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  1. 2018 Membership Thread

    While my opinion means nothing, I agree with you SWYL. The club should know why up 15 members have not resigned. However I sincerely feel the FD doesnt actully care. Footy has become such big business that I feel the community has well and truly been forgotten. You only have to listen to 'footy people' speak to know that. Sitting in the outta with my 90 year old father seeing him weep that day made me realise (not for the first time) that to many supporters football is far more than 'just a game'. Try telling my father 'there is always next year'.
  2. 2018 Membership Thread

    Cant help but feel it would fall on def ears SWYL. But your are right the damage is done.
  3. 2018 Membership Thread

    I renewed, my entire family have not. Rd 23 loss to Collingwood was too much.
  4. Thanks Trenners, all the best.
  5. 2018 - Minimum 16 wins EXPECTED

    HA - I remember Roos saying this, my god how far we are!!
  6. My 3 word end of season player analysis

    Fair summary. Well done Joeboy, looked forward to the analysis every week.
  7. 2017 Post Mortem

    Two things stand out for me. 1) We had a chance to beat our traditional rival to make finals for the first time in 11 years. 2) Essendon are playing finals
  8. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    Every lessons a good one. It's a pattern, fold in high pressure situations. Imagine first final - Sydney in Sydney No thanks..
  9. Jack Billings

    Would be great considering Burnie, Lewis and Jones age.
  10. Changes v Brisbane

    No Change.

    Welcome back Gus!! I love Nev!!
  12. Jack Watts (again)

    Whether he was 1st pick or last, highly scrutinised or never spoken of, I jugde him on his body of work. After 150 games...... Goodnight Irene (Ive always been a huge fan of Jacks)
  13. Jack Watts (again)

    As a Jack Watts advocate, he is becoming harder and harder to defend. Suddenly beginning to wonder if he will ever play a semi consistent 23 games.
  14. My 3 word player analysis V GWS

    Watts - Trade to Adelaide

    We are light years away from top 4.