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  1. Hahaha Classic!!!

    This is my mate and I was sitting behind him. Someone else also had a thermos of mulled wine nearby. Carn the Redlegs
  2. Changes v Brisbane

    I thought Wagner did some really good things and made some great decisions, especially in the first quarter. Why no love for him? Must admit I rarely notice his defending being much chop, which I guess is his main job.
  3. My 3 word player analysis V West Coast

    Garlett - obviously was injured...
  4. Post Match Discussion - Round 12

    Kind of agree but don't think think wasn a master stroke. The same thing happened in a few other games. Start tmac in the ruck. He's been awful up forward apart from a cameo against the Crows. At least in the ruck he can use his huge tank to run the other ruckman around.
  5. My 3 word player analysis V Gold Coast

    Absolute rubbish. He was one of few who were solid from the start.
  6. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 10

    Jones Garlett Hibberd Oliver Tyson Harmes
  7. Clarence Oliver

    Clarry is an absolute gun. But why is this thread called "Clarence Oliver"?
  8. Rule change may be to our huge disadvantage

    I disagree this will hurt Max. IMO Max is so good because he can run all day and can take marks all over the ground. Sure, he is a great tap ruckman, but I actually think it is an overrated skill to be frank. Where I think it will hurt us is having so many big-bodied inside mids. We have guys who love the contests created with a ball-up. I think if ball ups are reduced then the balance of mids needs to change to have more who can run and spread and use the ball really well in space.
  9. My 3 word player analysis V Essendon

    Harsh on Hannan and Jetta.
  10. Demonland Player of the Year

    6 Watts 5 Pederson 4 Lewis 3 Trac 2 Jetta - I couldn't love this guy more 1 Viney Oliver amazing again and I've probably been harsh not giving him votes. Victim of his own auccsss maybe. Jones and Dom good at times. Tom Mc could've had an all time game. He's not a terrible kick IMO, just a bad decision maker and overestimates his kicking skills. Today was as bad as I've seen him do this though. Love Hibberd. Haven't lost with Lewis in the team.
  11. The Cam Pedersen Appreciation Thread

    He's a lump, athletic, and fit. Gives his all. Should've been in instead of Weid a long time ago in my opinion.
  12. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 3

    All I wanna say is: jack watts played a hard game. A hard hard game. Nev Jetta is a fukken gun. We are better than the cats and should have won. Looking forwrd to see how we go without the Big Show.
  13. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 2

    I was there live, and I agree he can look good. I was probably a bit harsh in my assessment. When he gets space to run and jump he is a good mark. Lovely kick too. Old style full forward. With a few years to build a tank and muscle, will be a serious player.

    Ridiculous. His leadership and quality decision making on the field has already been fantastic for us. He's an idiot for getting the ban, but 3 weeks is very harsh. If we can get 1-2 good seasons out of him, and learn just a little about what standards a successful club needs to stick to, it will be well worth it. What did we have to give up to get him? Nothing. SFA. Some space in the salary cap, and in 3 years' time, he will free up some more space that can go to our youngsters who will by then be demanding some more coin.
  15. Demonland Player of the Year - Round 2

    6: Jetta - must be one of the most underrated players in the comp 5: T Mac - solid solid solid 4: Jeffy - one of his best games 3: Salem - gun 2: Oliver - wow, he is going to be so good 1: Jones - should still be sole captain Watts was incredibly frustrating. Wish he could mark. Petracca is getting better and better. Just wish he could kick straighter on set shots. Weideman looks so so good when he can get a clean run and jump at the ball. Otherwise, he can look quite awful to be frank. But he'll be fine. Very young.