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  1. Tyson - one paced mid Vince - one paced mid Brayshaw - one paced mid Neal Bullen - one paced mid Salem - one paced mid Harmes - what is he? Lever - Crows are laughing Garlett - blip on radar Weideman - showed some thing Frost - should have played Hunt - persist with him Petracca - smashed Trent Cotchin Petracca - robbed Peter topaypaul Wagner - no ball security Stretch - no ball security Oscar - no ball security Gawn - all heart today Hogan - our best forward. Richmond - quick and hard
  2. TGR

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    For those supporters that critique the kicking skills of Hunt (and Viney); thank Jesus that they weren't Richmond's Chairman of Selectors in 2017. Guess what? The premiership team had the worst kicking efficiency in the AFL in 2017. Give me Hunt with his speed and line-breaking ability, who may miss the odd target; over concrete legs, who gets relatively easy ball as a +1 and goes the safe option short and sideways. pTGR
  3. TGR

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    You probably have Jordie posters in the your bedroom. Get ready for constellation of blue-tac mummy.
  4. TGR

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    I don't think they needed Bob Murphy during their September tilt, and I think Boyd/Morris = Jones/Vince. Don't keep digging. And who here rated Cotchin, Rance and Riewoldt before 2017. Lewis to Melbourne made me vomit then, and makes me vomit now. The MFC post-Neeld has always been over-stocked with one-paced mids. If we really wanted to play finals footy, you target what you don't have enough of; and that was quick line-breakers. To be honest, if you want to pay superannuation to a player, I would have preferred the club had a go at Boomer Harvey; because at least it would have shown me that the club really knew what it had and didn't have. And if you lot are happy with a +1 racking up easy ball, then you really have no idea.
  5. TGR

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Richmond beat us last year, because we ran out of legs in the last. Do you really think Jordan was going to help with that? Blind Freddy could have seen we were down 2 players at 3/4 time and we were cactus. The best bet in 2017, was backing Richmond at 3/4 time against us. We were clearly a better team that night, but 21 v 19 found us out.
  6. TGR

    Freo poised to pinch 2

    FWIW, I rate Brayshaw now, similar to the way I rated Thompson before he left. FWIW2, Roos rates him highly as stated OTC
  7. TGR

    Jordan Lewis Out with Broken Hand

    Not according to J Brown +/- Roosy. Jordan Lewis is one of the bravest players that has played the game. I wouldn't have played at all after a 1/10th of the hit he received from Gia? v the dogs a few years ago. He can be proud of his career, and his 4 flags. But Melbourne's decision to get him, though filling the simpleton's heart with glee, said more about how inward-looking and safe we still were. Bevo's dogs didn't need an ageing leader at the 11th hour; nor did the TiGeRs. I am celebrating Lewis out, because for the first time since late 2016, I can trust most of the 22 in terms of leg speed and keeping their feet. And yes, I am sure we won't miss his leadership...whatever that was supposed to ever mean and solve. pTGR
  8. For a change, I hope I am wrong. But what I have seen from Brodie Grundy lately, I don't think Max can match his mobility and contest impact post-tap. Credit to Max and how he has done everything right. Great hands. Great tap-ruck. Gut-runs forward to throw his body into a marking contest. With all that going for him, he might have to settle for no.2 for mine. pTGR
  9. TGR

    Freo poised to pinch 2

    If we keep giving him 1 game out of 4, what do we really expect. Scotty Thompson all over again?
  10. TGR

    Changes v Richmond

    You got to give Frost continuity before sending him to VFL. The only difference between Frost and Lever is their contract, if you looked at most of the game. Melbourne supporters want our players to be brave, but the irony is that they are rarely brave in their thinking. We need speed and dare out of D50, so that when it comes to I50, we don't permit opposition numbers to stream in. Unlike the average MFC supporter, I'm sticking fat with Frost and asking him to take them on irrespective of getting caught. Jono Brown has worked out Jordan Lewis. Tonight's OTC was refreshing and overdue. When Lewis got votes against Brisbane, Brown and Roos raised their eyebrows to the top of their heads. For me, Melksham and Wagner have got to go back to VFL. Our penchant for slow one-paced one-trick AFL rejects is amazing. Roos expects Pedo and Hunt to return. You need Pedo bringing it to ground in the F50, especially when Hogan is up the ground so much, and our I50 precision is non-existent.
  11. TGR

    Shepherding the man on the mark

    The most simple thing, any coach at any level can instruct his players to do. Problem is that players need to be selfless and alert to regularly do it. Clarko is a genius for more than this though. Remember the flak he copped for getting rid of his ageing stars, 6 months before they use date?
  12. I'm not talking about 10 months ago. I am talking about a multi-dimensional mobile tall entering his prime.
  13. TGR

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Gee wiz, it wasn't long ago that the simpletons were asking Paul Roos to exit one year early, because we couldn't wait for Goody to get in quick enough. Who were the wise heads around him that decided on getting Jordan; selling the farm for Lever in a super-draft; letting Jack Viney decide to get back after leaving theatre. Who were the wise heads around him that thought no medicos at camp one was a great idea. These are the decisions that will kill us, rather than what tricks Goody can come up with on match day.
  14. Jordan Lewis - Common Denominator (in past 3 Haw v. Melb games) Not only are the recruiters stupid; but most of us supporters are as well. Will never make one iota of difference with our push from 9-14 to 4-8. None. Never would. Liability in speed....goes to ground. How many bloody players did O'Meara beat home from the Sicily torp. He gave 4 of us 10 metres start. Can't hide Jordan back as the +1 for ever. Clarkson and Adelaide have played with the Melbourne Football Club in past year or 2. Combine that with the stupidity of letting Viney return after 2 weeks following PF surgery.....and the Camp fiasco.... This club lacks brains, heart and guts.
  15. TGR

    Be Patient with Lever

    Heard Dal Santo on MEN say yesterday that it was the first time the draft kid team beat an established VFL (North Reserves) side. Dal Santo mentioned that there will be 10 bone-fide number 1 picks in the super-draft coming up.
  16. TGR

    Ollie Wines

    When I think of Trac over McCartin, that makes one forget in some ways the fact that the MFC has passed on Nic Nat, Wines and Co. Thank god the Saints listened to their dietitian over common sense. The MFC has always defaulted to the nice guy you would want your daughter to marry. I am surprised we don't have 21 young-liberals representing us. As for Martin, there is no way in the world the MFC would have retained him during his wayward years. Just my view.
  17. TGR

    Be Patient with Lever

    I am not stupid enough to get too down on a bloke that has had 2 average games; or get too up when a bloke has had 2 good ones in a row. But I will stick with my original view in Oct/Nov that the MFC blinked unnecessarily and sold the farm in a super-draft year. Even if he finishes top 5 B&F for 5 years running, I won' t change my opinion. He was going nowhere bar Melbourne; and we bid as if we were 4th in-line. Jason Cloke amazed the footy world in 2002 by playing the intercept loose in defence. Food for thought. Chris Scott alerted the footy world to force Lever to be accountable deep. My guess is brother Brad has had the run-down, and will use Waite and Brown to keep Lever deep.