to keep in the race.
  2. Or Burquas? Then they could substitute banned players or ring-ins!
  3. Amazing way they announce it! Firstly they announce an increase of two additional members over two days (39,148 > 39,150) then they announce 3,000 resignations (down to 36,269)! You would think they could run to a proof-reader before they post! 😳
  4. Our other thread put us at 39,211 which we are still to reach but likely to pass by the weekend! (Nice to see our figures ahead of St. Kilda)
  5. So what have you got against Hogan coming back? 😳
  6. 39,148 (within 75 of last year's record)!
  7. What an absolutely negative comment to make when we are already over 39,000, nearly 3,000 ahead of last year and we still have to beat the Tigers next week at the "G"! Of course we will reach 40K and possibly do it this month! 45K is where we fall short, largely due to our last two underwhelming matches.
  8. 6. Watts 5. Hunt 4. Garlett 3. Petracca 2. Oliver 1. Spencil
  9. Everybody knows at least someone who assures you that he/she is a Melbourne "supporter" but never seems to put their hand in their pocket to take out a MFC membership. Often seen in the MCC members on Queen's Birthday and always have an excuse for being a tight-a*se. Plenty of barrackers out there when we start winning a few but converting them to supporters is a perennial problem. p.s. I know how hard the Club's volunteers work!
  10. Let's get this thread back on track and focus on record membership numbers! I know that there are many Demonlanders content with breaking last year's record, others who are targeting 40,000, but personally I feel that we should go all-out to go for 45,000! There is no reason why we can't get to 40K in the next week (after a decisive win on Saturday) and a further boost the following week after we dispense with the Top-of-the-ladder Tigers. 45,000 is not a pipe-dream so let's chase up the numbers!
  11. I have tried clicking on the link (and pasting the headline) however I get advised that it is Herald-Sun "Premium Article" and restricted. Is is possible to "copy-paste" the article?
  12. Have you decided to drop ANB or just play with one short on the interchange (as we were last week after Gawn went down)?
  13. Why on earth would we want him to "pump up his free agency"? It is no accident that our list managers seek to retain two competive ruckmen on our books! Best for him if he is a cog in the powerhouse Dee Machine!
  14. 6. Watts 5. Jones 4. Hunt 3. Stretch 2. Petracca 1. Harmes
  15. If Collingwood can beat the Swans in Sydney, we are more than capable of giving the Cats a run at Docklands (possibly their least favourite home ground)!