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  1. deefella

    Go and get Gaff!

    At the end of the day he doesn’t have to go to North. He can either stay at WCE go to North or come to us? If he leaves to go to Kangas he is only in it for the $$$
  2. deefella

    Round 22 Non MFC Games

    Wish we could have got Devon Smith
  3. deefella

    Go and get Gaff!

    Do we back track and aim for Hannebery, had a cracker?
  4. Maybe a Ruckman and another forward would be ideal
  5. deefella

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Great you guys should employ the next coach another untried one last time I checked there aren’t many on the market. Another rebuild doesn’t portray a good image to fans, sponsors, players, etc. its the last thing we need, if I recall most of our listed players like Gus, Clarry, Trac etc say the all love there coaches, just leave them to it
  6. deefella

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    And replace him with who??!?
  7. deefella

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    Right so another game plan for these guys to learn and adapt all over again?? Just what the club needs how many coaches in 10 years
  8. deefella

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    This guy just never gave it a rest even with there success they have had as a fan it just rubs salt in the wound, I pretty sure most opposition clubs fan hate other sides fans
  9. deefella

    Has Nicholls ever paid us a free?

    [censored] I wish some could take him out
  10. deefella

    Arrogant Swans Fans

    This raw after today but, sat near this Swans fan that was so smug and arrogant all he did was bag our players, our supporters and and thought the umpires gave Sydney the rough end of the stick. Every time Buddy and Aliir got the ball he was calling them absolute champions Like Geelong I’m tired like all of us losing to this mob. Frustrated now having a beer Come On Dees
  11. deefella

    Dayne Beams

    Wonder if Gary Pert, May have a chat with him...?
  12. deefella

    Dayne Beams

    Should Gaff fall through this bloke would be a great addition age may be a turn off but this guys plays with hardness and class. Thoughts?
  13. deefella

    Go and get Gaff!

    I thought it was meant to be Andrew Brayshaw meeting Gaff?? Was stated in the Herald Sun??
  14. deefella

    Changes vs Sydney

    Just said on 9 news Hannebery and Rohan are available this week eep
  15. deefella

    Harley Balic Retires

    It’s a bummer was looking to hopefully seeing his skill, but he has to do what is best for him, I suspect he may have some deep off field issues? It would explain why he hasn’t been in the Casey team the last 3 weeks?