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  1. Agree but will you talk to Salem after Arsenal beat Everton 3-1 or will you mention that Arsenal missed the top 4 for the first time in 20 years?
  2. Cunnington's was NOT a jumper punch. It was a punch to the guts and the MRP get out was to grade it low impact. Someone please do an experiment and deliver the same blow to Jimmy Bartel and Nathan Burke in the street. You would be charged with assault in an instant. I hope McLachlin is true to his word and does something as punching is not a good look. Condoning punches to the abdomen is unacceptable
  3. Until we can settle our goal to goal line we will be up and down. The Roos had Tarrant, Thompson, Cunnington, Waite and Brown up the spine and they all took a lot of contested marks. Hawthorn beat us boasting Frawley, Stratton, Burgoyne, O'Brien and Gunston. Essendon have Hurley, Hartley, Merret, Hooker and Daniher so unless we play keepings off these guys dominate. We have yet to settle the spine with loss of Garland, both Smith's (in their first year) and Hogan. Weid, Oscar, Frost and Hannan is going to struggle from time to time. In the JLT we were using Spencer as the other big body and we rely on Gawn to take the contested marks down back. Our key postion playesr need time to develop or we need to recruit. I love the way Frost plays, Tommy Mac is are main key defender and Hoges the key forward but who else would get a game elsewhere. Gold Coast and GWS both were able to get all the best key position players in the last 5 years. I hope Joel comes in and develops into a key back, I hope Weid develops into a key forward but both are 2 seasons away.
  4. All year changes have been kept to a minimum. Salem will accept the week and Kent will have a rest ANB and Melksham in I would like Harmes to come in but after a week as emergency the club often sends them back to Casey.
  5. This is purely opinion but Jake Spencer is a RFA at years end and is a Qld boy. I would be loathe to see him go but he has been forgotten in the rush to get Max back. We need a back up ruckman but Gold Coast rely heavily on Witts and GCS may target Jake if we start targetting theirs. As an RFA we don't have much bargaining power either. As we know from other threads all clubs have the next 2-3 years planned for recruiting from under 18's, free agents and others who cannot get a game but may fill a role. I find Lyon's comments unhelpfull. We need to shore up our own stable and look after our a grders and reserves before we look too far afield
  6. 6. Hibberd 5. Hannan 4 Pederson 3. Jetta 2. Frost 1.Tyson
  7. Exactly I pointed this out elsewhere he backed out of that contest and the ball went sailing past him. For all the vitriol JKH got Kent has not been any better. Give me ANB, Harmes or Stretch any day of the week
  8. Things that annoyed me today. Oliver is not playing under 18's and some of his handballs may have worked at that level but not AFL. He is a kid but today his handball was ordinary and of low percentage, he was much better when he kicked it. Petracca, likewise is not playing under 15's where he can shrug opposition off and run and carry. He is still trying to do too much. His best is awesome his worst is school yard stuff and puts pressure on downfield. My old coach said do the first thing that presents. Kent, lots but in the last quarter I am sure he stopped and waited instead of going for the ball (as in didn't go in hard enough). Not a patch on last years efforts. Bugg, for leading for the ball in our forward line when we all know he cannot kick for goal. 4 behinds from gettable shots and the momentum changing miss after the 3/4 siren Much as I love Jones, he burns us on those turnovers and it happens way too much. Umpire Nicholls refusal to pay any free kicks especially to MFC. You could drop it, throw it, trip someone and manhandle someone with no penalty. His deliberate out of bounds in the last quarter that actually came off the body of Wood was laughable. Ziebel punching Clarrie behind play and Cunnington punching Bernie on the umps blind side. Hope they both get a week off. Other observations are that Norths goal to goal line dwarfed ours and took too many contested marks. We made too many skill errors and North kicked 11.9 from turnovers. I liked Hannan's game and Jetta is so under rated
  9. All I asked for was for the players to contest and boy did they contest. I cannot remember a Melbourne team going that hard for so long, hunting in packs and tackling. Maybe have to go back to the days of John Northey coaching. That is an awesome result and a great return for Bernies 200th. Go Dees
  10. The Scott brothers tactics used successfully is to not press up too far. The Crows especially Eddie like to sit back and get the easy one over the top. This will be a real test for our defensive structure. Tag Sloan and limit his touches and tackle and apply pressure in the same way the Hawks did to us last week. remember the hawks pushed the Crows early in the season.
  11. Everbody talks about teams coming out after a bad week in the press. Hawthorn got belted in the papers last week jst as we have this week. I want to see some effort from the team leaders. We need to show the football world we care and can bounce back and take it right up to Adelaide. Go dees
  12. So far this season every team appears to have its week in the limelight, for all the wrong reasons.The coach, the game plan the players all spend a week under intense scrutiny. This appears to be our week. I hope we respond as others have by coming out this week breathing fire. Collingwood has had the most publicity for underachieving and in 2 games have come out punching and Adelaide are expected to come off their first loss with and angry attitude. Well, I hope the Demons are even angrier and more committed. All I want is a 4 quarter effort. I hope the ex-member who wrote that letter is known to the club and not a setup by Ox to give the club a prod.
  13. Changes will again be minimal unless Goodwin has specific targets who didn't turn up to play. Only those in the club will know. I think Ben Ken will come in with either ANB or Stretch coming in for JKH and Bugg.
  14. Forget Kelly Zac Jones is according to "On the Couch" out of contract at seasons end. Surely MFC would inquire to his availability. He is a better kick than his brother.
  15. They showed the same clip "On the Couch" Thomas runs past the ball making no attempt to contest it and takes Maynard high. Straight to the AFL tribunal I hope they throw the book at him.