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  1. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Well all this discussion makes the effort of Luke Beveridge all the more meritorious as a coach. Takes on a club that has sacked its coach, traded its skipper and lost a brownlow medallist. Takes them to the finals in year 1 and a flag in the next. I will ask him when he thinks he will peak when I see him next. He has some challenges on hand now but when on song they are ferocious. The issue I have is I do not want to hear the phrase "Didn't see that coming" or "I don't know where that affort came from". PJ summed it up last weekend when he said the team trashed the brand and stunk up the G. I thought after R23 last year that experience would toughen up the group and they would never surrender. I don't want see another effort like it under Goody's watch. The response and way we take on Richmond will tell us what the club really stands for and how we perform over the next month. I want to see a desperate, hard at it team and that starts with the players and the leaders managed by Goody and the coaching team. He isn't the best yet and years of coaching aren't a KPI but he shouldn't bear all the responsibility.
  2. Changes v Richmond

    So Hunt, Stretch, Balic not named for Casey. Was Balic sore or injured at the end of the game last week. Tyson will be a definite in and Lewis out. I suspect someone to relieve Max other than Harmes, Pedo or Weid. An early training report had jetta and frost in the rehab group but I hope the extra time will see them get up. I think Fritch will be rested and Bugg and Wagner also omitted. In Hunt, Stretch, Tyson and Pedo Out Lewis, Bugg, Wagner & Fritch
  3. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Lots of prepurchased tickets and reserved seats sold so the money is already in the bank. In adition I expect Richmond supporters to come in their droves as well as the theatre goers going to the spectacle. I still expect a big crowd
  4. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I think this post best sums up what was the coachin strategy of Clarksen and how he stymied Goodwin http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-04-18/how-wingless-hawks-strangled-dees The master tactician outsmarted to new guy and I expect other coaches will use a similar tactic if we drop the wings and playe them of half back at center bounces. Not mentioned is how they reversed them smashed us in the clearances. Sure Jones covered Mitchel the Shiels (10 coaches votes) Breust and O'Meara dominated. Only Oliver could match them. Our midfield got smashed despite Max winning tapouts and they did this by tackling and applying pressure. We all know MFC hate pressure. Nothing like old fashioned man on man to stuff up a high end press. This is how Collingwood played early last season and got smashed with team getting out the back and scoring easy goals, just like Hawthorn did on Sunday. MFC need to respond and adjust or it will be a bleak year
  5. Backline Setup and Structure

    The most damning stat was just posted by Gerard Whately on AFL 360. Under Goodwin and his all out attack game plan in the last 25 games we have allowed the opposition to score a run of unanswered goals (4 or more) in 21 of those games. Any wonder Roos has stated we are the easiest team to score against. Minimum of 4 unanswered goals and in some cases more. How can you possibly have aspirations for finals if you cannot defend. Goodwin and the coaching staff need to address this and back off on the all out attack.

    I think this article in the Age sums up the way some feel and why the negativity https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/after-decades-of-failure-how-can-i-raise-my-kids-to-be-demons-fans-20180416-p4z9ut.html I share his pain
  7. Changes v Richmond

    In Tyson. Hannan, Hunt, Pederson, Stretch Out Harmes. Jetta, Vince, Melksham, Wagner
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 4

    We played dumb footy, didn't tackle as well as them, over possessed, panicked and looked slow. Brilliant coaching by Clarkson to move the ball quickly, lower eyes and kick to aa lead or to space where their pace killed us. Breust was BOG and Shiels showed a bit too. They smashed our midfield even though maxxy dominated the hit outs. Our back line is too slow especially against a team like Hawthorn that kick it long to space and allow the small players to run onto the ball. I got sick of the number of goals scored out the back or at the fall of the ball when all our players flew..DUMB.. Sadly Nev is badly out of form, injured or both and has been towelled up. We cannot carry Lewis & Bernie in the same team and Wagner and Hibberd try to fill the same role. We cannot play both as they lack pace. Likewise Melksham, Bugg, Harmes & Kent are all too similar and 2nd stringers. They cannot all be in the team at the same time. I know every team has to work through injuries but Tommy and Viney leave big shoes to fill To those who asked earlier why Hoges didn't go to the middle. He was getting lots of attention for his groin and after half time ran around and went to the bench for treatement before taking his starting place. I suspect this is why he didn't move to the midfield sfter half time. If Hogan is in the middle or marking on the wing there is no one who can take an overhead mark up forward. Contiually we kick it up in the air to a packed back line. Fritch is the only marking target playing in his 4th game. Dumb football in a game wherer we were, out coached out muscled and out played.This loss is one of the worst in the last 2 seasons and left a foul taste in my mouth for the lack of effort.
  9. Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Is he the right guy. I have my reservations but he is only in his second season. The last game debacle last year where he couldn't motivate the team to win a place in the finals worried us all. The lapses in at least 1 quarter of a game are a concern and certainly on match days the tactician coaches such as Clarkson and Scott show him up. Is he a good coach? I don't think any of us know the answer but he certainly has his limitations but some of the most successful coaches started that way. There is no question he and his entire coaching staff have a promising list with lots of talent. Has he instilled a toughness? No has he developed a group of on field generals? Not yet. Do we tackle and bully other teams? No Does he get the best out of the players and develop them I am not seeing this yet. The playing group still appear fragile under pressure. We have no confidence that MFC can play 4 quarters of hard , contested, finals style footy. Until we can mix it with the likes of the Swans, Hawks and Cats these lingering questions will remain about Goodwin.
  10. Post Match Discussion - Round 3

