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  1. I went to school with Carl Dietrich! I decided it safer to gravitate to the basketball court at lunch and recess rather than risk my life taking on Carl and his cronies playing kick-to-kick!
  2. CBDees

    Rumour File

    You mean like Nathan Buckley did when he left Brisbane? 😳
  3. CBDees

    Dylan Shiel

    Now the radio is saying that the Dylan Sheil trade to Essescum may not happen (as GWS are demanding two first round draft picks)!
  4. CBDees

    Draftees from outside the AFL system

    All credit to Gold Coast and Dew!
  5. CBDees

    Rumour File

    Now the radio is saying that the Dylan Sheils trade to Essescum may not happen (as GWS are demanding two first round draft picks)!
  6. CBDees

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Especially horse racing 🐎
  7. CBDees

    Calling all MCC Members

    You’d be lucky to find them on here as they generally only attend the big matches (as depicted above) and wouldn’t visit Demonland where most of us are passionate enough to be members. Many are very wealthy (but mean) and often bowl up and congratulate you on a great win (as though they contributed in some way)! They squirm when you regularly ask them ‘have they joined the MFC yet’ responding with: ‘why as I am a MCC member and don’t need to?’ We don’t respect them!
  8. CBDees

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Will 5 get us May + KK or do we need to end up with steak knives out of any deal to ensure we get KK (especially as a replacement for Hunt if he is traded)?
  9. CBDees

    The Ben Long Thread

    We know Kent’s quality (and so do St Kilda) so a swap would not be to either Club’s detriment if Long is as good as they are trying to portray!
  10. CBDees

    Dylan Shiel

    Sheil a GWS reject? I guess your more qualified than eighteen FD managers! 😳
  11. CBDees

    Dylan Shiel

    Mathieson was there because he is a long-time, deep-pocketed Carlton tragic (who gifted them the majority of their poker machines)!
  12. CBDees

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    It probably has and they are astute proposing the built facilities entirely on railway reservation land with no encroachment onto Yarra Park. My view is a training oval is only replacing grassland with curated grassland and tree loss would be minimal. Even if we put a post and rail fence to define the oval, it would remain accessible to the local residents and general public, pretty much as it is now and the training times when it isn’t will be less time than when it currently is inaccessible as a car park. If it is an oval, then it will cease to be a car park so,the residents will be better off.
  13. CBDees

    Demons Grand Plan for Yarra Park Training HQ

    Yesterday I shared a tram with the President of the East Melbourne Group on his way to VCAT! Now he professes to be a MFC supporter (but I think that he is too tight to take out a membership) so I was happy for him to ask me what I thought about the proposed training facility. I am right behind this project (and have lived in East Melbourne for twice as long as he has) and I told him that I felt that it would be great for the local community as an asset and the football public. It came as no surprise to hear that he is against it (as he is a classic NIMBY and opposes everything) so I suspect that I may have to re-enter local politics and try and prevent their opposition. Any other East Melbourne residents on Demonland happy to put together a ticket to take over the East Melbourne Group?
  14. CBDees

    Demonland Thanks for Season 2018

    Longsuffering thanks for all your work behind the scenes! 👍