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  1. spirit of norm smith

    Robbie's Goal of the Century

    Flower is still the best player I have seen. Better than Ablett, Carey, Dangerfield, Buckley. He carried Melbourne with skill and pure footy smarts. Simply the greatest.
  2. spirit of norm smith

    Box Hill Hawks v Casey Demons - Round 20

    23 to Perth. 10 unavailable Assume Pedo & Spargo dropped and Weid & Kent promoted. Traveller Josh Wagner MFC likely. 11 only Johnstone. Pedo. Hannan. Petty. Bugg. Filopovic. McKenna. King. Spargo. Keilty. TSmith casey. 12 White. Hutchins. Gent. Machaya. Lockhart. C.Wagner. Scott. Lok. Stephenson. Stockdale. Munro Freeman (23rd man) weakest team for the year. Not many more in the cavalry !!! Again again Casey killed by injuries and likely straight set demise in finals. Most like Tigers, Cats, Hawks will have min 16-17 listed AFL players ready to go in finals
  3. spirit of norm smith

    2018 AFL National Draft prospects: The next batch

    Definitely there is a chance MFC will look at mature aged VFL players. Lockhart (Casey) Collins (Werribee) Hore (Collingwood) & Corey Wagner (Casey). All will be drafted or rookied
  4. spirit of norm smith

    Sam Weideman

    This is Sam’s time to show his talent. I hope he does
  5. spirit of norm smith

    Sam Weideman

    It’s time its time for Sam Weideman we had hoped for a Hogan & Weideman forward combo but tommy McDonald has taken the second key forward role with hogan out for the rest of 2018, Weideman must step up in these next 2 rounds he is ready. He can be the forward we need give Sam the rev up and set him loose
  6. spirit of norm smith

    What is the point?

    Love it except I never was tempted elsewhere keep the faith
  7. spirit of norm smith

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Update: out for season - Lever Hogan Stretch Maynard Vince likely out for season - Viney Baker Out 1-2weeks J smith out 2-4 weeks Hunt retired Balic 10 men down, but really 3 out of my best 22 (Viney Lever Hogan) so still hope jetta. Omcd. Hibberd salem. Frost. Lewis harmes. Jones. Brayshaw petracca tmcd anb garlett Weideman Fritsch gawn Tyson oliver Melksham jkh Kent Vandenburg Outs Spargo Hunt Pedersen Hogan ins Weideman Kent Hibberd Melksham
  8. spirit of norm smith

    Hogan 2018 season over with foot injury

    Weideman to step up
  9. spirit of norm smith

    The Blowtorch on Jordan Lewis

    Lewis is not the problem. Poor kicking. Poor decision making. Poor goal kicking is not Lewis.
  10. spirit of norm smith

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    Berr Rubbish?! Swans were not better. We lost it. 10.18 is a poor output when we dominated without getting the scoreboard results.
  11. spirit of norm smith

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    Versus a team with 2 players down for 3 quarters. Near enough is not good enough. We had chances even in the last 5 minutes. Not hungry enough.
  12. spirit of norm smith

    Lyon: Dees in 8 by Default

    20 minutes last quarter. 7 points down and we gave nothing. It had to be walking over nails attitude but we were soft again.
  13. spirit of norm smith

    Who is our Forward coach?

    Goal kicking coach is a ex Czech tennis player called Igot Noidea
  14. spirit of norm smith

    Frosty comes in from the cold!

    Frost needed to be played and wasn’t it cost us earlier in the year Frost caught Franklin at least 5 times with a chase. He has the size and pace
  15. spirit of norm smith

    My 3 word player analysis V Swans

    ANOTHER LOST OPPORTUNITY v cats twice, v power, v saints, v swans