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  1. 2017 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    I watched Rodney Grinter hand out more than a few 'punishments' over several years. Whilst 'stupid' behaviour, we still loved him and appreciated the intense pressure he applied.
  2. The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    If it wasn't a former MFC champion we wouldn't be having this discussion. The few times I turned them on their inane, childish and uninteresting topics of conversation were interspersed between long segments of advertisements. Having said that, the method of their dismissal was disgusting.
  3. Top 10 Exciting Demons

    One surprising absentee from the list is Jim Stynes. I would think that his revolutionary ruck style, incredible endurance and the number of successive games he strung together, would earn him a place on the list. Of course winning a Brownlow in a landslide would also point to this.
  4. Max Gawn Contract Extension

    An inform Max Gawn gives our midfielders a great chance of gaining clearances from centre bounces, boundary throw ins and ball ups. You don't give up an advantage like this. We don't have many! Sign him up. Quickly!
  5. Best MFC team in last 50 years

    You've picked a great team, Big Carl. For what it's worth my team is as follows: B M Whelan D Hughes S Wight HB B Lovett G Hardeman S Woewodin C R Flower B Wilson S Tingay HF G Lyon D Schwarz L Jurrah F J Farmer D Neitz A Jakovich R J White J Stynes T Viney Int G Wells S Alves A Johnson N Jones E A Yze Ger Healy S Febey B Green
  6. Farewell Jack Watts

    I wonder if the perceived 'poor' pick 31 for Jack Watts might have been influenced just a tad by Jones and significant others coming out and listing his weaknesses? Didn't make any sense to me as a wise strategy at the time. Still doesn't.
  7. 14 pages of comments on Harley Balic is incredible. How many games has he played at Fremantle? Just as well we're not expecting an Ablett or a Dangerfield.
  8. We are a sad lot! With all respect to young Balic, he's hardly a household name at Freo, as indicated by the number of games he's played for them. I look at the players linked to other, more successful clubs, and shake my head in wonder. Apart from Lever - and what a great get he will be, if we get him - we are still not a destination club.
  9. Farewell Jack Watts

    I can't for the life of me understand why Jones, Goodwin and Mahoney would make negative comments about Watts if they intend to get rid of him. It's a bit like putting an ad in the paper if you're selling your car. 'Clutch slipping, engine running on 3 cylinders, brakes dodgy.'
  10. G'day Corowa.
    Wahgunyah here.
    Go the Demons ;-)

  11. Fair enough, MW. Collingwood die-hards might not agree with you. I guess I'm more of a sentimentalist. I'm old. I attended the 1964 grand final. I liked the 'good old days'. But each to his own.
  12. With his name, and I don't mean Sam, would he ever be satisfied or allowed to play with ease at a club other than Collingwood? It just doesn't seem right. My 10 year old grandson is in a similar position, regarding name. His other grandfather played in five winning grand finals for Melbourne. This little bloke gets around with grandfather's number on his Guernsey. I'd hate to think he might play at a club other than Melbourne, should he make the grade
  13. I have no doubt that our recruiters have 'crawled over broken glass' to try to get 'quality' players to MFC, and they might yet do so, though it's starting to look unlikely. The sad truth is that as a team, we offer less chance of on-field success than do nearly all other clubs. Given this we are an unattractive destination that would likely appeal only to those who could be paid well in excess of what they'd get at another club, those who are unlikely to get a regular game at their existing club, or masochists. We have few players who would 'walk in to top sides' to use for trades, and if we traded them we could possibly be worse off. Any good young players we have can be 'poached' by the successful clubs under the guise of free agency after we have developed them. The only likely way to entice a club to part with a 'gun' is to offer ridiculous compensation, such as picks 2 and 3 for one player. Though with our history of disappointing draftees, this might not be so ridiculous. Sylvia & McLean one year, Scully & Trengove another, are just some of our mediocre choices.
  14. Trade Talk on Radio

    With our luck this could very well happen this time next year.
  15. Patrick Dangerfield

    How can 'successful' clubs offer 'big bucks' to 'steal' good players from other clubs? Unless, of course, that these 'big bucks' are in brown paper bags of the kind notoriously associated with dubious politicians. How can the Hawthorns of the competition keep most of their players, when many would be paid only a fraction of what they would get if they went to clubs like MFC? Does on field 'success' provide greater and longer inducement than 'wealth'? Not for the likes of Ablett and Scully and perhaps Franklin. 'Top' clubs don't need to rely on top draft picks, they have a much more reliable system available to them - it's called 'free agency'. All they have to do is sit back and wait for 'weak' clubs to recruit and develop top young talent and then plunder them with offers of providing a winning and successful environment. It is reported that Geelong could get Frawley and Clark to add to Rivers. How would we look with Taylor, Hawkins and Stevie J in our team? And how would Geelong look without them? Free agency? It will destroy many teams and create a two tier competition, if it hasn't already done this. Hawthorn have won 53 of 66 'home and away' matches in the last three years. We have won 10 and lost 56. Is it any wonder that many of us give up in disgust.