    Some random thoughts. The opening 15 minutes we were running 3-4 spares out of the backline, leaving Daw all alone and then we kick it high to a contest. It made him look good and let them get out of our forwrd zone too easy. When the ball came out once it got past our zone they got goals out the back. We played much better with a man on man contest and fixed up the issue North got a lot of goals from frees in what was one of the worst displays of umpiring I have seen this year. The free to Ben Brown for a ruck infringement late in the 2nd left me stunned yet 2 minutes later when Goldy shepherds Max out of the contest no whistle. Fortunately Bugg got take high and promptly missed with his free after the siren We still miss a lot of set shots and Trac is better on the run I like Clarry resting up forward. Jacobs wore him like a second skin and limited his possession but his 2 goals int he last quarter show what a weapon he can be resting up forward. At round 3 we still have a lot of room for improvement espcially our forward efficiency but I expect Tommy Mac will straighten that up on his return. Scott Thompson is a thug. His punch to Jessies head on the final siren is typical of his style for his whole career. I hope it gets reviewed
  11. Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    Who on our list can add speed and class around the packs. We have the strong contested ball players in Clarrie & Trac but Bris have a fleet of small quick players. We have Garlett, Harmes who is prepared to run and Jayden is way down on form. So who generates run and carry? North beat St Kilda with Hrovat, Sympkin, Turner, Atley & Hartung running and carrying. Structure alone will not stop their run
  12. Coaches Box

    These days the coach does all the prep through the week . Rotations are pre planned, match up organised and contingency plans for injuries are all done. So what can the coaching box implement on match day? Instructions to players who don't follow team rules, stem the tide when the opposition gets a run on or come up with a stategy thet wasn't anticipated. I haven't liked Goodies team selection so far but on match day he is limited in what he can do. The good teams are controlled and managed onfield by the generals the leaders. At geelong Selwood barks the orders at hawthorn it was Hodge and look at how he is organising the backline in Brisbane. Sydney have so many leaders it isn't funny and last year Mitchell proved he is a coach in waiting in his stint at the eagles. It took Scott 8 years at geelong to win a flag with a group of exceptional father and son picks. Trac and Clarrie lead our midfield but are not the generals yet. I have no idea how much coaching Jones does and I expect more from Lewis whose undisciplined play has actually hurt us. Maxie is new to leadership and leads by example but not tactically. Yes Goody worries me but I can see ways around his inexperience and where we need to grow.
  13. Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    I will always take a win no matter how ugly. I thought the Lions showed up our lack off speed and inability to defend, small fast forwards. Charlie Cameron showed us up all night, Christianson around goal and Zorko in the forward 50. We have Garlett up forward but we lack that explosive pace in the midfield. In the 2nd half the Lions were prepared to go longer in the slippery conditions and play in front, while we were still trying to hit up targets. There were a number of silly frees resulting in goals against Hunt, Jetta and Lewis. It took a while till we started playing wet weather footbal and stop over possessing. The six day break and high humidity also didn't help us so I am glad to get away with the 4 points
  14. Changes v Brisbane

    Any word on Nev? There was a suggestion he was carrying and injury. I like Frost in as a key back as I think teams will continue to isolate Lever in a key defensive role. he didn't play that in Adelaide and it is a new role for him. Brisbane have key marking targets as we found out last year. Brisbane will be without Rich and Robinson which will be to our advantage.
  15. Caro where are you when we need someone to write an article about another clubs botched camp. Does this mean the Crows are soft? Are they not united? It seems that the camp freaked a few of them out. I cannot see how this is supposed to improve their football skills. As always captain Walker is on the job texting with the same care he extended to lever last year. he recommends it to his family and friends