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  1. CatFishPig

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Has Hogan officially requested a trade?
  2. So would this bloke be on our radar?
  3. CatFishPig

    Tex and Jenkins, softest big men in the game

    Lol he got reported. That's why he wasn't playing. He's been back from injury for about a month..
  4. CatFishPig

    Will we break the hoodoo?

    Losing is not an option, hate North so much. Still hate Boomer. We drop this game we don't deserve go be talked about as a finals contender.
  5. CatFishPig

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    I don't see how you can vote for anyone but Farmer... The Wiz wins this by 20 goals...
  6. CatFishPig

    Looking ahead ... the Path to September

    Is anyone a GIF person? I want one of Watts kicking the sealer on queens Birthday.
  7. CatFishPig

    Interim Captain

    Furthermore, What's up Big Perm? I mean Big Worm....
  8. CatFishPig

    Interim Captain

    It's the older head and proven experience. I would say, "what do you reckon?" to JL before T-Mac...
  9. CatFishPig

    Interim Captain

    Vince or Lewis... I would follow them/play for them the most!
  10. CatFishPig

    MCC provisional member information please.

    Free, they are all gone for this game, but I don't think they are offered to provisional members anyways.
  11. CatFishPig

    MCC provisional member information please.

    That's fine Ding. As long as the curry paste doesn't repeat..
  12. CatFishPig

    MCC provisional member information please.

    Don't forget your tobacco pipe and pocket watch...
  13. CatFishPig

    MCC provisional member information please.

    Ticketek mate, punch her member number in the mcc section. email yourself the tickets and print. they make it pretty easy. Or just go to the window at gate 2 on game day, it wont be a sellout.