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  1. charlie_s123

    Post Match Discussion - Round 11

    Grinding out a 49 point win. Geez I love this side.
  2. charlie_s123

    Round 2 Non MFC games

    Would have been nice if they paid holding the ball against Geelong this way last weekend.
  3. charlie_s123

    Farewell Jack Watts

    He did some good things. But it's not like he won any Blueys. The club will go on and given our talent, get better. Trust the people in charge, they're the best we've had in a time if not ever. Hardly the time for melts.
  4. charlie_s123

    Cotchin out?

    I don't particularly want to see Richmond win a flag as Melbourne will be borderline unliveable for at least the next year as a result. That being said, if Cotchin gets rubbed out of a GF for that contest (and that's what it was) then it's a blight on the AFL and their rules.
  5. charlie_s123

    AFL Finals - Week 1

    Imagine we'd kicked 2 more goals during the season and been in the position of of these guys.
  6. charlie_s123

    AFL Finals - Week 1

    I don't think it's right for people to take comfort in the outcome of this match by thinking that we would have been beaten the same way like it somehow lessens the fact that we capitulated in the last two rounds. We showed a few times this year that we can stand up against 'better' teams. It only makes me more disappointed we didn't give ourselves the chance to show it again.
  7. charlie_s123

    AFL Round 2 - Non MFC Games (2017)

    I think the AFL are hoping Mark Evans can conjure up a Peter Jackson-esque job on the Suns.
  8. Third game of the pre-season, after a week off, and over in WA. Agreed, hardly time for wrist-slashing.
  9. charlie_s123

    Who's in......I am

    My first post, just to say I'm in and I'm Demon forever. Flying up to Brissie to see us play against the lions, then coming down to Melbourne from Syd to watch us play Collingwood on the long weekend. If people want to sink the boot into the club now, so be it. I won't be one of them. Knowing I've supported the club all the way through this will make the wins all the sweeter when they do come.