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    Ollie Wines

    I think this topic has been started else where, but I still would love Ollie Wines in the red and blue at the end of 2018. I know most would prefer a Sloane or Gaff type, but I still froth at the thought of Wines, Viney and Oliver in the guts throwing there weight around. P.J said last week on the podcast we still have room for a decent player/ F.A
  2. Big call a few on here maybe angry with this but we just are not good or most importantly HUNGRY enough for it. When these players/so called leader grow a real and proper Backbone we may see some at long last change at the MFC. I’m tired of this club been constantly bullied by the likes of Hawthorn for decades and we never seem to do anything about it...?? All this talk of sacking Goodwin, is silly at this stage, how many more coaches can we go through? Honestly our so called Leaders need to decide what to do to properly change this Culture. PJ is doing his off the field now the players must. Until we change properly membership will only increase at snails pace because of the actions of these players on the field. Go Dees
  3. How many are you referring too?
  4. We aren’t Sydney.... nor do we have the quality of there players
  5. One thing your forgetting is these sides have good players.... we don’t have enough sadly
  6. Truth hurts ey? The proof is in the pudding. Something drastically has to change in 19 rounds and it’s hard to see.
  7. Honestly this club continues to be hard yakka I would love to see a strong well driven team that teams fear and hate due to success..... however I think I’ll never see it and beginning to lose interest in all the hard work that has been done to become relevant. This side always finds a way to put a dagger through our hearts. I’m beginning to question our depth?
  8. Anyone with any info on his foot? Could he miss the rest of 2018 if he can’t get it right by round 3 or 4? Hope not I feel 2018 in jeopardy?
  9. deefella

    Mentally Fatigued by Our Own Club

    How many more disappointments can we have before the penny drops and the side decides to be fair dinkum Like Geelong did back in 2006??
  10. deefella

    Mentally Fatigued by Our Own Club

    The worst Part is it’s only Rnd 1 and I’m feeling uneasy about the year ahead... depressing stuff look for to 2019.... oh wait we have being saying this since 1964
  11. deefella

    Sponsorship Problem?

    Just wanting to know what the go is in regard to major sponsorship? We seem to struggle to hold on to sponsors for sustained periods, AHG appear to have parted ways? Are we on the look for another major sponsor a bit concerning?
  12. deefella

    Round 1 Non MFC games

    Will Bruce Mac please either resign or be sacked, his is well and truly past it. Cringeworthy calling
  13. deefella

    Any Chance Jake Spencer back to MFC as Rookie?

    I would be very surprised if he got another chance at another club. 28 with only something like 38 games since 2009 and with very limited talent in a very poor period at the club. Pass AFL career looks over.
  14. The Importance of this guy is huge in our side with out a doubt. After last night and both the Freo and Geelong games it is clear that his calmness and leadership when the opposition comes hard is bigger than we think. Not insinuating that no Lewis no Melbourne or Lewis the messiah, but his leadership under pressure and when other teams press hard is going to be vital for The Hunts, Olivers and Petraccas and their careers. The best part is Lewis doesn't need 30 possessions a week just his expertise and footy professionalism at the contest is super for our club. Can't wait for his return. On a side note Michael Hibberd was a sight for sore eyes last night brilliance kicking out of defence was mouth watering.
  15. deefella

    Farewell Jack Watts

    I just hope GNF the club will go hard again at the trade table?
  16. deefella

    Farewell Jack Watts

    Surely he has some value even at least for a half decent player
  17. deefella

    Time to trade aggressively

    Agreed 110%, more small menacing pressure forwards and another classy mid is a must plus Jake Lever. Hopefully a much healthier list and a healthier return of key players and Vandenberg/Brayshaw will help us next season.
  18. deefella

    Trade rumours

    No mention of us with Impey seen his highlights reel quick seems good at tackling worth a look
  19. As a demon tragic I wish both sides the best tomorrow enjoy all the hype and bask in the glory.... however tonight as I see Tigers fans hanging in hope for the ultimate glory I'm feeling upset deep down. Really tired of no finals like the rest of you, just dying for the dees to become talk of the town for the right reasons. Seeing this finals series makes myself upset and angry about our failure to be more hungry to make finals and have a sustainable period of success and hopefully the ultimate prize. i hope the club makes the necessary changes to help push us harder and faster toward being top club, the oppositions fear playing.
  20. deefella

    Feeling low but starving for Success

    Congratulated her was happy for her but put on a brave face. Was hard having to watch them celebrate with the cup afterwards. Surprised she didn't cry? If it was us I would of had tears as the club has put us through more than enough pain lately. Gee I hope we have our day in the sun.Glad the season is over now hopefully we can better our list for next season and the players work on desire and playing with passion for longer periods. Would like to thank the players who will be departing in a couple of weeks and warmly welcome the new additions. Amen
  21. deefella

    Trade rumours

    Jarman Impey?
  22. deefella

    Feeling low but starving for Success

    I'll put on a brave face.... it's going to be tough one. Us Dees fans deserve a medal, we are resilient group even if we bag our club
  23. deefella

    Feeling low but starving for Success

    Hardest part the misses is Tigers diehard and if they win it will sting hard to the point I want cry my heart out.....maybe I take it too seriously but I'm tired of living in hope and failure.
  24. deefella

    Feeling low but starving for Success

    This time tomorrow night after seeing the winning side receive there medals and cup I'll be shattered. Another failed season without success. I guess I'll just keep drinking and hoping that one day the pain will be over
  25. deefella

    Trade rumours

    How do you know what we would get? The club may have a very good deal they are working on, I would love to see a player rather than a draft pick unless we can on trade for a quality player