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  1. Sam Frost on the move?

    I spoke with Frosty at a club function last weekend. He was ok with going to Casey and knew his form was down and stated that this happens. Determined to work hard and get his spot back. No hint of unhappiness. He is a Melbourne boy and Wesley graduate who wanted to return from Sydney to be close to his family, (even if his brother is in Brisbane but not getting a game). Tactically it may not have been ideal to postpone contract talks to years end and get dropped but most of the contract renewals have just started. We don't have that many tall defenders and Frosty plays tall or short and has pace, it is his disposal that is lacking. I would be loathe to see him leave
  2. Training - Thursday 24th August, 2017

    I drove down Punt road at 10 am and caught a brief glimpse. Vandenberg kicking short kicks to Crossy. Watts and Frost visible in the main group so not at Casey. Lots of activity, best I could do in brief time.
  3. The Jake Lever Thread

    According to AFL site "Trengove of Port Power has spent the past two weeks in the SANFL, where he has been best on the ground in both games. The former Calder Cannon has attracted interest from Victorian clubs, most notably the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne, with his ability to play at both ends of the ground and as a pinch-hitting ruckman making him an attractive target.". He is a restricted free agent. So are MFC hedging their bets hoping for Lever or Trengove for down back? I doubt they want both.

    Brisbane certainly aren't the worst side in the comp and don't forget what we saw today was exactly how they beat Essendon weeks ago. Remember the Dons got 25 points up and Brisbane came back and pipped them at the post. Possibly the match that could cost Essendon a finals spot. They will not go away and structured up very well against our zone defence. Fagan is a very good coach. I thought in the second quarter we were going to move away but lost momentum with all the 50 meter penalties paid and the goals that resulted. The umpires must have been spoken too as none after half time.
  5. 2017 Contracts

    So who is still out of contract?
  6. In the online HS it has announced that Cam Pederson has been offered another 1 year contract for 2018, which he is happy to accept. Congratulations and well done Cam. The article also states that Max and Jayden are about to sign contract extensions whish is even better news
  7. Changes v Brisbane

    It was stated earlier that Viney is sore and we changed the emergencies last week as we had a couple of 2 sore players. I fully expected Maynard and Frost to play. I also note that Max isn't jumping suggesting his ankle is still sore. Cannot see any changes unless someone is injured or too sore
  8. The Jake Lever Thread

    Talk on SEN of Max about to ink a long term contract which is good. Slowly tying up all the loose ends and I don't believe Jesse is going anywhere. The one player I haven't seen signed up is Alex Neal-Bullen who has slotted into the mid field and plays his role. Does anyone know his contract status? If he is returning to S.A. will he be part of the deal? We have already got his best mate Billy Stretch contracted for 2 years and am surprised Nibbler isn't.
  9. Max Gawn

    David King analysed the free kicks in his segment on the couch. Suspects an umpiring conspiracy or tax as he called it. Seems clubs have complained how Max positions himself and uses his hands. They showed 3 of the frees and 2 were rubbish, over umpiring by the same umpire. The other has Longer with his hand on max's face but Max may be fending him off. Final King analysis if that is how you are going to umpire centre bounces apply it to all ruckmen not just Max. Hayden kennedy has a lot to answer for and clearly the club are aware of clubs complaining about Maxies dominance. The umpiring dept is a bit of a joke but they never fess up to making errors. An umpire friend of mine asked me today what I thought of the mark that wasn't paid to Ben brown in Tassie it was worse than anything we saw yesterday.
  10. Changes v Brisbane

    If Brisbane win another game they get off the bottom and play Kangas in Brisbane for the last game. How much do they want pick 1? Of course no-one in the AFL would dream of tanking would they
  11. Changes v Brisbane

    No change unless a seriously out of form Petracca is rested.

    Who watches the Footy Show and if so who would believe them?

    I note that neither Salem nor Frost was named in the VFL side according to the Casey team
  14. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Jesse is loved by one and all at the club and has more ties in Melbourne off field than most know about and a strong support group. Too many journos writing too much rubbish and innuendo at this time of year.
  15. Any chance we're "Tapering"

    Time will tell, starting this week ,when we see if the energy is back. I still think the forward line is iffy and Hogan made a difference after a he got his match timing right and Hannan is a significant contributor. As for the North game, we lost by 4 points got smashed in the last 15 minutes by a strong mature midfield who out muscled us and don't forget they flogged Adelaide down in Hobart and kicked 10 with the wind. The order is win the next three games and we will play finals