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  1. Like the rest of us here’s to hoping that May, can help curb big forwards like Hawkins, Brown, Kennedy/ Darling kicking big bags against us
  2. deefella

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Just Catching up on it all, why is everything so quiet on the Pruess and Kolodjashnij front?? Not a word? Let alone Hogan/May?
  3. deefella

    Travis Colyer

    Been reported and some talk the we are keeping a close eye on him? Swap with Dom Tyson??
  4. I thought it was reported we couldn’t afford Jesse and May or do we not have the picks probs more so to satisfy GC?
  5. So we could afford May and Jesse if he decides to stay?
  6. May was born 10/1/92 27 in Jan 2019 he will really meant to becoming into his prime we could potentially get 4-5 good years out of him( if we lucky another year). It’s not like he is 29/30 with only a couple of years to go
  7. deefella

    Josh Mahoney - Trade Radio 2/10/18

    The Big questions are assuming: IN: May, Kolodjashnij, Pruess OUT: Hogan, VandenBerg, Kent, Tyson, Pedersen, Bugg, Mackena, King, Filipovic, Balic, Vince I Know we will Probably be getting more draft picks given the delisted players and retirements, but if feel we still need and decent seasoned players?
  8. I thought Suns said today they will keep May unless someone pays big overs??? Fill me please?
  9. deefella

    Burgo finishing up with the Dees

    No big loss to the club but best of luck elsewhere???
  10. deefella

    Dylan Shiel

    Would Love this guy on our List any chance of Sheil, May and Pruess all in red and blue next year??
  11. I know this Kind of Thread pops up all the time but, who should we target should Gaff stay in Perth? McGovern, Dahlhaus, Hannebery? I’m sure we will be targeting some fast mids/ forwards to help us out?
  12. Slobbo in the HS writing he thinks we will be scarred from this loss....
  13. deefella

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    Stating the obvious, but will be Interesting to see who comes in as we already have Lost Vince and Balic?? With the likes of Bugg, Filipovic and Pedersen departing too? Pruess appears ours potentially May, but I hope we land some speedy mids/forwards?
  14. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    I’m just taking this Finals stuff one week at a time, but I cannot help but get a little emotional/ Happy about all this. Thoughts and dreams about just hopefully our time is coming and about us rejoiceing in hopefully a drought breaker together. Never had this feeling before at all in my sort life barracking for the Dees... here’s to hoping something maybe brewing very soon!
  15. The Importance of this guy is huge in our side with out a doubt. After last night and both the Freo and Geelong games it is clear that his calmness and leadership when the opposition comes hard is bigger than we think. Not insinuating that no Lewis no Melbourne or Lewis the messiah, but his leadership under pressure and when other teams press hard is going to be vital for The Hunts, Olivers and Petraccas and their careers. The best part is Lewis doesn't need 30 possessions a week just his expertise and footy professionalism at the contest is super for our club. Can't wait for his return. On a side note Michael Hibberd was a sight for sore eyes last night brilliance kicking out of defence was mouth watering.
  16. Just watched a sniper of his post match interview “ hoping we have 4 more games to go” and the look of eagerness is to hoping bigger things on horizon either this year or years to come
  17. deefella

    Changes v Geelong - Elimination Final

    How about Garlett, this bloke loves big games, yeah his last wasn’t his best but he could be handy
  18. deefella

    The Darlings of the Trade Period

    On a side note however far we may go in September remains to be seen but will this help with in particular FA or players wanting to move on???
  19. deefella

    Go and get Gaff!

    At the end of the day he doesn’t have to go to North. He can either stay at WCE go to North or come to us? If he leaves to go to Kangas he is only in it for the $$$
  20. deefella

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Wish we could have got Devon Smith
  21. deefella

    Go and get Gaff!

    Do we back track and aim for Hannebery, had a cracker?
  22. deefella

    Who do we realistically target for a trade?

    Maybe a Ruckman and another forward would be ideal
  23. deefella

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    This raw after today but, sat near this Swans fan that was so smug and arrogant all he did was bag our players, our supporters and and thought the umpires gave Sydney the rough end of the stick. Every time Buddy and Aliir got the ball he was calling them absolute champions Like Geelong I’m tired like all of us losing to this mob. Frustrated now having a beer Come On Dees