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  1. What a rubbish report on Channel 9 (although why am I not surprised). 90% of the story was Collingwood biased. Heck, Ben Reid's performance today was mentioned before anything remotely Melbourne related.
  2. Demon Jack

    GAME DAY - Scratch Match vs Collingwood

    Vandenberg is a beast. Some massive, bone crunching tackles today
  3. Demon Jack

    GAME DAY - Scratch Match vs Collingwood

    Jeffy with the crumb 60-35
  4. Demon Jack

    GAME DAY - Scratch Match vs Collingwood

    Goal tally so far Two to Preuss Singles to Weideman, Stretch, JKH, T.Smith, Harmes, C.Wagner
  5. Demon Jack

    GAME DAY - Scratch Match vs Collingwood

    C.Wagner with a lovely pass to Spargo, who misses the set shot.
  6. Demon Jack

    GAME DAY - Scratch Match vs Collingwood

    50m to JKH who converts before the siren.
  7. Demon Jack

    Nietschke out for the season

    Terrible news. Absolutely devastated for Aaron. After all the excitment of being drafted and training with the boys with the possibility of some JLT appearances, I'm sure its a tough blow for the kid. Fingers crossed on his recovery.
  8. Demon Jack

    Charlie Spargo Looking Ahead

    Anyone who gets stuck into Brendon Goddard a quarter into their first game goes alright by my standards. Actually finding it hard to fathom that he was 18 years old all throughout last season. Never had massive stats but played with the composure of a 200 gamer. Wasn't overawed on the finals stage either.
  9. Demon Jack

    Origins/meanings of Display Names?

    Hold onto your hats, because it just so happens that my first name is Jack and I follow the Demons. It goes without saying that 16 year old me wasn't that inspired during the making of this account.
  10. Demon Jack

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    Its only the first time I've seen them in person, but I've liked what ive seen from KK (still working on correctly spelling his last name) so far. Held his own in a few marking contests and has used the ball well.
  11. Demon Jack

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    The man himself, Ronald Barassi is in attendance.
  12. Demon Jack

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    Some tackling drills at the moment. Massive cheer from the boys as the skinny armed Fritsch brings TMac to ground with a ripping tackle. Kudos to the new boy, Toby Bedford for attempting to bring down big Maxy. Kid has some guts! A well deserved cheer from the crowd follows.
  13. Demon Jack

    Training - Friday, 14th December, 2018

    Bit gloomy with occasional rain but all and all, a ripping crowd. Traditional australian breastfast of coffee with a sausage in bread went down a treat. Fair bit of aggression in some of the drills so far. Boys giving it their all. Even from the sidelines, you could feel the brute force of the bumps they were laying on each other. Hore and Hunt running laps. Preuss is far more imposing in the flesh than he is in photos/videos.
  14. Demon Jack

    Training - Friday, 7th December 2018

    Before I melt as a result of the rays from the Melbourne sun, I figured I'd jot down my notes of this morning's training session. A relatively small crowd today (not completely suprising) with many seeking shelter under the trees around the ground. An occasional breeze travels through the air to the delight of those in attendance. Firstly the rehab group consisted of OMac, Petracca, T.Smith, Hunt, Melksham, Stretch, Harmes, Oliver and Brayshaw, Baker and VDB. Drills were non contact (aside from Melksham who did some work with a marking bag) while each player would take their turn in participating in what looked to be some menacing running drills. Players looked absolutely spent after these. Petracca, Oliver, Baker and one of the new lads (Nietschke, I think) left early after spending most of the session running in the rehab group. None seem in any real discomfort aside from that of the Melbourne sun. Moving on to the main group, where the first drill I watched featuted players transitioning from the backline with a couple of spontaneous sets of 20 push ups which looked particularly grueling given today's conditions. Weideman with a nice couple of dead eye [censored] 30 metre passes. Frost also with a nice spin around two players and a short chip pass to Spargo. Lewis was another who nailed some neat kicks while Hibberd uncharacteristicly shanked a couple. Petty was also involved quite a bit as the link man between defense and forward. Moving to some forward play where a group of five would attempt to move the ball from half forward to a player having a clear shot at goal while contending with three defenders. Those I saw in this drill were Lewis, Maynard, Keilty, Frost, Spargo, Fritsch and Petty (I think). Lewis continued to set the standard with a some sharp pick ups and shots for goal. Nice bit of play with Spargo with a thread the needle handpass through three defenders to Keilty who passed the ball onto the running Maynard who slotted the goal. The next drill I watched involved players attempting to nail some 30m passes while under pressure from opposition. Players seemed a little sloppy at first but quickly tightened up their kicking. The Wagner of the Josh variety didn't miss a pass while Salem also looked exceptionally classy. I also really liked the look of Petty here. Looks a good kick and has a bit of toe for someonr of his size. The final drill I caught before leaving was more of a match simulation. ANB was often leading from the forward 50 with Weideman as the key target. Great piece of running on the wing by Jeffy to receive the ball but unfortunately miss the shot at goal. Exceptional piece of play from Spargo with a brilliant smother, gather and handball to a loose player! Smith also looked at home playing the intercept defender role. Another brilliant moment came courtesy of JKH, with an intercept in the forward 50 and a cracking hip and shoulder. No Jones, Gawn, TMac, May, KK, Preuss, or many of the new draftees who I think are in the NT at the moment.
  15. Demon Jack

    Vale Colin Sylvia

    Oh no... Absolutely shattered if this is true. As someone who started to take in interest in the Demons during the mid to late 2000's, Colin was one of my first 'idols.' Thoughts go to his friends and family.