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  1. Farewell Jack Watts

    It was like the Truman show. We sign off with Good afternoon, Good evening and Good night. History will judge the decision. How it was all done will also be debated. We wish Jack the very best, as a loyal Demon who will one day be back in some way to the club. Go Dees in 2018
  2. Mature Age Recruits

    Liam Ryan yes yes yes. He wont be a 7-10 year player. Look at 4-5 years and has some sensational moves. Worth a punt at pick 36,47
  3. The Matthew Ling Thread

    Thank you STMJ I have posted in the Petruccelle thread that I prefer Ling at pick 29 if available. He is quick. Skilled. Can really tackle and chase. Fits our requirements for an outside wing, but does possess toughness when needed. Can take the game on. Though Cats have picks 22 & 24 so Ling may not last.
  4. The Jack Petruccelle Thread

    Petruccelle floats in and out. A spasmodic player. He is fast. Sure. BUT turns over the footy too much and misses simple options. We don’t need that. Not a smart footballer. Pass!! Prefer Matthew Ling, Lachie O’Brien or Dylan Moore if they are still available at 29.
  5. 2017 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    29,31,36,47 Aim for Matt Ling, Dylan Moore, Toby Wooller and Hayden McLean
  6. 2017 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Well done Steve, and agree with all except for Petruccelle. He floats in and out and does not work hard enough to run off the ball. Petruccelles disposal is 50/50 at best. Turns it over too much even when no pressure. For a pacy midfielder, yes you are spot on with Ling as he is as quick and classy and tough. Toby Wooller as a 3rd tall forward should be the priority for us at pick 35-36. Great mark. Good kick for goal. General disposal is excellent.
  7. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Jetta must be in. Now one of my favourites. Super competitor.
  8. Billy Hartung

    Hartung for pick 47. Yes. That’s about right
  9. Trade rumours

    Assume we are done. Wonder if any delisted players are on our recycling radar. None jump out at me.
  10. Farewell Jack Watts

    69% of Demonland survey participants wanted him to stay. I would imagine the less passionate non demonlanders would have wanted Jack to stay. Definite majority wanted him to stay. Sad day but history will judge the results. We all want MFC to succeed and Jack will always be a Demon man. Go Dees in 2018.
  11. Mahoney, get away

    Agree. Mahoney has had some wins and losses. At least he gets it done. Has brought in some very good talent as needed. Sure he paid overs for Lever. Sure we got shafted on Watts trade. But given last 4-5 years, think Mahoney deserves to stay on. ( but then again he has been inconsistent, his performance is sometimes lacking and may not adhere to standards!!)
  12. A free hit. He was very good in under 18 year so worth a punt. Could be another forward mid option like ANB & Trac
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    DG , sorry but I need gumboots and a shovel. 2016 Watts was 5th in a Demons B&F with 38 goals and was 6th in 2017 B&F before injury. Last 2 years showed its mids that get the votes but Wattsy stood up. Watch his efforts v blues v cats v Tigers v Magpies v Bombers. Kicked crucial goals and for 5 weeks he Carried the ruck in Gawns absence. Was it training standards or consistency or performance? Watts was very very good for 18 months. Fact. His skill and class won us games. Clearly his injury and form suffered. History will judge the decision.
  14. 2017 Player Reviews: # 4 Jack Watts

    Ditto. Some questioned his ‘consistency’ and then character and then courage and then performance. Ultimately we will miss his versatility, class, skills and goal kicking. Plenty of 6’5 agile types. Never going to be a contested bull like Oliver, Viney or Jones. A team is made up of many types. 2017 JW review in summary ... not enough to withstand Goodwins bite.
  15. Farewell Colin Garland

    No. I spoke to Col in August before the Lions game. Said he was looking forward to 2018. Maybe a throwaway line but not sure it will be a retirement or a ‘suggestion by the coach for list management’. He had a contract for 2018. Col is a great bloke, loyal and gave it 100% despite our lowly positions.
  16. Farewell Colin Garland

    Garland deserves another year. But loyalty and contracts mean nothing.
  17. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    I think the communication from Goodwin to Watts was ‘fuc£<#off’. Another PR disaster. It is not the WHAT, it is the HOW it is done.
  18. Calling all Trolls

    Pill hill
  19. Make Him The New Whipping Boy
  20. Farewell Jack Watts

    Called for an extra shovel given what is being served up here
  21. Farewell Jack Watts

    Wrong call in my opinion. Just an opinion. Continue to put my heart into the Dees as I have done for 40 years. Thank you Jack.
  22. Farewell Jack Watts

    Really. Ever watched a game. Now you question his courage. Move on. Just acknowledge he had many strengths both on and off the field. Goodwin has made a statement which we want applied now to all. Many many now on notice.
  23. Farewell Jack Watts

    Yes draft pick is very poor in a shallow draft but overall we Agree again. We are on a roll.
  24. Farewell Jack Watts

    Agree. I think many others will be having a hard conversation. But confused by setting standards and then allowing others to stay on I can’t see how Kent stays given 5 years of nothing and was disciplined this year. Not even within Watts sphere for talent. I can’t see how Bugg stays. JJ social media. Unbelievable behind the play incident !!!
  25. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    Yes I think Tom MCD turnovers will not be tolerated any more. Had 6 years of it and not improving. Showed ability up forward and of course was a key forward in the under 18s