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  1. Clayton Oliver incident

    AFL Match Review Panel must have looked at the vision and judged the contact as careless with low impact to the body with the sanction of receiving an apology. Bit of a joke all round. Clarry should have always received a 'slap on the wrist' for engaging the fan. Needs to mature up a bit after the drink driving, twitter war and now clash with a Carlton Fan. Keep the sledging on the field. If Clarry hadn't have reacted to the fan but only pointed him out to the security team, the fan would have been sent packing but by retaliating he unfortunately makes the would be victim into the villain.
  2. Clayton Oliver incident

    I think the MFC and Goodwin have been a bit weak in recent times towing the AFL line and being polite. Time we stood up for one of our own. If it is true that the Carton fan purposely made uninitiated contact with Clayton as the vision indicates, even discounting the abuse, he should have been ejected from the stadium. I would like the MFC to send a please explain to the MCG and the AFL. Player safety should be sacrosanct. If the general public can get away with this, what is to stop it escalating out of control!
  3. Changes v Carlton

    Agree with you DubDee. Always seem to give a hint of the selection in the Casey report. 100% depends on who they want to take out from last week. My outs would be: Viney (inj), Bugg (susp.), White, Wagner Ins: Hogan, Garlett, Kent, Maynard, (Trengove if Tyson doesn't get up) I think they put hunt back behind the ball, bring TMac back into Defense so your talls are Hogan and Pederson. I think we have performed best this season when we have had an agile forward line. Gee our back 6 would be strong with Jetta, OMac, Frost, Hunt, TMac, Hibberd

    I think Lynden Dunn should also be eligible isn't he?
  5. Tom McDonald (and Oscar) SIGNS.

    From what I have heard there have been 6 clubs hotly pursuing Tom this year. In saying that,should be hearing some good news on that front in the coming weeks. As well as Oscy
  6. On a separate note, I am quite confident Tommy will stay. Thought the contract was getting closer a month or so ago but it should still work itself out.
  7. I heard that Hurley is after pretty significant coin...just don't think he is worth approx $750k+ a season. He is a good player but not sure he is worth that. If we are going to give up a first rounder, I would prefer to trade with GWS who reportedly need to shed a minimum of 5 players and $600k from their books. For a first rounder you could pick up a couple of players like Ahern and Hoskin-Elliot. Talking potential but their ceiling is higher than Hurley/Hibberd in my opinion. If the 2017 draft is as good as the hype then I would be pretty hesitant to part with it. Really tough one, but the club is in a great place where they don't have to make any rash moves to fix the list.

    That is why is would more likely be us giving pick 6, stk 2nd (freeman), pie's 2nd and for bugg, 7 and 8. Essendon won't give up their first rounder in the trade. The beauty is that the gws pick will be used on an academy player which we wouldn't be able to select in essence pick 7 in this scenario has the same 'value to the dees pick 6.
  9. Trade Radio Discussion

    I agree with you that free agnecy should be like it is in the nba and if a player is out of contract than they are a free agent able to sign with any list. Still have restricted free agency. The way this works so well in the US is that once in contract, that player can be shipped out without permission. No picking out a club when it is trade time. NBA also sets a max contract and gives the team that owns the player the ability to sign them for more than the competition... NBA system should be what they look at, other than the lottery system. Players need to give something to lower the age of free agency. Right now it is a half baked version.

    I mean use pick 6 and howe to get an a grader...

    Pick 3 - From what I have read, Francis and Parish are not head and shoulders better than Mathieson and Curnow. I thought only the first two picks were the stars in this draft. I think Mathieson and Curnow are a bit less refined and have greater upside than Francis and Parish...especially Curnow but are riskier prospects which is why they are rated as less. Howe is probably worth a late first rounder I would think in this draft and where are list is at we need either a possible A grader (Prestia etc.) or double up. My proposed trade: Howe for Suns pick 19 Pick 19 to GWS for Tomlinson and Bugg I must confess that I am basing this on what I have read and not personal knowledge. I must confess that I am basing this on what I have read and not personal knowledge.
  12. Delistings/trades at end of the season

    Awesome summary grazman
  13. Delistings/trades at end of the season

    I think it is better for Watts if he were moved on to another club, especially one with a decent midfield where he can thrive as an outside player. A win-win would be to trade him to Richmond for Ben Lennon, who is younger and a bit unproven but has immense talent...same silky skills but can go harder for the ball. You don't let Jack go unless you get something decent for him. Watts would be in Richmond's best 22, someone who could switch between the forward and backline when needed. Where Lennon is a better fit for our best 22. Pederson will most likely be trade fodder as well. You would look to giving him to a team on the premiership bubble to help a forwardline structure. Freo comes to mind - would be good to trade for someone like Hayden Crozier, a good player who just can't get much of a chance in a strong side, maybe a swap of picks in their favour. Howe I would look to pass onto someone like GWS who have previously shown interest and bundling with a third round pick, look to get players like Tomlinson and Bugg. Gold Coast are players with maturity and leadership. Grimes probably needs a fresh start somewhere. Would trade him out for a mid 2nd rounder (shallow draft) or for a young player that has shown a bit - maybe Aaron Hall and a switch of picks. Jed Adcock is worth a delisted free agent spot on the list. Brisbane can't receive a PP when they delist a 29 year old who is in their B&F top 10. I also like that we are going after players like Nathan Hrovat, who is tough at it with speed and skills. Would be great to get him while his value is down. Not a fan of trading out a player when their value is low so I think you keep Toumpas and Dawes at this stage. All in all I'm sure we are active but just hope we are shrewd. Don't try and screw over other teams so the deal doesn't get done (Pies and bombers), but also don't give overs. Essendon will wrongly demand a 1st or 2nd rounder for Melksham. If they don't budge then take him in the preseason draft. I doubt any other team is looking at giving him 4 years so he should slip through easily. I don't think we are getting an A grader this year. We just haven't made ourselves into a destination club with our on field performance.
  14. Sandringham v Casey Scorpions

    You would think so. Gawn has looked tired the last few matches, as have a number of others.
  15. Sandringham v Casey Scorpions

    If the finals start next week then Grimes and Stretch are out as they haven't played enough games. That leaves 20 players barring AFL selection and emergencies.