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  1. Demon Jack

    Melbourne FC 50 Greatest / Most Memorable Goals

    Great edit! You'd think that Hannan's goal on the run against the Cats and Melksham's 50 metre bomb against the Hawks would surely feature in a future edition.
  2. Demon Jack

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    Casey by 7 points 18 minutes into the final quarter. Very scrappy affair at the moment. Clean possession hard to come by.
  3. Demon Jack

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    Amazing to believe that a six goal win against a top four side in a semi final is being considered as a 'down week.' Remember when such a thing involved an upset loss to Carlton or St Kilda?
  4. Demon Jack

    Demonland Player of the Year - Semi Final

    6. Viney 5. T.Mac 4. Jetta 3. Hibberd 2. Petracca 1. Harmes
  5. Another cracker that someone posted a week or two ago. Credit to @The Mighty Demons
  6. Demon Jack

    The Gary Rohan Thread

    Has averaged less than 10 touches and three tackles over his 100 games. Happy to let him slide through to Geelong.
  7. Demon Jack

    Slamming Sam Frost

    A physical and athletic beast. Great to see how much his disposal has improved as well. Something had clicked.
  8. Just my luck that the night of our first final in 12 years is the same one I where I'm seeing Queens of the Stone Age across the train tracks at Margaret Court Arena. I remember booking the tickets months ago and looking at the date thinking...'surely not.'... I have a feeling score checks will be very, very frequent. Hopefully the frontman doesn't shame me for not paying attention.
  9. Demon Jack

    Melbourne Demons - Take Back The City

    Loving these fan edits that are doing the rounds! Wish the MFC went for a similar slogan to yours rather than the rehashed 'Its time to raise hell!'
  10. Demon Jack

    The Cory Machaya thread

    Pardon my ignorance, but i can't recall ever hearing about this lad before. Great to see he's capable of a few tricks! However, if anyone was from the Casey Scorpions was going to get drafted to the Demons, Bayley Fritsch style, I hope it's either Lockhart or Corey Wagner.
  11. Demon Jack

    2018 All-Australian Thread

    Fair selections and both should be easy locks for the 22. Obviously, full seasons to Brayshaw, Tmac wouldve seen them considered. Harmes' second half of the year has also been AA quality.
  12. Demon Jack

    Salem ready to make his mark

    His willingness to throw himself at the ball is a seriously underrated trait of his considering how elegant he is by foot. The kid knows how to tackle as well.
  13. Demon Jack


    I remember that game. Big pressure relieving win for Dean Bailey after allegations of the team playing 'bruise free footy' (not entitely inaccurate). Maxy (who played a solid game) took a cracking grab on Fletcher and fittingly missed from 10 metres out directly in front.
  14. Demon Jack

    Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Just finished work and looked at the scores for the first time since the end of the first quarter. Wow! Just simply Wow! Absolutely stunning performance. Will be keenly watching the replay tomorrow!
  15. Demon Jack

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Bit reminiscent of Melbourne vs Collingwood in the final round last year.
  16. Demon Jack

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 22

    6. Gawn 5. Harmes 4. Melksham 3. Brayshaw 2. Hannan 1. Jetta Honorable mentions to our key defenders in OMac and Frost as well as the skipper
  17. Demon Jack

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    Vandenberg can play
  18. Demon Jack

    MFC and foot injuries

    Don't forget Tim Smith last year as well.
  19. Demon Jack

    Changes v West Coat - Round 22

    In light of reason news. Out: Hogan, Spargo, Hunt In: Melksham, Kent, Hibberd JKH showed a bit of composure last week and we may need to persist with Pederson as an extra tall now that Hogan is injured. Both can stick around for another week. Melksham is a big in this week. We've desperately missed his kicking skills inside 50 which was highlighted by Allir intercepting our long bombs at will on Sunday. Amazingly, Jake's still leading the league in goal assists despite missing the last fortnight. I've really enjoyed Charlie Spargo's work this year and think he has a big future with us over the next 10 to 15 years, but I believe a more experienced player such as Kent is going to provide more going into a potential finals campaign. He showed some great form this year before he injured his hamstring and I'd like to see him get another crack in the seniors.
  20. Demon Jack

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Another navicular bone related injury... Anyway, best of luck Jesse! Hope to see you back fit and firing in round 1 next year.
  21. Demon Jack

    GAMEDAY - Round 21

    I'm working today, preventing any possible scorechecks until the game finishes at 6:00ish Godspeed.
  22. Demon Jack

    "Records: Oldies but Goodies Being Superseded"

    I think a hefty bag of three goals in the final round propelled Dawes to that significant milestone. Amazingly, I also recall that Dom Tyson was runner up that year with 16 or 17. Wasn't our finest year in regards to scoring.
  23. Demon Jack

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 20

    6. Clarry 5. Brayshaw 4. Salem 3. Harmes 2. Hogan 1. Jones
  24. Demon Jack

    Harley Balic Retires

    Well this came out of nowhere. Best of luck in the future Harley!