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  1. Wasn't at the game, but thought it was class from our fans to give Dunny a standing ovation as he came from the field after a pretty courageous act. Well done to all.
  2. Butter = "The Knife" Wings = Can fly (Helicopters) Ocean bound = Dockers Welcome to Melbourne Nat Fyfe.
  3. Fold the club.
  4. How did Declan Keilty play?
  5. Here's to hoping that he can become to us what Lachie Hunter is to the Bulldogs.
  6. Might have something to do with some AFL sides wanting robots, not personalities.
  7. Jetta - Seriously underrated footballer
  8. Bontempelli "zoomed up" relatively late. Joel Selwood had pre existing injury concerns. Meh.
  9. Going to go beast mode.
  10. Reminds me of a white, AFL version of Marshawn Lynch.
  11. Step 1: Go to "AFL Supercoach" Facebook page. Step 2: Click on comments responding to the latest Clayton Oliver piece. Step 3: Read responses to these comments. Step 4: Laugh.
  12. Would almost rather take a punt on McKay at 7, assuming we take Oliver at 3.
  13. Scum? Wowee...
  14. Still Curnow for me.