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  1. Looks a natural footballer. He's had a very good month of footy. Nine goals in his last four games.
  2. I just watched the third quarter (figured I could skip the first half. I'll watch the final quarter tonight). Here are some things I noticed. - Jack Watts was very important in turning the side. I counted him taking two or three very good contested marks and just being involved around the ground. As mentioned earlier, he's been really pushing himself hard this season as he's been forced to play as a part-time ruckman for the majority of the year. No wonder he looks sore and out of puff. If anyone is going to benefit from the return of Gawn (or even Spencer), It'll be Watts. - While Watts was important in our comeback, its impossible to not mention Nathan Jones who possibly played one of the best quarters of football of his career. I figured that it was worth mentioning that Jones currently has 10 goals for the season which is equal to what he kicked during the whole of 2016. He's having another good season and could very well be a smokey for his fourth B&F, provided he can get past Oliver and maybe Hibberd. - I really like James Harmes as a forward. He doesn't have the height to play as a key forward but he can provide a contest. He kicked the ball very well yesterday as well. How about the bullet pass to Nathan Jones for his first goal? Definitely something to work with there. - ANB was a very good inclusion. Looked very comfortable as more of a full time midfielder. His disposal was good as well. - Much prefer Melksham as a midfielder. Could very well have played one of the best games of his career. He was key in shutting down Aaron Hall as well who absolutely tore us apart in the first half. - I like Wagner. I think he can become a Hibberd type player after a another couple of pre-seasons. There were a couple of moments where he really put his body on the line in a marking contest. He may not get much love around here, but he'll get another game against Collingwood in a couple of weeks. - Whenever we would bomb the ball long into the 50, it would be cut off by either May or Leslie. As soon as we started to lower our eyes and began to hit up targets into our forward 50, the game started to turn our way. Looking forward to watching the final quarter tonight!
  3. Best game so far: The Adelaide win is certainly the stand out so far this season. The only other win that has come close to a 'four quarter performance' is the round one win against St Kilda. Worst game so far: Definitely a tie between the Freo and Hawthorn games. Two games against bottom six teams that we lost by less than a goal Most improved player: Hard to not give Clayton Oliver a mention here, but Jeff Garlett gets the nod here considering many (including me) thought he was done at the end of last year. A player who needs to lift: Definitely Dean Kent. After a breakout year last year, he hasn't been able to bring the same amount of pressure and toughness into his game this year. Who is currently leading the Bluey?: Clayton Oliver certainly has a fair lead over the rest of the pack, but I don't Hibberd and Jones would be too far behind Best recruit: Hibberd. Holy crap, I've forgotten what its like to have a reliable kick in the team. What a pick up. An honorable mention goes to Mitch Hannan who has proven to be a lively player in our forward 50. Will we make the finals?: No. I had us placing 9th at the start of the year and I don't think that will change. I think we have a very talented list, but they still need another season or two playing together to fully gel before we have a legitimate crack at a flag.
  4. If you told me before the game that Lynch and Wright would be kept to four goals between them, I would've taken that in a heartbeat. Disposal aside, OMac is doing a reasonable job down there. Frost's efforts are terrific as well. Why he didn't get a game earlier in the season is beyond me.
  5. I don't care if he missed the first four games in the season, he must be in All-Australian discussions if he keeps this form up over the second half of the season. He'll easily give the Bluey a shake as well.
  6. Fun fact. Jeffy is the first Demon (aside from Jesse Hogan who's kicked a few bags) to kick five goals in a game since Sam Blease in 2012. Actually...that wasn't so fun...
  7. 6. Jones 5. Jeffy 4. Hibberd 3. Oliver 2. Melksham 1. Hannan/Harmes (Give them both 0.5 votes each. Both deserve a mention) Tyson, Viney and ANB unlucky
  8. Big win leading into the bye and the midpoint of the season. Looking forward to our next season defining game against Collingwood in a couple of weeks!
  9. Potentially looking at spot in the AA squad if he keeps this form up. He's been stunning this year.
  10. What a game by Jeffy! Best on ground and a five goal haul for Indigenous Round
  11. Jones has three!!!
  12. Oliver with another lazy 34 touches. Only 70% efficiency this week but that is still very impressive for a player of his youth.
  13. Did....did we just manage to score 100+ points after that dreadful first half?
  14. Jones kicks his second and we hit the front!