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  1. Older demon

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Preliminary Final

    Whilst I feel bad for Fritsch I think you will see if you review the replay that last week was not his best. At times he rushed and was panicked and turned the ball over, especially in 2nd quarter. He was luck Gunston hit the post in the third as Fritsch rushed at the loose ball over ran it and allowed Gunston to swoop and miss what was the turning point of the game. At half back who was minding Gunston who almost turned the game and kicked 3.5 and got coaches votes for 2nd BOG. I can see the need for the extra tall as Vardy had a big influence up forward in week 1, while Lycett was battling Grundy
  2. Older demon

    Jesse Hogan - trade?

    This finals series has shown we are now in "Hunting Premierships" mode. We do not need to trade out our guns for speculative draft picks. Fremantle can come up with whatever they like but Hogan stays put and enjoys playing finals for the next few years, not travelling back and across the country every 2nd week and living through a rebuild.
  3. Older demon

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    For those advocating another tall can I point out that Collingwood went in with a shorter backline than us and coped with Lycett, Vardy, Darling and Kennedy. The key to that stadium is the midfield and it was only in the last 10 minutes when Shuey, Jetta and Yeo got on top that the tall forwards got any supply. Let them worry about how they are going to deal with our structure, speed and toughness and forward line now they have lost Shepherd down back The game will be won or lost in the midfield. No change
  4. Older demon

    Changes v Eagles - Preliminary Final

    No change unless in case no-one noticed Salem grabbed at his hammy late in the 3rd but played out the game. I anxiously await his medical report. remember Melk tweeked a hammy against Adelaide and played out the game then missed 3 weeks. Tysons last quarter was great, leave him alone and remember he still cannot pick up any weight with that broken arm, so for him to be playing is a testimony to his determination. Go back and watch the replay and you will see Fritsch made a lot of poor decisions and was a bit off especially under pressure in the 2nd quarter. Played on when didn't need to, turned it over and in the third look how he misjudged and overran the ball that let Gunston run onto a loose ball in the third. Be grateful Gunston lairised and hit the post.
  5. It is rumoured that GWS have to offload about a mill off their salary cap next season. This is why there is all the noise around Shiel and Scully. Ironic that Scully's hefty contract may come back to bite him.
  6. Older demon

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    My concern will be Geelong tactics especially at Max. The Scott boys didn't get nicknamed the Cray brothers for nothing. Scott is a brilliant coach and possibly the hardest to coach against as well as being seriously nasty. His team has a habit of jumping into the back of opponents in marking contests, with Hawkins having being suspended already this year. Likewise don't forget the corked bum Hogan copped at GMHBA stadium in a marking contest. Do not be surprised to see Geelong players constantly jumping into Max or trying to nail him in a marking contest, I want our guys to provide support and be aware who is in the aarea around Max. Another thread has already mentioned Guthrie's crash into Nev in the past. I seriously hope we come out tactically and play like the anti social hawks used to in their premiership yearsand assert some physical pressure on Geelong as I guarantee there will be plenty coming our way
  7. Older demon

    Open Training - Saturday, 1st September, 2018

    Not my best camera but not an IPhone. Compact Canon camera that takes great pictures
  8. Older demon

    Open Training - Saturday, 1st September, 2018

    And some more pics. In the last lot you can see the crowd and Dom running laps. In these few the group were working hard with sprints
  9. Older demon

    Open Training - Saturday, 1st September, 2018

    Attended this morning and thought the club did a fantastic job with the setup and I was impressed with the size of the crowd. A slick session and the odd torp being bombed at the goals. Some photos attached
  10. Correct it was Jake, he is much taller than I anticipated as well
  11. Sam Maclure did state that Freo were preparing a massive offer to throw at Hoges. And they may well be doing that but I think they have missed the boat. Goody stated on Monday "On the Couch" that Hogan is a Melbourne (city) boy now and despite his injury is everywhere at the club embracing the finals. This is his home. The players all know where we are at and what success brings. At a function Sunday a rehabing demon said he expects to play finals with us for the next 9 years. Freo are a rabble with an ageing list and all Hoges mates are at MFC.
  12. Older demon

    Jimmy Toumpas

    It just goes to show how speculative drafting 18 y.o's is. This is the 2012 draft list and there are some good footballers but at this stage no-one I would classify as a champion. Whitfield has finally shown his wares. O'Rourke is in hawks 2nds and like Toumpas ready to be delisted. Plowman is with the Blues & Stringer the Dons. Picks 6 to 11 have done OK. I believe the pick of that crop is Grundy taken at 19 and Viney father and son at 26.
  13. Older demon

    Ex Demon Luke Beveridge

    A St Peters boy along with I think the Fidge boys and Darren Loutit
  14. Older demon

    Rd 23: AFL Team of the Week

    Kane is a former player with no relevance or credability. He needs to make contraversial comments or opinions to try and be head above the other media throng. His team of the week is a nonsense and not worth wasting time on
  15. Older demon

    Max Gawn wins AFL Coaches Association Champion Award

    I am not sure who believes in omens or signs but Max has played 96 games. Wouldn't it be fantastic if he plays his 100th game in the Grand Final Go Dees