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    On Carey - the point of difference for me is that he took responsibility afterwards (although I think it was a long time after) and was contrite. It doesn't make what he did ok or acceptable at all, it was still an appalling act. It simply makes him easier to accept as a member of the media when he also knows and publicly states that what he did was wrong. Hird has yet to take any sort of responsibility for his actions. As you say, he remains unashamedly unrepentant.
  2. Round 23

    Some of them show the footy in the table areas. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have landed with one of those venues.
  3. Match Review Panel Farce

    Oh I can't wait for the commentary if he gets another fine. "The system is unfair!" "None of the strikes was enough on their own to warrant the loss of games, Dusty should remain eligible for the Brownlow!" "X player got away with it and wasn't fined!" "Dusty is a good bloke and should be let off!" (clearly insane, but I reckon the one-eyed tigers supporters will make this 'argument') "He's gone through so much, he deserves a shot at the Brownlow without the AFL's overly zealous rules getting in the way!" "We love his courage at the contest, don't penalise him for the way he plays! We need more of it!"
  4. Match Review Panel Farce

    Finally managed to watch a clip of the tackle after reading about it here (and listening to people speak about it on the radio). For mine, @JTR above is correct. If you pin an arm, preventing a player from bracing themselves for their head to hit the ground, you take responsibility. The replay clearly shows Dangerfield pinning an arm and driving Kreuzer head first into the ground. It must be sanctioned with the loss of games. The Brownlow discussion is irrelevant. If you take an action like this and are suspended, you are ineligible. As for consistency, I think the commentators who are arguing that Buddy wasn't charged have it the wrong way around. The fact that Buddy's intentional high contact wasn't picked up on by the MRP indicates that they aren't serious about the head being sacrosanct any more. The lack of consistency here is that Buddy WASN'T charged, not that Dangerfield WAS.
  5. yeah I should have seen that, my bad.
  6. Demon Injuries 2017 season

  7. The Elephant in the Room

    It's made even worse by the constant tyre pumping he gets from his peers. "Oooh BT is on today!" "Listen to BT!" "Good call BT!" His head gets bigger and his calls get worse.
  8. Wait that was LAST night? Damn I should have read the thread title. Oh well, will stream it tonight I guess.
  9. Places not to go as a dees fan

    lol I know right? Been getting to as many games as possible for the last 15 years, but now all of a sudden I'm just on the bandwagon.
  10. The Don's delusion!!!

    I assume he finds it difficult to reconcile his inner belief that Essendon do not make mistakes with clear evidence to the contrary. It must be the opposition's fault. It's the only logical alternative. Can't possibly be any other explanation, as they all would cause him to look inwardly. Self-reflection and Essendon do not mix. Better to blame external factors.
  11. Where was everyone?

    Oh I dunno Wrecker, I could use some advice for dealing with my mum. I do indeed plan to take them both to a game next year. Unfortunately for now it will seem like torturous boredom to them, so I need to ease them into it. If I force the issue now it'll drive them away. My son's Auskick experience is still front of his little 6 year old mind. It was a thoroughly unenjoyable time and achieved the exact opposite of what I wanted. We've been a total of 5 times now and none has been as bad as the first, but he still doesn't have any fun.
  12. Where was everyone?

    I bow to your superior parenting skills. I look forward to the day when my children too may take delight in the tears of a Collingwood supporter. I am unfortunately playing on hard mode, as I am the only caregiver in my children's lives with an affinity for AFL. My wife has no interest, in-laws have no interest, my own mother actually has a staunch anti-AFL stance and actively discourages any discussions on the subject, and my father lives far enough away that he can't babysit very often.
  13. nice one! I'd love to hear about how he thinks the backline setup is working at bounces - ie when we get players to run off half back at the bounce and create a wave through the centre. I've seen it work really well, but sometimes it seems to work against us when the opposition clear quickly and get the ball over our wave. Is it just a risk we take or is there a plan to mitigate the opposition clearance that we aren't implementing in those instances? Would be interested to hear his thoughts on our struggles with opposition tall forwards throughout the season - Ben Brown in particular as we have North this week. Having said that, Dixon was kept pretty quiet last week, so maybe this has been attended to. Also be sure to call him a 'cult figure'. Any AFL player with slightly different hair must be labelled a cult figure by law I believe.
  14. Can we get WJ on again? I feel like the generation gap between he and Jayden would make for an interesting interview.
  15. Where was everyone?

    Was parenting. If it makes you feel better though, I managed to get my 4 year old daughter to watch almost 10 minutes with me - which is a new record for her. My 6 year old son is completely uninterested. It might have something to do with the 2m Max Gawn height measuring chart he was sent earlier this year as part of his membership package. I put it up in his room and it scared the [censored] out of him. Had to take it down. Ol Max now lives in his wardrobe, which I must now shut completely before bed each night. Also, on the uninterested side, I tried to get him on track by taking him to Auskick when the season started. It was pathetic. 200 odd kids and 4 coaches. A few witches hats and a bunch of balls, and I ended up running the drills for my son's group. I know nothing about teaching footy or kids. They didn't even explain what the drills were supposed to be until half way through the session. Then in the match simulation they popped him in the goal square, ball didn't go near him the entire 15 minute game. He was running around making aeroplane sounds with his hands stretched out. It's been a battle to get him to go ever since. Footy is now 'boring'. Thanks Auskick. Sorry, this post ended up a long way away from where it started.