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  1. Deecisive

    The pre-season supplemental selection period

    another way for the big clubs to snare the players they want
  2. Deecisive

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    field kicking was not overly great either....
  3. i would like to see the dees go back to having two ruckman on the ground one resting in the forward pocket and one on the ball and have them rotate more regularly between these two positions. as both max and preuss can mark the ball and i think preuss may be a better kick than max.
  4. Deecisive


    I really like the look of this guy he holds his ground and palms to his players, one problem I have always seen with Gawn's fantastic ruck work is that he does have trouble with more physical ruckman like grundy who push him off centre. I think Prueuss is a great get. I particularly liked his highlights where he kicked a 60m goal off one step. This guy has talent.
  5. Deecisive

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    time to walk away from the freo negotiations. leave them to chase us if they have something substantial and acceptable to the club. Talk to GCS about how we can facilitate getting May across to the dees without Freo's pick. If freo eventually come back with a decent offer we could spend that on an early draft pick. Personally i am not a great hogan fan, he has enormous potential that he is just not harnessing, he gets lazy around contests and is not a noted chaser or tackler. Yet he has kicked a big bag of goals, so his upside is huge. May is a reasonably good backman i doubt he is going to get much better. so i see we are likely to be the looser out of any deal.
  6. Deecisive

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    What north want to give us draft picks as well?
  7. Deecisive

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    see if tyson wants to go to the GCS and put forward next years 1st round draft pick for May and maybe another 2nd rounder. see if that floats. and if Jessie goes and we get a couple of nice early draft picks, then bonus.
  8. Deecisive


    I like the idea of another tall, we got towelled up by Mason Cox because we had no one tall enough to stand and compete with him. Prius may give us that option. He may also allow us to play Gawny forward a little more, either standing in the goal square or a decoy to worry the opposition's defence.
  9. Deecisive

    Post Match Discussion - Preliminary Final

    a disappointing end to a reasonably good year. I had hoped we could win to then have a show down with Collingwood for the Granny. Unfortunately the A team decided to stay at home. Our poor kicking for goal in the first half did not help. So many passengers, Eagles chipped it around all day long then went long and our guys could not keep their feet or lay proper tackles. Very disappointed that a lot of players just could not get themselves up for today. Time to talk trade, I really dont know if Tyson is worth keeping, too many mistakes and turn overs. Lewis had a mare and a half, turn over after turn over. Max was well held and our midfield in the first half was virtually unsighted. Thankfully the westcoast took their foot off the pedal so we could get a little respectability into an insipid performance.
  10. Deecisive

    Umpires this week

    what a lot of crap, our coach and players are saying they were ok with the free. They were just trying to be nice and not [censored] the powers to be off. the rules were wrongly interpreted and when has someones leg been more important than someones head. Angas got hit high and the umpires called it wrong. needs to clarify this to the men in white that if a player is already on the ground and opposition players trips over him it should not be a free.
  11. Deecisive

    David King thinks Eagles will Belt Us.

    i like the idea of kingy talking up the eagles, keep it up, i would rather they underestimate us, now that they have a couple of their stars back, i want them thinking they have this in the bag, home crowd, home umpires all that sort of thing. We showed we can pants them over there so when we start to hit the score board i want to see them doubt themselves. We may not win by as much as we did last time but i think we have the talent to beat them.
  12. Deecisive

    Post Match Discussion - Semi Final

    a great game, this teams intensity over the last 6 weeks or so has been amazing. Their tackling intensity, backing each other up has been first-rate. Angus had a hard tag on him all night, but when we got the ball into his hands he really propelled us into attack. Trac really needs to fix his kicking, has a lovely long kick but some of his passes just gave the ball back to our opponents. If he can fix that part of his game he will really move up a grade. A lot of players down on form and stats last night, it has been a long 6 weeks or so, week off or not. But we still won well. Another tough win which is great preparation for taking on the weagles next week with their very loud home crowd. Umpiring was not great last night, again good pre for what we can expect against the weagles. I hope the team keeps focused and does not ahead of themselves as we have in the past. One week at a time, and make each one count. Lastly Jetta, Viney, McDonald, Oliver and Gawndog were all truly awesome one again.
  13. Deecisive

    Umpires this week

    we will win this regardless of the umpires.
  14. Deecisive

    Toby Greene's boot stops.

    if he tries to fend off a player by raising his leg, the player should fend of his foot by raising it above his head to protect himself. Then see how well green lands after that.
  15. Deecisive

    Casey Demons v Essendon VFL Preliminary Final

    time for those players who are hoping for a chance to play finals to show their stuff in the hope they can force themselves into the Melbourne team after we beat Hawthorn. Pederson has been doing that, bugg, garlett, jfk, smith etc all have a remote chance to impress or to cover possible injuries