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  1. Saty's insta is the best. Keep up the good woork @Satyriconhome, love the photos! Edit: forgot to say, nice guns Saty
  2. I thought we traded Fitzpatrick?
  3. Melb vs Hawks 1990 5 goals in 4 minutes

    I had a poster of Andrew Obst on my wall when I was a kid, and a jumper signed by Gary Lyon. The 90's were a great time to grow up as a demons supporter, even if we didn't win a GF. We've been so bad for so long sometimes I forget how much fun I used to have watching those games when I was younger, and how good those teams were.
  4. I believe that belongs to Mr Gilmore

    lol glad some of you got it
  5. SSM postal vote

    lol, don't tempt me mate. I work with them constantly. It's an... interesting experience.
  6. SSM postal vote

    Just going to pop back in here to say: 1 - yay 2 - Regarding the left/labor thing above - I identify mostly as 'left' nowadays but certainly do not align my politics with the Labor party. Many of my 'leftie' friends are in similar positions, where the party that is supposed to represent our interests doesn't actually resemble our position much at all. I wonder if this result indicates that this is a societal trend, not just one I've observed within my immediate circle of friends. If the Libs can get it done, more power to them. I'm also a big supporter of their recent super changes, and hope that a financial royal commission occurs under their watch so that the industry (read: union) super funds are also in-scope. If the royal commission happens under Labor, it will only focus on the banks and maybe AMP & IOOF, and the huge union funds will escape scrutiny. That ended up in a different place to where it started. Yay marriage equality!
  7. Calling all Trolls

    Jabby McJabface?
  8. Calling all Trolls

    Very good Skuit. I was hoping to modify a certain internet favourite to "Hird did nothing wrong" but alas, their prefilled list has foiled me.
  9. Calling all Trolls

    Aw they're only offering 3 options: The Flight Deck The Hangar The Bomber Base And you have to be an Essendon member to vote. I guess people learned from the Taylor Swift and Mountain Dew 4chan incidents after all. That's a shame.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    Would really love to know what these standards were that he didn't meet. Until then it's hard to judge, but from the outside looking in, 31 feels like too little.
  11. (Obviously) I don't know these guys from a bar of soap. Which would be your preference with our picks? Great post. Thank you.
  12. Farewell Jack Watts

    You're a piece of work Biff. Go pull another conspiracy theory out of your butt.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Ah yes, because people can only get angry if there is a truth to get angry about. No one ever got angry over a lie right? You see a pattern where there is none Biff, I think Jung called it synchronicity.
  14. Sshhhhh! Millennials who make good life decisions do not exist. Now come join me for some smashed avo and a little destruction of out-dated and inflexible industries.