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  1. corowa

    Jessie Hogan Trade to Freo

    I agree with you 100%. Why would you trade a 'good', young, big man? What for? Draft picks?? When you have a talent like Hogan you don't discard him for one or even two kids with 'high' potential. Do you remember Cale Morton and Jimmy Toumpas? Early picks, great potential, but failed to excite. Perhaps we could throw in Max Gawn and get another two 'may bes' with potential. Better still, add Oliver and Viney. We could end up with 10 picks in the top 20. And how many would be any good? Going on our history, not many! The grass might be greener, but I'd stick with what we've got - youth, skill, passion, great recent improvement and lots more to come next year.
  2. corowa

    Our supporter stereotype

    I was talking to a mate about the Demons at tennis the other night when one of the opponents butted in and said 'I thought you'd be up at the snow'. When he said he was a Collingwood supporter I asked him if Barwon Prison had let him out on day release to play tennis. He wasn't happy, but I made my point.
  3. I travelled down from Corowa (southern NSW) at the age of 17 on the morning of the GF. We had won 5 grand finals in my 10 years as a Dees supporter, so I was brashly confident. Not so confident late in the last quarter when Collingwood hit the front. A great trip back home - the three hours passed quickly. I'm now 71 and no way would I have ever thought that we'd be 54 years from our 1964 win and still without another premiership. I guess I'm blessed to have seen us win one. But I would love another!
  4. corowa

    Go and get Gaff!

    I was at Princes Park the day that dirty mongrel, Leigh Matthews, king hit Stephen Smith. He woke up in the dressing room some minutes later, minus several teeth. And people speak of Matthews as a super hero. Hero, my ar.....m pit! He deserved to be charged for assault and suffered the ignominy of being found guilty (before getting off on appeal). To argue that violence on the field that would see you before the court and facing gaol time if done on the street, is not subject to the laws of the land is astounding. What if a player actually died? Having said that, I'd still welcome Gaff at MFC if we could get him. Do the crime, do the time. Forgive and forget. We have our own skeletons in the closet. I still love Rod Grinter, who took fisticuffs to a much higher level, though I don't condone his level of aggression.
  5. corowa

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    I was 17 when I saw us win our Grand Final in 1964. I didn't think I'd reach 71 without us winning another!
  6. corowa

    The Marc Murphy Thread

    Carlton owe us - and big time. They got Ron Barassi, Greg Wells & Earl Spalding . We got Vin Catoggio and a couple of 'could be's' who quickly showed they were 'won't be's'. We don't need broken down 29 year olds. Aim high - we're a club of destination - chase the big names who are in their prime.
  7. corowa

    Top Red Headed Demons

    Keith (Bluey) Truscott Stuart Spencer
  8. corowa

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Cricket does not now get the TV coverage that it once received. I can remember seeing regular reports and even live coverage of Sheffield Shield matches. This doesn't happen now. How many of us could name the best players in each State team, or which ones are pushing for national selection? And when less cricket is shown live on TV interest in the game will dwindle considerably. Recent on field bloopers and general boorish sledging do little to enhance the once popular sport.
  9. corowa

    The Ed Langdon Thread

    What a huge difference a few wins makes. Add increased skills and a much more positive supporter confidence and you've got, for the first time in years, a 'destination' club. We can attract 'top' players, the likes of Gaff and Sloane who would slot straight into the team. Gone are the days of hoping we can 'jag' a couple of 'depth' players at other clubs who might, but probably won't, cut the mustard. We are joining the Geelongs and Hawthorns who couldn't care less about the annual draft and who have simply waited for 'lesser' clubs to develop young talent before plundering them. How sweet it is!
  10. corowa

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    Obviously Adelaide don't have a memory as long as mine. The mongrels pinched Scott Thompson when he was just hitting his straps with us. No suggestions from them that he was a traitor for leaving us. And I wonder what they think about Gibbs going to them from Carlton.
  11. corowa

    Changes vs Bulldogs

    Knowing that if they're playing well at Casey they will get their chance. There's bound to be injuries or loss of form. Hawthorn, Geelong and other 'successful' teams seem to be able to keep 'fringe' players. Part of a successful club culture I guess.
  12. corowa

    2017 Player Reviews: # 32 Tomas Bugg

    I watched Rodney Grinter hand out more than a few 'punishments' over several years. Whilst 'stupid' behaviour, we still loved him and appreciated the intense pressure he applied.
  13. corowa

    The Ox and Marko sacked by SEN

    If it wasn't a former MFC champion we wouldn't be having this discussion. The few times I turned them on their inane, childish and uninteresting topics of conversation were interspersed between long segments of advertisements. Having said that, the method of their dismissal was disgusting.
  14. corowa

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    One surprising absentee from the list is Jim Stynes. I would think that his revolutionary ruck style, incredible endurance and the number of successive games he strung together, would earn him a place on the list. Of course winning a Brownlow in a landslide would also point to this.
  15. corowa

    Max Gawn Contract Extension

    An inform Max Gawn gives our midfielders a great chance of gaining clearances from centre bounces, boundary throw ins and ball ups. You don't give up an advantage like this. We don't have many! Sign him up. Quickly!