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  1. Poor guy, he just wants to catch up with his mates back home and have a few beers and a couple of smokes at a festival. He is 21 you know. Partying Never stoped Cusins from being a superstar footballer.
  2. Is this guy any good?
  3. It would have been boring to watch if we won it easily. We would have rolled over in the third and lost that game last year so good on the boys to keep at it and come away with a win.
  4. Good to see we are finally using the hole demons hell thing for markating.
  5. Jonesy looks different with hair
  6. I'm just glad we got it right for a change!! From all report on Pretracca pre draft he was going to be a once In a life time player and we are already starting to see what they were talking about. Unfortunitly for the Saints McCartin will be just like Watts and will never live up to his draft pick expectations. We probably won't see what his capable of till his mid 20's that is of cause if he doesn't end up like Trengrove and get a serious injury. We can all relate to the Saints on this one.
  7. If we did what we did against West Coast and turn over the ball to much in our forward half giving them the opportunity to counter attack which is what they do really well then we will get smashed. I aggree with Spencer ahead of Weed in this match, we need forward presser which Weed doesn't have just yet. Losing to WC in a practice match was a good wake call as it won't give the team a false reading on where they are at come round one. Hopefully the loss was enough for Goody to tinker his game play and stop the counter attach from the Saint.
  8. I think we played to cute in the third and screwd up our chances in the forward line to put presser on the scoreboard. All in all it was a good pre season test for the boys against a team who will be playing finals this year. Mark my words, West Coast will play in the grand final this year if not get very close to it.
  9. 1.WEST COAST 2.BULLDOGS 3.GWS 4.SYDNEY 5.ADELAIDE 6.GEELONG 7.ST KILDA 8.MELBOURNE 9.HAWTHORN 10.COLLINGWOOD 11.PORT ADELAIDE 12.RICHMOND 13.FREMANTLE 14.GOLD COAST 15.NORTH MELBOURNE 16.BRISBANE 17.ESSENDON 18.CARLTON West Coast vs GWS grand final. I think the expirance WC has added to there list is flying under the radar in Melbourne, in my eyes this has made them a serious chance for the flag this year. I prodict Hawthorn will do a Geelong type rebuild and miss the 8 this season to be in a better position for then draft the sling shot back into the 8 in 2018.
  10. I like Lauren Wood's statement. Most likely we could win the same amount of games as St.Kilda, don't know about the other 2 teams though. Round 1 is building up to be a cracking game between the Saints considering how many people can't decide which team will make the 8. I think we will have a better understanding by round 2, I hope we're not disappointed again.
  11. Oh no, people are talking us up again. This is the 2011 preseason all over again?!?
  12. Goes the Lions win over the bulldogs deflate our win a little bit?
  13. I dosn't work on IPhones and you need a certain Android phone for is to work as well, unfortunately my HTC X is not on the list of being about to cast the screen.
  14. Thanks for the info, I cant find anywhere where is says "cast screen" in the Home app. I have tried on my IPhone and my HTC phone but still can't find it. Can you help?