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  1. Changes v Brisbane

    Tom Bugg? Suspension up?
  2. A Time to vent about this Club!

    Means jack really it's about a successful culture ala Geelong, Hawthorn, Sydney that wins flags and finals. If we are going to continue on like how we are what's the point really? i like others want the club to stand for something foreignly different.... successful not a regular laughing stock
  3. A Time to vent about this Club!

    Gee I really hope this rebuild doesn't fail, 3 rebuilds in 10 years is unheard of? This surely has to be our last one? Otherwise shut up shop stop wasting our time and money and let the AFL bring in a new franchise side. Its not Rocket Science Melbourne
  4. A Time to vent about this Club!

    There's some players there with serious question marks on skill- Hannan, stretch, harmes, Neal Bullen, McDonald
  5. A Time to vent about this Club!

    Just really tired of hearing:" young side in the comp, exciting times ahead, remain positive, impressive wins etc ect blah blah blah. Yawn. At the end of the day it means nothing if you can't do it consistently. The point is the MFC make it look like a marathon and harder than what it should be. Other sides get there a lot quicker...... not to mention our snails pace memberships. ill do my best to barrack and go to games but if the club shut up shop the safest part is I would be at peace with it and probs not too disappointed.
  6. As a deep down passionate member/supporter this club is wearing myself out. im sure many of you have seen many more years of false dawns and poor culture at the MFC, which hasn't have been fun, but it's become harder and harder to go/watch football. Sometimes I just want to cry as to why we have stunk so bad over the Last decade and continue to honestly do so. Not too mention the last 53 years. I just can't see the MFC ever being a hard team to play against at all, I feel way overloaded with losing and failure. How hard is it to create a strong culture the only demands success??? It can't be rocket science??? May sound over the top, but if the MFC continue to do what it is currently doing and never properly thrive I wish they would just close there doors I'll hand my memberships back and walk away from the AFL. Just so I can get on with life and not have the weekends ruined by trash. Rant over.... I will peace out
  7. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Food for thought, all this discussion re: Injuries, if Richmond had a similar stretch of run with injuries to us would the be in the 4 let alone the 8?? Had the lost key personal for reasonable stretches of the season would they be where they are????.... I tend to think not. If They Lost Cotchin, Martin, Rance, Nankervis, say Houli would they be exploited???........I Tend to think so.
  8. Really itching/would love to have another crack at Richmond this year. It's probs because my misses follows them and like many of them they fancy themselves this year, Dusty and Brownlow talk too. I reckon we can give them a good run for the money again.
  9. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Just another player with damaging killer instinct plz
  10. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Dusty Martin buddy up with Petracca would be mouth watering..... a bridge too much and far though
  11. List Structure: What do we actually need?

    Another Forward to create more headaches and probably 1 classy midfielder
  12. Round 13 - Non MFC games

    CBF, I switched off in the first 5 minutes to put a DVD
  13. Round 13 - Non MFC games

    Just feel like a rant, but I'm really over the Cats just in general. Give them credit with their drought breaking flag in 2007 and follow up flags in 2009 and 2011, but now just over that club. The arrogance of Danger, Selwood and Hawkins drives me nuts plus a whinger of a coach. Sick of the AFL bending over backwards for this club and all there prime time viewing they get, one could argue there Geelong supporter media influence could contribute. i really hope we rise quickly and start bullying them for a long time to come. rant over.
  14. Jack Gunston

    Agree, he is a clever forward who knows how to snag a few big ones and has some good leg speed
  15. Jack Gunston

    I know it's early we should be just focusing on wins, but some on here are hoping we look at Sam Reid as another tall forward. How about Jack Gunston his form this year has been that crash hot but he is another creative forward who looks more dangerous than Reid does. When he is on he can regularly kick a few kicked 5 on the weekend?