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    I couldn't help but notice with Jason day winning todays "Farmers Insurance Open" that he is sponsored by Zurich. Photo of Jason, family and golf bag shows the "Zurich" logo on his bag. Clearly a very global company and hopefully the winning culture rubs off on us.
  2. The metric that these scribes don't look at is coaching expertise and experience. Goody is in my opinion still a rookie and learning. A few times last year he was clearly out coached and needs to grow in the job. Bomber Thompson took 8 years and a review that nearly saw him sacked before they started their premiership run. Dimma was appointed the same time as Dean Bailey and had a review that nearly saw him sacked. The Times were awful in 2016 but had played finals in the years previous. Bevo had been coaching since 2006, winning flags in 06,07,08 then 2010 and was part of the Hawthorn juggernaut. He is a fantastic people manager with a wealth of premiership experience Just as our playing list needs to grow and develop and even experience finals success and failure so to does our coach and his team. The only goal this year should be to make finals and learn from the experience

    I like the look of his play and it was Buckenara who suggested we got a bargain as he rated him at 22 in the drafte and the best key position player available.

    Not sure why he was cut from brisbane Academy but he looks well balanced, has some pace and hits targets. Clearly the FD have kept an eye on him

    Does anyone think we will take a delisted free agent? There are a number of players yet to have their contracts renewed who may be available to draft. Is Zac Clarke any chance as a backup ruckman?

    And now pick 28 has been used by carlton to get their GWS player. Just got a bit easier if we want Fritsch

    Bulldogs have traded picks 28 and 30 for pick 16 to Carlton. MFC have shown that they are prepared to list or rookie Casey players
  8. Farewell Jack Watts

    He (Macca) was certainly adamant on the Friday luncheon pre grand final that Jack would be shipped out. His relationship with older players worked well at the Bulldogs didn't it ! Ask Cross his feelings about Mccartney, he didn't want to have anything to do with him when Macca came to Melbourne.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    Such a sad video posted of a young fan who loves Jack Watts asking him to stay and that he wear number 4. He thinks Jack is the best kick in the team. Jack's reply is that MFC don't value kicking and that the lad may need a new jumper next year, it clearly isn't in jacks hands and he is being pushed. I know at clinics lots of kids wear number 1, 11 and 4 so I can picyure lots of sad kids
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Jack flies O.S on Wednesday so the announcement will be made early in the week. Not reported that he visited Sydney late in the week as he snuck up north and back under the radar. One of his magers who looks after his shorts business is planning to liaise with hime from Adelaide. Port will be his nominated destination and he finally has his head around moving. The only way that wont happen is if MFC reneg on the deal which I doubt even though he is 2nd to Gary Ablett for delivery into the forward line.
  11. Farewell Jack Watts

    Quote from Steven Wells ""We've had a good conversation with Melbourne and they've made it clear what they'd be expecting from us, and at this stage, we don't think we'd be able to do that deal so we're not going to give Jack any false hope or waste anybody's time." So what on earth are we asking for if the club doesn't rate him. I am leased we aren't giving him up for a packet of crisps. maybe others are baulking at picking up his contract and want us to pay the lions share?
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    Todays AGE http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/dogs-demons-want-it-both-ways-on-jake-stringer-and-jack-watts-says-their-manager-20171010-gyy4b6.html "Dogs, Demons want it both ways on Jake Stringer and Jack Watts, says their manager" "I've been in this game a long time and I just think, next time this happens to us, we'll ask a few more hard questions ourselves," Connors said. "Before we make this all public, well let's get on the same page with what pick. "It's one of the things I will be doing a bit differently with Robbie [D'Orazio from Connors Sports], that we will be asking more questions when we get called to meetings like this in the future. "It's a total backflip, for mine. He's contracted, so there's an option. But again, it's really hard to go back to an organisation where he's probably not welcome." Despite Melbourne making similar comments about Watts potentially staying, Connors confirmed that Watts had only recently decided that he would be better off leaving. "It's no good being at an organisation if they don't want you," Connors said. "Yeah I think he is [up for leaving the state] … he might have to be."
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    AS earlier stated Connors his manager has come out and blasted the club. After initially saying the process was ok clearly something has changed and Connors has been highly critical of the way the club has managed it. We all have seen how Connors looks after his boys and he is the one who has helped Jack get his head around the idea that Melbourne don't want him. Jack will trust his manager to do right by him. If, initially it was a strategy to give Jack a fright it certainly hasn't panned out that way and my suspision is that Jack's departure was always the agenda (based on Brendan Mccartney's comments at a lunch the day before the G.F.) Personally I don't like it myself but I am not making the decisions at MFC and one only has to look at the collateral damage on this thread to see how badly it has polarised the supporters. I also have my concerns about Goody, and his B&F speech left me cold (actually thought it was Mark Neeld again) but Roos is a hard act to follow. I believe Jack will move on and wish him all the best in the future
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    On a lighter note Jack also forgot to mention or thank his girlfriend at the B&F. He is most apologetic to her on Instagram
  15. 2017 Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott Memorial Trophy

    Agree, and it worries me too. That speech did nothing and reminded me of Neeld. I don't need Goody to talk to me or the fans like he would the players. Just like Neeld declaring we will be the toughest team to play againsy Goody saying you need to give more is rubbish talk. What will improve the team from this year? Experience, better players, different team structure, increased fitness, who knows. It took Geelong 7 years under Bomber and the core group having 5 or more years. Our best players are in their 2nd year. Some things he has done well this year and at other times he has been out coached by seasoned vets. Many posts have worried that he has been unable to change or inspire the team at times. Leaving out individual player performances the inability of the coaching team to get the best out of the group is a worry and that they didn't have Melbourne primed for the last game concerned me. We keep losing games we are expected to win, Goody has been there 3 years, he knows the players and talking tough at B&F's isn't the answer.