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  1. mikeydemon


    Reports of overturned Range Rovers all through Melbournes inner east. The celebrations have begun!
  2. mikeydemon

    Round 12: Non-MFC games

  3. mikeydemon

    FA & Trade Whispers

    Witts trades from Collingwood to GCS for pick 44 and 62 Perhaps Dunn and a later pick to Collingwood for pick 44?
  4. mikeydemon

    Simon Goodwin era starts today

    So are we gonna be the hardest team to play against in the AFL?
  5. mikeydemon

    AFL Finals Week 1 - 2016

    If the Dee's can just clone Bontempelli, Dalhaus and Daniel I think we'd be a real shot at a premiership
  6. mikeydemon

    16 a side.... is it the future

    I'm for leaving the game alone for a while. However if 16 aside did happen, surely it would work best with each team getting rid of a forward pocket and a back pocket? No wings would just leave a giant space on grounds like the MCG. Less people in the forward 50 should mean better delivery inside with still the same amount of midfielders to deliver the ball.
  7. mikeydemon


    Those 4 and then Gawn to get every rebound and we'd have a pretty good team! Lets get them practising their dunks in the off season
  8. mikeydemon

    Finals 2016

    Still get the feeling North will put everything into their last game (can't see them beating Sydney) and get up against the Giants. It doesn't help that we play first in round 23 and if we get up against the Cats, North will know their season all comes down to one game. But if Leicester can win the premier league, anything is possible.
  9. mikeydemon


    His first game against them was pretty good
  10. mikeydemon

    All aboard the Oliver Express

    Max Gawn purely for his comedy
  11. mikeydemon

    Around the League Round 8

    Swans tigers was an incredible finish!!!
  12. mikeydemon

    Around the League Round 8

    How did we lose to essendon?
  13. mikeydemon

    Petracca to debut v St Kilda

    She knows her place. Dees future midfield comes first
  14. mikeydemon

    Petracca to debut v St Kilda

    Thought about Gawn, Viney, Oliver and Petracca in a centre bounce together and now I need to change my underpants
  15. mikeydemon

    Vanders boy

    Went to Primary School with Todd. He suffered a broken leg at aged 5 which seemed to hamper his running style a lot for a long time which meant he lacked a few metres of speed right through juniors. Haven't seen him, or seen him play in a few years but as a junior he took a while to develop. He always played as a tall key forward even though he was around average height. He was a great mark for his size but his lack of pace and endurance meant he couldn't make it as a midfielder and his lack of height meant he couldn't become a key position player which is why he missed out on getting into a TAC cup team. Since then he's developed a lot and now has the height and size to play that second or third key forward/back. He could come along over the next few years and perhaps have a crack at being a mature aged recruit but IMO doesn't quite have enough traits to make it as an AFL player.