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  1. If he does, his wit is well and truly disguised
  2. Essendon supporters talking the flag next year, give them any success and their inbred arrogance fills the airwaves. cant stand them
  3. Our stars shine
  4. Bad luck Tex
  5. I'm not comfortable yet.
  6. Why don't our 'stars' shine ? Well done bugg btw
  7. Nothing's changed
  8. Just got home after getting most of the post match post mortem done at a bar in the G. The thing I still don't get, is why we can play 2 halves of football that are so radically different from each other. What happened at halftime to make us hit targets, run harder and find space? If it was simply Jayden hunt going forward, why didn't that move happen earlier? I'm just a fan, a ridiculously over invested fan, and I don't get it. Can someone explain? Also, like the rest of you, I'm so utterly sick of losing. Looking at the ladder tonight is utterly depressing. Only consolation is that Essendon lost. Can't stand the hawks supporters. Smug.
  9. On this basis Salem's in for a shocker too
  10. I was talking to a lapsed member last night, told him we are nearly at 40K, hopefully he will do as he promised and sign himself and his 2 daughters up this morning.
  11. Happy, happy, happy! Been working all day and deliberately avoided the score, too nervous. What an awesome surprise! The flag is back up!
  12. 50 50 in the members, fantastic atmosphere.
  13. Sums up my feelings too. We had American friends with us at their first ever afl game, they were perplexed after the 3rd quarter, - why did the Dees stop their intensity? Hope the the players fell this loss badly. And had nothing to do with those out, the team today let themselves lose. unimpressed.
  14. I"liked" this post, until I read the small print, that is
  15. Not in the slightest