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  1. TO be fair to posters ripping into him, handballing to a man who gets gang tackled is still an effective disposal.
  2. League Leaders clangers per game Dom is in good company.
  3. A lot of UFC fighters are now taking longer and longer layoffs after being knocked out, with some citing that coming back too soon they find themselves more susceptible to being knocked out again. As much as I dont like it for his development, maybe Gus would see some benefit to hanging up the boots for the year and just sticking to training.
  4. ANy chance of someone standing within 5 meters of dusty? 3 Weeks in a row.
  5. Great deal by NB. Love their runners, only place making 4E runners to fit my fat feet in! Pity they don't do 4E basketball shoes
  6. WADA announced they would appeal the AFL's Kangaroo court?
  7. They do have a browser on iOS, not sure if it has the VPN functionality though.
  8. Might be worth trying the browser Opera before forking out for one if it's just for WatchAFL. It has a free built-in VPN, though I'm not sure if they have end points in Australia
  9. Still a pretty low start. After the competition blows up in year one, I expect a lot of the athletes will be thrilled to receive a large pay rise for season 2018.
  10. Trac to have a breakout game late in the season, then have a blinder every single week until the end of the year.
  11. I don't think Jack Viney will let the boys won't finish the year wondering what could have been. They'll throw everything at the next two weeks.
  12. Agreed. It's sad that most aren't even suprised by this behaviour from "journalists now" Not to mention the documented links between concussion and depression. Whatever the case, all the best to H, can't wait to see him back out on the pitch in the red and blue
  13. Yeah, watching the replay now im home it doesnt look as bad as I initially thought. Still what a champ he is.
  14. We're going to hear a bit about it over the next few days. Some will love it, some will loathe it. He might get weeks for it. But no more are we the whipping boys of the competition. There was no hesitation, Jack Viney went in for his mate, something few of our players have been willing to do for the better part of 10 years.
  15. Booing cheaters is disgraceful? You're right, maybe we should all get behind Sheeds and march in support of it instead. What exactly are the players "innocent" of? They have been found guilty by the court of arbitration for sport of being drug cheats. They are only "innocent" in the same way we are "innocent" of tanking, in that we absolutely tanked, and were just lucky enough that the AFL's kangaroo court wasn't questioned on that occasion. It truly boggles the mind to see the rainbows and unicorns world some "adult's" live in.