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  1. It's funny how quickly the medias view on teams can change. After the Egales game we were flag favourets, the next week after one weekend of a lost, suspension and drinking ban we are off the rails.
  2. Let smash Moore defensively like Collingwood did to Watts on his first game!!
  3. I can see this being a very close game as there is a lot on the line for both teams. If we get Spencer back in the ruck I will feel a lot more confidant going into the game. Hopfully we get the chocolates
  4. We were still in the chase for the finals up until the last 2 rounds of the season last year. I think we are a much better side this year, apart from the Geelong lose when we lost Gawn in the second quarter and kicked 19 points the most we have lost by is 2 Goals. We have lost two of our best key position players and we're still finding a way to win games. Considering we are only one game out of the top 8 with out Gawn and Hogan, I think we deffenitly have chance to make the finals.
  5. We are deffenlty trying to have a crack at final this season if we are bring Gwan back this early. If it was a couple of years ago this injury would have been season ending.
  6. This what I miss about going to a game at the MCG. It's like that at Subiaco Ovel in Perth. They love to pick on you when your wearing a Dees jumper and they're smashing you put as soon as the shoe is on the other foot they can't handle it.
  7. I wish him all the best and a speedy recovery.
  8. I'm loving Goodies creativity. His an inovater
  9. We need Gwan back bad!
  10. Poor guy, he just wants to catch up with his mates back home and have a few beers and a couple of smokes at a festival. He is 21 you know. Partying Never stoped Cusins from being a superstar footballer.
  11. Is this guy any good?
  12. It would have been boring to watch if we won it easily. We would have rolled over in the third and lost that game last year so good on the boys to keep at it and come away with a win.
  13. Good to see we are finally using the hole demons hell thing for markating.
  14. Jonesy looks different with hair
  15. I'm just glad we got it right for a change!! From all report on Pretracca pre draft he was going to be a once In a life time player and we are already starting to see what they were talking about. Unfortunitly for the Saints McCartin will be just like Watts and will never live up to his draft pick expectations. We probably won't see what his capable of till his mid 20's that is of cause if he doesn't end up like Trengrove and get a serious injury. We can all relate to the Saints on this one.