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  1. spirit of norm smith

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Definitely give Luke Partington’s manager a call. Just been delisted by Eagles. Hard to crack at behind their outside run group. Talented youngster. Outside runner with excellent skill. East Perth 2018 B&F. Still only just turned 21.
  2. spirit of norm smith

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    It’s just a lottery now match Jason Carter - Freo NGA 55- Kangas Boyd Woodcock 56- Lions James FS 57- Pies. Marty Hore 58- kangas Joel Crocker FS 59- Cats. Oscar Brownless FS match Buku Khamis - Bulldogs NGA 60- Cats. Brett Bewley 61- Eagles Tom Joyce 62- Demons. Toby Bedford NGA
  3. spirit of norm smith

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    I’m afraid Butters is “soft”. It’s not great but in theme (Seriously Butters is very very good. Think Trent Cotchin or Brent Oreilly ex Crows. Highly skilled. Light frame. Always composed and great decision maker. I have him 16-20 so a chance).
  4. spirit of norm smith

    The Bailey Williams Thread

    Agree. I rate Ely Smith as top 20. Others had him in 20s/30s but he is the modern ready to play type. Strong. Quick. Clearance king. Great handball. Kicking is satisfactory but not elite. He gets it and distributed by hand. Not unlike Oliver and they would be two absolute bulls.
  5. spirit of norm smith

    The Bailey Williams Thread

    Twomey is joking. Bailey Williams is definitely top 30. Top 20 for me given size, athleticism, combo as ruck or key forward, and skills. Leap can get him over taller opponents. Definitely be gone by 30. I think we’d have to seriously consider.
  6. spirit of norm smith

    The Daniel Menzel Thread

    It’s a No from me. Good offensive player but chase and tackle is nil. But I trust Goodwin to structure his team. If Goody thinks he’d be a plus, then I’d support him.
  7. spirit of norm smith

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    33- swans used points match Keiran Briggs - Giants 34-Bombers Damon Greaves 35- Lions Fraser Turner 36-Saints Tom Berry 37-Tigers. Conor Idun 38- Swans James Rowbottom 39- Swans Mitch Riordan 40- Swans Jacob Kennerley 41- Pies used points 42- Kangas used points 43- Freo Dillon Oreilly 44-Pies Jacob Koschitzke 45-Bulldogs Campbell Hustwaite 46-Saints Jack Bytel 47-Kangas Will Golds 48-Kangas Sam Fletcher 49- Kangas Chris Jansen 50- Cats Luke Foley 51- Pies Thomas Jok 52-Giants used points 53-Hawks Angus Hanrahan 54- Demons Joe Ayton-Delaney
  8. spirit of norm smith

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    26- swans used points 27- bulldogs used points 28- Demons. Xavier Duursma 29- Suns. Chayce Jones 30- Lions. Connor Mcfayden 31- Freo. Sydney Stack 32- Bulldogs. Luke English
  9. spirit of norm smith

    Phantom Drafts - 2018

    Sorry Swans and Bulldogs will have to lose these picks #26 and #27 to use the points to get Blakey and West
  10. spirit of norm smith

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    It worked with Bailey Fritsch last year. He was undisciplined, crazed and injury prone. Bargain selection at 31.
  11. spirit of norm smith

    The Toby Bedford Thread

    I think Bedford has some injury concerns and discipline issues. Very risk pick for any club to nominate except for the Dees
  12. spirit of norm smith

    The Bailey Williams Thread

    Yes Bailey Williams has had an up and down year. I rate him very highly. Hard to judge his value in the draft as a high potential ruck/fwd type. I think he could be a very very good player and I think he is rated between 10-20 and should likely go to Crows, Tigers or Bulldogs. He would be a good pickup at 23 or 28 if available.
  13. spirit of norm smith

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Tall backs May Frost Omcd Petty Keilty (R) Mid/tall. Lever. Jsmith. Wagner. mid backs Hibberd Salem Lewis small backs. Jetta 12 mid inside Oliver Viney Brayshaw Harmes Jones Maynard (R) mid outside. Kolodjashnij Hunt. Stretch. Baker. 10 Tall fwd. Tmcd. Weideman TSmith (R) mid fwd. Melksham Petracca. Fritsch. ANB. VDHberg. Hannan sml fwds. Spargo. Garlett jkh. 12 ruck. Gawn. Preuss 2 there are many other variations with Petracca ANB able to go into midfield or Brayshaw to go outside mid as required. Salem can go into the midfield. Kolo Baker Hunt can go back as running half backs. We have 8 spots to fill. The key areas for me are 1- more midfield class. You can never have enough (see Pies and Eagles) draft options - Xavier O’Halloran or Tom Mckenzie or Xavier Duursma (at 23 or 28 or both) 2- crumbing forward. (Garlett can step up but we need more goal kickers) draft options - Toby Bedford (pick 54 or 62 likely) Zac Foot or Nick Hind (pick 91, rookie option) 3- tall forwards. Yes we need to build up in case tmcd/Weid have injury or form issues. draft options - Hudson Garoni, Haydn McLean (either at pick 91 or rookie) 4- young ruck. I see a spot for a youngster here to develop at Casey. (Bradtke is on list as Cat B) draft options - Bailey Williams (at #28 if available) , Stephen Cumming (rookie option) 5- small back. Cover for Jetta. draft options - Jay Lockhart or Marty Hore (either at pick 62,91,rookie)
  14. spirit of norm smith

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Crumbing pressure forward. Nick Hind. Excellent year for Essendon vfl team.
  15. spirit of norm smith

    Delisting, Trade and FA discussion 2018

    Depth inside mid - Mav Weller. 1 year contract. Physically ready.