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  1. Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    Agree. Watts is just supporting his new team. Do you think he would trash talk Port by saying they are way off or that this is a bogun place!! Really
  2. Casey Demons 2018

    I hear Casey settling on 15 players with a top up supplementary group of 5 from local league if injuries mount up. Jack Hutchins to captain again. Mitch Gent, Dylan Gordon, Goy Lok and Angus Scott to remain in 2018. Mitch White returns. Tom Couch as playing assistant coach. Col Garland likely to support as required. Corey Wagner recruited to be another live wire forward and midfielder.
  3. Behold your 2018 Midfield

    Hard work always pays off
  4. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    Agree. It was rubbish at times but very very funny ... and the Ox has had some very good insights to how footy is. Merry Xmas !!!!
  5. Casey Demons 2018

    Corey Wagner signed on. Ex Kangas listed and played 8 AFL games with the Roos over 2016 and 2017. To play with his brother Josh plus to show he has some small forward role to play. Very handy player.
  6. Casey Demons 2018

    Trengove wanted to play AFL and Port have given him the chance. Casey should offer a role to Lachlan Hansen. At 29, he is too good to retire and would be good for him to come back home to the shire. Like Hutchins, he would really lift Casey up. Casey only have Weideman and Smith as key forwards and hopefully Weideman plays 11-12+ games at in MFC in 2018.
  7. Lewis to train with the Backline

    Back 6 Jetta. Omcd. Lever Salem. Frost. Hibberd Assume Lewis may step into half back role with Salem moving into midfield/wing type role. Obviously Hunt on a wing is a similar move
  8. Crystal Ball 2018: Predictions for next season

    Demons will improve because - Hogan hopefully plays a full year - Gawn hopefully plays a full year - Salem hopefully plays a full year - Viney hopefully plays a full year “pain free” - Oliver can still get better with his decision making - Petracca can get better and tear several games apart - Jake Lever now on board - Weideman will continue to develop - omcd gets another summer in the gym - Bernie Vince will not be guaranteed a game and no excuses for stupid turnovers or ill discipline - progress of Hannan, Stretch, ANB & Harmes - Fritsch can fit in as a very handy smart forward
  9. Jumper Numbers 2018

    Many of us picked Harmes and Maynard to shift jumper numbers. Great judges here. I like the new allocations. Fritsch at #31 = to his draft pick was as predicted poetic.
  10. Colin Sylvia

    Col was a great bloke. Never picked up the responsibility of adulthood. Highly talented. Wasted.
  11. Casey Demons 2018

    Certainties in life - death, taxes and footy injuries. Unless it’s the Richmond footy club in 2017 when only one player, Nathan Drummond, was injured for more than 2 weeks!
  12. Casey Demons 2018

    Will Collis. I think Dylan Collis is a bright young player and will give Casey a crack again.
  13. Casey Demons 2018

    They play with a local club until they get the call up. Likely train twice a week at Casey. It’s a tough call for the fringe like Mitch Cox and Jordan Moncrieff. Some will just stay in local footy or tryout at Frankston
  14. 2018 Contracts and List Details

    Agree with Vince and 5-6 fringe players, we will have a few spots to fill.
  15. 2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Dees got Lever & 2nd round Crows 2017 (Petty) & 3rd round Crows 2018 Crows got 1st round Dees 2017 (D Fogarty) & 1st round Dees 2018 & 4th round Dees 2018
  16. Casey Demons 2018

    Thomas Murphy off to Kangas. Quigley is still the young man that Casey needs to get onboard
  17. Jumper Numbers 2018

    With Weideman to #9 and Harmes to #27 Spargo into #4 Petty into #26 Fritsch into #31 Baker into #43
  18. The Draft Poll: 2017 Edition

    it takes 4-6 years before you can grade a draft my vote is ‘time will tell’ spargo - ok. Would have selected Constable but young Spargo has the competitive streak that appeals fritsch - a yes vote 7 days a week petty - not so sure given he is a pure negator. Would have selected Houlahan baker - like the punt ... pace is needed. Let the ginger ninja loose
  19. Casey Demons 2018

    After the draft, 3 TAC players who missed out and may not get a rookie chance Tom Murphy - Stingrays Reece Piper - Stingrays Aiden Quigley - Power I’d invite down to Casey for a tryout and consider the MFC Casey pipeline.
  20. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Best 25 Jetta. Omcd. Lever Salem. Frost. Hibberd Melksham. Viney. Hunt Petracca. tmcd. Brayshaw Gartlett. Hogan. Hannan. Gawn. Oliver. Jones Tyson. Lewis. Vince. Pedersen To move into best 22: Harmes Stretch Anb to Step up in 2018: Weideman Balic J.Smith Maynard That’s 29 within the core team Alot to do -(last chances) 7- Bugg. JKH T Smith. Kent Vandenburg Wagner McKenna Development - 4- M.King Kielty D.Johnstone Filipovic New kids- 4 - Spargo Fritsch Petty Baker

    Great story on MFC Website about young Oskar. Had to overcome adversity. I like his style to take on the game with his pace. Don’t be surprised if the ginger ninja gets a spot in the team in early rounds of 2018.
  22. Excellent call. Each have had challenges. None are the sliders that we may have hoped for. 12 months ago Spargo was top 20 material. Still amazed we skipped Charlie Constable.
  23. 2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    That’s cruel. After no 1st rounders in 2016 and 2017 Draft, we have traded out again of the 1st round in 2018. We have put the chips into Weideman and Lever who cost us 2016-18 1st rounders. History will judge us like the 2007-15 junket of Top 10 & Top 20 picks.
  24. Charlie Constable

    Agree. Amazed. Pick 29 Charlie Constable why? 1/ He is a gun mid. Gets the footy. Good size. 2/ best mates with Brayshaw FFS