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    "I think it is more reasonable to "copy" where the Bulldogs are going, rather than trying to emulate a team that has been labelled by some as the greatest of all time.

    This team, had the fortune to get it right and have early picks, in a couple of super-drafts. Then, they had the fortune after this stockpiling, for the league to introduce 2 expansion clubs that prevented teams underneath from rebuilding quickly." Oct 2015

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  1. TGR

    Must address in pre-season

    Time that our supporters started judging us as a team, and players as individuals, against the quality fit teams in harsh environments. How many switches v. Richmond? None. How many switches v. West Coast yesterday? None that I remember, but I was sitting on level 5. How many v. Collingwood? None or 1???
  2. 1. Goodwin does not rate leg-speed enough. This must change. We have an over-supply of one-paced tractors. Hunt, Garlett and Frost were stamped for Casey until he had his hand forced with the latter. Our wings yesterday were Tyson and Jones FCS. Wingmen surely must be able to cover the ground. Also Lewis as our +1 in defence slows an already sluggish team. 2. Due in some small part to factor 1, WE DONT SWITCH EVER. We predictably kick down the line hoping that Gawn will bring it to ground. With Frost and Hibberd back we should be switching at least to keep the opposition guessing, and forcing their attack to hang back and leave more room for our mids. 3. We can’t play tempo at all. As Roos says, we are 100% ballistic. We are nervous when we need to control the pill. The Hawthorn last quarter proved this beyond doubt. Yes, it was a gettable flag, but we have cracks under the wallpaper to patch. A credit to our players for doing so well despite this.
  3. TGR

    Leaving Perth

    I’d say 8.30 Would have planned returning to Melb ASAP for GF recovery
  4. Experience should get you a steady hand, cool head, decent decision-making, good execution, discipline and leadership. In that first quarter we got anything but. We hardly had a winner on the day, but he set the tone and was WOG for mine, when the game was there to be lost. If he plays next year, we might as well rebuild.
  5. Gee wiz, who was I a tad negative about? Fritch and Tyson. 1 week later, Fritch is dropped and Tyson conceded he was "nervous" about his selection. Your optometrist only sells rose-colored devices. pTGR
  6. TGR

    Spare Plane Ticket

    I will wait at Virgin Lounge. I will be the guy wearing the Cam Pedo duffle-coat
  7. TGR

    Spare Plane Ticket

    I might have a spare. Any desperate youthful looking (18ish) MFC supporter of male or masculine appearance that wants to fly Friday am and fly out Sunday late. PM me. If domestic flights need photo ID don’t bother. Might be your cheapest way there.
  8. TGR

    Finals Tickets

    If anyone has 1 ticket for sale for Perth game, message me.
  9. TGR

    Finals Tickets

    I am short 1 adult tik Happy to pay above face value PM me
  10. TGR

    OMac has arrived.

    A spare seat in the chariot Fan?
  11. TGR

    Perth flights

    Who is driving? Thursday evening departure.
  12. TGR

    OMac has arrived.

    Bit of a detour, but refer to Joe Boy’s 3 word about my thoughts on Lewis’s game. The consensus is that Vince and Lewis can no longer play in the same team. The truth is he would have been dropped this year if his name wasn’t JL. I didn’t hear anything from you about his head-duck in the elimination. If it was Watts or OMac, the last rites would have been administered. Unlike the Geelong final, Lewis was physically invested against Hawthorn, in what was his best game for the club. He remains our Achilles heel IMO. But like most things on here, the generals will come out after the war has ended and epitaphs written.
  13. TGR

    Perth flights

    Elvis's old plane hasn't been used in a while. Why not get our right-wingers to contact 'the great man' about using Airforce One?
  14. TGR

    Perth flights

    OK. 2 driving references and your in. We need 2 more idiots. I provide car. Don't know if it has takata airbags? We can watch all our wins in full this year during the 36 hour drive.
  15. TGR

    Perth flights

    If you talk about Fortnite or fart, I am kicking you out. Can mum and dad spot you some driving money?