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  1. Some encouraging news.
  2. 6. Hibberd 5. Oliver 4. Jetta 3. Viney 2. T.Mac 1. Hogan Melksham, Tyson, ANB and Gawn criminally unlucky.
  3. I watched that game (don't judge me!). I'm unsure what that says about Port as West Coast were very average that day.
  4. 11 free kicks between Danger and Selwood
  5. In all respect to Clarry, Jayden's torp is without a doubt the unofficial Demon Goal of the Year at this point. Would love this to win at the end of the year and not the stereotypical fluky goal from the boundary or the 'run and goal' with five bounces from half-back.
  6. Well that's the best possible result. Garlett has been named and we regain Salem, Watts, Viney and Tyson. Best of luck to Trenners as well!
  7. Garlett will be a big loss this weekend. I thought he was one who had a real crack against the Crows last week. Yes, he kicked 0.4 but on most weeks that would be at least 3.1 for him. I doubt we'd name a replacement for Garlett considering Kennedy seems to be no where in the minds of the coaching panel and Johnstone isn't ready yet. Hannan and Petracca have been given a lot of midfield minutes over the last couple of weeks considering the losses of Tyson, Viney and Jones. If Tyson and Viney are named then I'd like to see one or both of Hannan and Petracca spend more time up forward.
  8. Here's the video.
  9. ANB and JKH were big positives last night. We needed our midfield depth to stand up and they gave it a real crack. Particularly with ANB, it just looks like something has clicked. 23 touches at nearly 85% efficiency.
  10. For those who need a reminder...
  11. 30+ disposals at over 80% efficiency in very slippery conditions. He did his part last night.
  12. 6. Hunt - Was in absolutely everything. Some of his kicks forward weren't too flash (he wasn't alone there) but his run and that legendary torpedo gets him the chocolates this week. 5. Lewis - Close to his best game of the season. Didn't miss many targets or fumbled the ball much on a very slippery night. 4. Hibberd - Wasteful going forward at times but his endeavour and rebound from defence isn't doing any harm for his case to be one of the best recruits of recent time. Very strong chance of taking out the B&F this year provided he can catch up to Clarry. 3. Melksham - Proving to be a surprise packet up forward with his three first half goals. Was very creative at times as well in setting up shots for his teammates. Building very nicely at the right time of the season. 2. ANB - 23 odd touches at nearly 85% efficiency. Putting together a very fine patch of form in the absence of our midfield warriors. 1. JKH - Well done young man. Started fairly slowly and made some poor errors but improved as the game went on. Deserves another couple of weeks in the team based on tonight. Honerable mention to Bernie who clearly beat Sloane but misses out on votes due to another immature brain fade. Jetta was also good on Betts during the first half but couldn't maintain it once Adelaide really put the foot down.
  13. Been suggesting this for the last four years, haha.
  14. Six contested possessions per match is hardly a ringing endorsement for a midfielder.
  15. Some people have ridiculously unfair expectations for young key forwards. Weed was always going to take a while, the majority of key forwards do. Honestly, we probably won't see him lock down a spot in the side for another two years. But for a player of his youth, I think he's shown some great signs this year. His first two games were very encouraging and he demonstrated some great tackling pressure in the Adelaide match. His six goal performance a couple weeks ago showed he is on the right track. Not in the slightest bit concerned with this selection. Curnow will be a bloody good player for the Blues, but the Weed is a long-term forward who will form a formidable partnership with Hogan over the next decade.