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    "I think it is more reasonable to "copy" where the Bulldogs are going, rather than trying to emulate a team that has been labelled by some as the greatest of all time.

    This team, had the fortune to get it right and have early picks, in a couple of super-drafts. Then, they had the fortune after this stockpiling, for the league to introduce 2 expansion clubs that prevented teams underneath from rebuilding quickly." Oct 2015

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  1. Another one-paced, one-geared midfielder. I don't mind supporters getting it slightly wrong, but unfortunately, so has list management.
  2. I forgot to add 'water-purchasing'. Must be something drastically wrong with our tap water in Melbourne, when bottles of Evian and Mount Franklin are being sold by the damn-full.
  3. Check, no raise. Just like there is a tigers supporter out there, who drives a Merc, has a full set of teeth, is not a brunette and doesn't wear black.
  4. Come on guys. Nothing personal. We are just different to TiGeR supporters. Oil and Water. We are rich white private school loving folk, who have a penchant for the status quo. We get whipped up about Scotch playing Xavs on a Saturday morning FCS. We let our wives spend 1000's to get fake tans, Botox, hair straightening, 2xU tight lycra after liposuction and anything else to make them look different to what we see on a Sunday morning. We ain't racist but we want boat people staying away, even if that means looking down the barrel of a gun. If we ever get invaded, we can get on a Hains Hunter and plea for South Africa or New Zealand to accept us. Yes, we jumped the queue, but this would be different. Same with the aborigines, and so what if they got here first. And we won't apologise for past crimes, but expect the Japanese to mea cuppa for their atrocities in WW2. We probably think climate change is real, but who gives a stuff because when the S hits the fan, we will have resources to buy our own desal plant and cool rooms, while the plebs try to keep their noses above water. We want our daughters to marry some boring inward-looking stiff from the young liberals, who regurgitates carp about free speech and safe schools. But when someone from the ABC has a go at Anzac Day, he yells treason. Our team consist of slow one-paced mids; Richmond complimented their bulls. Who was the 'leader' Richmond needed to make their assault up the ladder? We needed Jordie apparently. Our hatred red for Richmond is NOT reciprocated: we gave them Dustin Bull Martin. pTGR
  5. Like the Swans of 2005, credit to Roos and co, we are actually good at it. So while Finey and Co., complaining about Oliver's KTH ratio, I actually am not too fussed about it. I know why he has to do it with the congestion that is around him. Credit to the kid, he is in the middle of heavy traffic more often than not. Give me him over the plethora of outsiders we had in the 2000s that sat outside waiting for easy ball. Worked well in low-pressure games that counted for nothing.
  6. Haven't got the stats, but I didn't like our kick-outs in 2017. Too conservative, safe, predictable and an impediment for ball moment. The kick long and ultra-wide, makes offensive coast-to-coast too hard. Clarkson, in Hawthorn's resurgence this winter, ditched the "ultra-wide" long boundary kick-out that his contemporaries default to. Instead, he instructed the kicker to go for the point of the square. Pretty courageous. Football clubs need to realise it is OK to give up a goal if you can get 2 goals your way. They need to be more daring. pTGR
  7. To an even number 1-on-1s inside our F50? Yes But to a 3v1 (opp to MFC) outnumber? No
  8. Jordan Lewis's kicking efficiency may read well for instance, but he is locked into Hawthorn's game-plan in the their peak when they played keepings off. Visualise Lewis getting the ball, and he will look sideways for a safe short-medium kick. But this slows us up. Worked for the Hawks, not us. We are at our best when we gun-and-run from half-back; to make use of Garlett goal-side on his opponent; the mobile Watts, and Jesse, if he is having a good day. Kicking efficiency needs to incorporate safety and conservatism. How hard is it to look backwards and see a teammate on his own and hit him. A kick that is looped and slightly off-target will be marked. But your opponents press up more, squeeze you, and at the end, we have lost territory. Bit like the old Steve Waugh not-out to boost the average, the old Jordan Lewis look sideways and safe kick, is a tricky way to make yourself look good to the detriment of the team. Compare the guy, who doesn't go ultra safe and looks forward first. Goody, like most coaches, wants us to change lanes, but if you have the opportunity for 'instant offence' in front of you, take it. Danger does. Selwood does. Selwood might not be the most elite kick, but he doesn't run/look sideways and backwards with easy safe options, that boost his kicking efficiency rating.
  9. You haven't heard the story of Robert Campbell then. Like Frawley, Clarkson has instructed 'try and wait to give off by hands', but if you must kick, know your limitations and always go percentages. The other thing Clarko ensured is the Frawley's options gut ran and blocked to create an easy option. Go and check Robbie Campbell's KTH ratio under Clarko. He kicked it one day and Clarko lost it.
  10. Slow one paced mids = penchant for congestion = need to handball more often. Do the maths. SEN and Coincidenceland are anti-handball lots. The "just kick it" mentality of the red-seats is the lowest common denominator in football. My fellow tiger supporters microwave memberships, but we don't yell out "just kick it". That died when Hafey went to Collingwood. If you put 20 footballers in a 15m x 15m space, I challenge you to get away with a clean kick. Geography, physics and common-sense.
  11. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Whatever your cuppa tea. Each to his own.
  12. Glen Archers sentenced

    Without knowing the full story, or watching the 'face-slap video', I would back Glenn Archer as a decent human being any day of the week. Leopards don't changes their spots. Likewise, angels don't grow horns. Two sides to every story. I'm sticking fat with Archer. pTGR
  13. Lucky Barry Hall got off his McGuire punch then...
  14. The Importance of Jordan Lewis

    Boomer Harvey in an MFC jumper in 2017 would have offered so much more than Lewis. Boomer was a commodity we didn't have; and needed. He was captain of North, so might have offered 10% of the "leadership' that many here think Jordie gave us. Also, not a good look in my book to be sitting with Hawthorn mates, in the Hawthorn rooms, at a Hawthorn game 1 day before what became our most important game of the year. Of course his blood runs brown and yellow, but you don't have to cut yourself and show his teammates.
  15. Agree. But sometimes, the ultra safe (95/5) 25-35 metre kick, versus a player that can go for a relatively safe (85/15) 45 metre kick to advantage; is better for ball movement speed, territory-wise and surely % conversion inside 50. As an aside, interesting article in The Age today comparing 2000-2016 flag teams on several stats. How the hell Sydney won in 2005 is beyond me.