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  1. Boys enjoying themselves in Bali

    Or dancing
  2. Boys enjoying themselves in Bali

    Hope they weren't smoking
  3. Good Win? ... I don't know...

    Wow, great article. I would have thought PJ was the leader, but you're right we don't hear much from the him, now we are past crisis mode. Send your post to the club please
  4. Trade rumours

    I want to win a flag AND keep max and jack
  5. Trade rumours

    I think I'll choose to believe this version of events
  6. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    And all the emails to the club- my mother did so yesterday expressing the supporters need to hear from coach/ceo/president, in order for hurting supporters to move on from 2017. Closure I think it is called
  7. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    But doesn't it say on the post box "post by 6pm for next day delivery in capital cities"? ive been working by that for a decade or 2
  8. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    I'm sure yours will be arriving any day now. What's the deal with Aust post? When did next day delivery stop being a thing?
  9. Melbourne's Communication and Online

    No, got mine today
  10. Nathan Jones Media Conference

    I just watched the press conference. My angst is alleviated somewhat, jones is a class act, there is no doubting his sincerity and investment. The email from the club is good in its honesty re saturday's effort, but begs the question, WHY were the intensity and effort not there? Jones also admitted the criticism of their first quarter effort was 100% warranted, and here I believe he wants to separate the players from the playing group, and for the players to take the blame alone. The coaches did not encourage the poor effort at the start, it was the playing group that did not execute the coaches message. my question is what to do? Is it the coaches failing for not having the playing group in the correct mindset? Or are the on field leaders to blame? ive gone from despising wce overnight, to admiring them. Once we lost they had an opportunity and they took it with determination and guts. Well done! we seem to be the only club that can't find motivation when we need it. It should be instinctive at this level. I don't get it.
  11. Round 23 Non MFC Games

    WCE players still get paid this week too, other teams find motivation. Our teams lack of it is a cruel mystery
  12. Post Match Discussion - Round 23

    I'm also still pretty angry. I even dreamt last night about the Adelaide wce game today. How sad is that? meanwhile the flag out the front is at half mast, my husband lowered it in anticipation of my mood upon returning from the game!
  13. Umpiring of MFC games very questionable

    I agree with this 100%, Rjay, but also the umpiring inconsistency is infuriating. On the Monday they come out and can justify every free kick awarded, but it is the free kicks that are missed that are the problem. Oscar's 60 cm 'throw' in the 3rd quarter I think, was pinged, but the other 30 odd throws yesterday were not picked up. Etc etc, holding the ball decisions , once they set the tone by paying a holding the ball, they need to then apply the same standard throughout the game to both sides. This rarely happens, and is exemplified by that ridiculous free from 100 metres off the ball awarded to Brisbane by that idiot Razor Ray.