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  1. spirit of norm smith

    Glen Bartlett Post Season Update

    Let’s keep both feet on the ground
  2. spirit of norm smith

    MFC Mature Age Players, Best of 2018 and beyond.

    Austin is only 17. Year 12 at Haileybury. Not quite mature aged.
  3. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Agreed. Casey is full of mid sized utility types. Rawlings will need to push to get a quality ruck into his squad. Dees also need some more depth in key forward position and work with Casey to see if any could be developed for future drafting. Maybe youngsters like Haydn McLean, Josh Smith, Riley Bowman or Hudson Garoni will be looked at by Casey.
  4. spirit of norm smith

    Casey Demons: 2019

    Casey aiming for 15 in the squad. That makes 60 players all up including MFC list. James Freeman Tom Freeman Mitch Gent Mitch Lewis Jay Lockhart Corey Machaya James Munro Corey Stockdale Mitch White Add returning Luke Tynan. Likely another ex AFL player being announced shortly. Plus add 4-5 youngsters.
  5. spirit of norm smith

    Injury List - Season 2019

    Jake Lever is the only player who would be in doubt for a round 1 start. Injuries (lack of) will be critical to a 2019 premiership opportunity. We need our stars to stay fit. That’s why Preuss was brought in. We need a fit Maxy G come September.
  6. spirit of norm smith


    Horrible business if we are already talking about a Petty trade. Lots of reasons to keep beyond 2019.
  7. spirit of norm smith

    The Ox is Excited

    Schwartz is a true believer. The mighty Ox.
  8. spirit of norm smith

    Kids Dees Jumpers

    Call your local Rebel Sports store. Particularly ring during a weekday. Not on Saturday or Sunday. I know Rebel in Prahan has lots of Dees gear but they may have moved it on given season is well past.
  9. spirit of norm smith

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Very strong top 28. This is the measure of a top team to have enough players to rotate through the year and not drop off.
  10. spirit of norm smith

    2019 best 22 and depth chart

    Afl website confirms Demons have one more spot to fill and may do so under SSP. Interesting to see if any extra players train with Dees over the next few weeks.
  11. spirit of norm smith


    Big man looks physically intimidating. Might prove more than just a backup. Gawn will need relief in hopefully a very long year to the end of September.
  12. spirit of norm smith

    2019 Contracts and List Details

    Agree Weid is a priority. He should almost be strangely more assured now Jesse has decided to go home. Get a contract offer early days imo.
  13. spirit of norm smith

    Training Pics - 30th November, 2018

    Good to see the boys using the footy from the 1st week. footy skills still need improving. Weid looks ready to step up. May will be ready to lift us. He may even play forward or back depending on match ups. Viney in the track is a good sign.
  14. spirit of norm smith

    Farewell Dom Tyson

    Rohan Connolly reckons Kangas are top 4 in 2019. Tyson Hall Polec and Pitterd plus youngster Tarryn Thomas reckon to boost team into premiership contention. Connolly suffers from “Premature escalation”!!