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  1. spirit of norm smith

    Guy Walker - any hope

    Guy Walker is a Category B rookie. Not sure of background or any special reason to select. All I know is that he was a grade cricketer. Anyone seen him on the track? First impressions??
  2. spirit of norm smith

    Guy Walker - any hope

    Yes. I think he’s a project like all Cat Bs. I wasn’t sure if he had actually played as he grew up in the UK.
  3. spirit of norm smith

    Players of note 2019

    Petracca to step up and become A grade. May to be the general. Lever to comeback as a premier defender. Garlett to find his mojo. KK to showcase his talent. Preuss and Gawn to dominate and physically intimidate other club ruckmen.
  4. spirit of norm smith

    New major sponsor?

    Amazon anyone? That would be a point of difference. Dees need to think long term about new rising companies of scale. Amazon fits.
  5. spirit of norm smith

    Dream Forward Line

    Try stopping these guys Lyon Schwartz Jurrah Farmer Jakovich Neitz
  6. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Yes 60 players confirmed on MFC and Casey lists. Not sure many of the Casey boys get a run unless we cop injuries. Hope we don’t but get a chance to rotate our youngsters in their first year.
  7. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Most recruits are utility types, midfielders and running defenders. Buxton-Wales is a young ruckman from Vermont. Casey will be a running type side. McCaffrey could be a steal. Former Swans academy player (now 21) with 3 years in Country footy. Strong running mid.
  8. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Interesting to know where Tom Freeman plays in 2019. I was impressed with him in the 4-5 games late in the season. Also Casey could not attract any ex Afl listed players. Thought our Casey alignment showed a pathway back like Corey Wagner showed.
  9. spirit of norm smith


    Clayton Oliver had another A grade year. Must be recognised as one of the games gun midfielders.
  10. spirit of norm smith

    Tim Smith v Cam Pedersen

    Tim Smith is a backup mature body type. Limited skills and agility. Good mark. Injuries have limited his time at MFC so far. Likely 2019 will be his final year.
  11. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Not sure which youngsters are training at Casey. Hope to see Mitch Riordan name being mentioned. Dandy Stingrays and Haileybury College boy who has the Luke Parker type style. Plays to win and he does. Strong and skilled mid. Would have definitely been drafted but injuries killed his year.
  12. spirit of norm smith

    Vote Melbourne's best goal of 2018

    Yes definitely missed out on some good ones especially Kent’s goal for sheer importance. Petracca kicked a few burst goals which I enjoy. I voted for Melksham goal v Hawks in semi final. I was a little nervous when the hawks kicked a few in the last quarter. Melksham’s goal was from 55metres on his wrong foot. WOW! as BT roared out. I felt it nailed the game to put it in our keeping.
  13. spirit of norm smith

    Dees List Envy of Competition

    Remember if you drink your own bath water ... let’s not get too full of ourselves.
  14. spirit of norm smith

    Pert's Plan to Make the Dees an AFL Power

    Saints. Kangas. Bulldogs. Demons. We are in the mid 40s and cannot compete with Pies, Tigers, Hawks, Bombers. We should set 50,000 plus as the 2020 target.
  15. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Casey was in the running for Jarryd Blair for 2019. According to Paul Amy, he will be Port Melbourne bound next season.
  16. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Bradtke is only 17 and just finished school. Did not play TAC Cup or national championship. He will have to carefully managed in 2019 and not have to be the no.1 ruck at Casey. I see him playing more forward.
  17. spirit of norm smith


    Sparrow looked very strong for a young lad. Good strength at the footy. He might play a few games in 2019.
  18. spirit of norm smith

    Inside the top 4 picks video - vomitous

    Watched it and turned off early. It killed brain cells. Big Egos and absolute [censored]$”)rs is a quick description. Why does the afl comms team think this is worthy? Take it down
  19. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Interesting to see which young Dandenong Stingrays or Gippsland Power under 18s turn up at Casey Demons. Plenty seems to be headed elsewhere including Geelong, Box Hill, Essendon, Bulldogs, Werribee & Frankston.
  20. spirit of norm smith


    I’d back in Sparrow to be as good or better than Jez McLennan
  21. spirit of norm smith


    Yes watched the Suns on AFL TV. CRAIG CAMERON IS A TOOL. ARROGANT. Suns have to fix culture and retention issues.
  22. spirit of norm smith

    How Many Wins in 2019?

    15 wins. Perhaps win a few close ones.
  23. spirit of norm smith

    The Darcy Fritsch Thread

    Could easily be twins
  24. spirit of norm smith

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    Let’s keep both feet on the ground
  25. spirit of norm smith

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    Austin is only 17. Year 12 at Haileybury. Not quite mature aged.