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  1. Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Wasn't at the game, but thought it was class from our fans to give Dunny a standing ovation as he came from the field after a pretty courageous act. Well done to all.
  2. Riddle Me This

    Butter = "The Knife" Wings = Can fly (Helicopters) Ocean bound = Dockers Welcome to Melbourne Nat Fyfe.
  3. GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Fold the club.

    How did Declan Keilty play?
  5. Here's to hoping that he can become to us what Lachie Hunter is to the Bulldogs.
  6. Christian Petracca & Lucas Peters

    Might have something to do with some AFL sides wanting robots, not personalities.
  7. Jetta - Seriously underrated footballer
  8. Bontempelli "zoomed up" relatively late. Joel Selwood had pre existing injury concerns. Meh.
  9. Going to go beast mode.
  10. Reminds me of a white, AFL version of Marshawn Lynch.
  11. Step 1: Go to "AFL Supercoach" Facebook page. Step 2: Click on comments responding to the latest Clayton Oliver piece. Step 3: Read responses to these comments. Step 4: Laugh.
  12. Emma Quayle's Melbourne Draft Guide

    Would almost rather take a punt on McKay at 7, assuming we take Oliver at 3.
  13. Charlie Curnow

    Scum? Wowee...
  14. PICK 3 POLL

    Still Curnow for me.