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  1. How many are you referring too?
  2. We aren’t Sydney.... nor do we have the quality of there players
  3. One thing your forgetting is these sides have good players.... we don’t have enough sadly
  4. Truth hurts ey? The proof is in the pudding. Something drastically has to change in 19 rounds and it’s hard to see.
  5. Big call a few on here maybe angry with this but we just are not good or most importantly HUNGRY enough for it. When these players/so called leader grow a real and proper Backbone we may see some at long last change at the MFC. I’m tired of this club been constantly bullied by the likes of Hawthorn for decades and we never seem to do anything about it...?? All this talk of sacking Goodwin, is silly at this stage, how many more coaches can we go through? Honestly our so called Leaders need to decide what to do to properly change this Culture. PJ is doing his off the field now the players must. Until we change properly membership will only increase at snails pace because of the actions of these players on the field. Go Dees