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  1. deefella

    Why success is improvement

    Really????? If we fail to make the 8 AGAIN we simply are overrated. It’s Finals or bust
  2. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    Can’t pencil in any game mate we very likely to crumble again
  3. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    We just choked bad
  4. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    But it’s true this club continues to tease us into believing we are on the right path and there is a supposed so called “Something special happening at the MFC I call Bull we still can’t be trusted
  5. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    We can still miss the 8 that’s my red hot tip
  6. deefella

    Post Match Discussion - Round 14

    As I have been saying we are now cactus. I cannot believe people thought we could make finals? We are so over-rated and I cannot believe this mob believes there is something special happening at the MFC, 2019 and maybe onwards?
  7. deefella

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    Exactly, aren’t we all tried of hearing the terms “ a lot of work to do and long way to go”. This stuff has been said since Dean Bailey days and seems that we have made little progress, the club still appears to be in some form of shambles. Watch us capitulate bad after the Darwin game.
  8. deefella

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    Love your way out optimism
  9. deefella

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    There still seems a bad smell about the rest of the season with the club 😟
  10. deefella

    MFC Cactus for the rest of 2018

    The writing is on the wall failed to beat 4 top 8 sides this year bad, plus our form is begging to spiral south fast. The signs of this fade out were there against the dogs go figure
  11. I will stand by my post earlier in the year we still will not make finals again. Again we have crucial Injuries to key personal, the stars again seem not to be aligning for us.... just like since 1964. Another silly Darwin game in smack bang in the middle of Winter will kill us more than we think. I smell another burnt out like last year and in 2016. I can’t see us winning many games to finish off the year. Its astonishing, how a club can stuff up so much and continue to be laughing stock. Until this club decides like Geelong did in 2007 to mean something and change, its the MFC of old.
  12. deefella

    Ollie Wines

    I think this topic has been started else where, but I still would love Ollie Wines in the red and blue at the end of 2018. I know most would prefer a Sloane or Gaff type, but I still froth at the thought of Wines, Viney and Oliver in the guts throwing there weight around. P.J said last week on the podcast we still have room for a decent player/ F.A
  13. How many are you referring too?
  14. We aren’t Sydney.... nor do we have the quality of there players
  15. One thing your forgetting is these sides have good players.... we don’t have enough sadly