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  1. Davos


    Clayton Oliver makes my nipples hard.
  2. Davos

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    Didn't realise he was an academy option for us. I was at the game on Friday and thought he looked a player. Hard, fast and skilled. Busted his ass to apply pressure all game. Big yes from me.
  3. Davos

    Oliver's Weapons of Mass Distribution

    I was born in 94, so I haven't been around for nearly as long as many Dees fans on here. I also recognise that recency bias tends to play a part when making these kinds of calls, you only need to look at the current debate around Jordan/Lebron in the NBA. Having said that, I am now certain that Clarry is the best footballer I've seen at the club in my lifetime. The incredible aspect of that statement is that he's still only 20 years old, and will probably still get better. I have never seen the consistency of excellence he provides every week from anyone who's pulled on our jumper, regardless of age.
  4. Davos

    Tom McDonald Contract Talks

    Tom is a smart guy. He'll get the best deal for himself, but he won't leave.
  5. Davos

    Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Wasn't at the game, but thought it was class from our fans to give Dunny a standing ovation as he came from the field after a pretty courageous act. Well done to all.
  6. Davos

    Riddle Me This

    Butter = "The Knife" Wings = Can fly (Helicopters) Ocean bound = Dockers Welcome to Melbourne Nat Fyfe.
  7. Davos

    GAMEDAY - Round 17

    Fold the club.
  8. Davos


    How did Declan Keilty play?
  9. Here's to hoping that he can become to us what Lachie Hunter is to the Bulldogs.
  10. Davos

    Christian Petracca & Lucas Peters

    Might have something to do with some AFL sides wanting robots, not personalities.
  11. Jetta - Seriously underrated footballer
  12. Bontempelli "zoomed up" relatively late. Joel Selwood had pre existing injury concerns. Meh.
  13. Going to go beast mode.