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  1. Patches O’houlihan

    Are we ready? Rory Sloane

    Imagine the meltdown the crows would have if we got lever last year and Sloane this year hahahaha hahahah
  2. Patches O’houlihan

    2018's 'breakout' player

    Billy stretch. Anyone who has seen him train this pre season i suspect would agree he’s going to be pushing very hard for selection. He looks a 15% better player than last year in my opinion and could well become a regular in the seniors Alex Neal bullen I think will improve again brayshaw and hogan will hopefully get a good run at it
  3. Really disappointing if true, but innocent until proven guilty.
  4. Patches O’houlihan

    Port Closer than Dees to a Flag says Jack Watts

    They’d find it easier to win a flag if they could beat top 8 sides last year they had a great draw and run with injuries and still just scraped in for finals, fell out first round. Tougher draw this year and recruiting has been overrated. They’ll play finals but so will we
  5. Patches O’houlihan

    SEN's List Manager dissects our List

    I think the 22 they have named is out dated. I think the days of three talls up forward are probably gone unless they are super mobile. Id say tommy and hogan are our key targets while fit and weid will eventually reach the point of pushing for a spot. It shouldn’t and won’t be gifted. Alex Neal Bullen will be one of the first picked for the side i agree with Lewis and dom Tyson being right on the fringe. I suspect both play round one but need to play well to stay in the side
  6. Patches O’houlihan

    Billy Hartung

    I suspect He’ll be picked up in the draft or Rookie draft. It’s amazing that a guy that was a regular senior player and averaged 22 touches for the Hawks could be in this position. Should highlight the glaring weaknesses in his game
  7. Patches O’houlihan

    Top 10 Exciting Demons

    Christian petracca
  8. Patches O’houlihan

    Port the big winners in Trade Week?

    I look at the hype of the bombers and power and don’t get it. Motlop only ever plays a few good games when he’s out of contract, watts is ultra inconsistent and Rockliff is to similar to what they already have in the middle with wines and boak. Essendon added stringer who has massive off field issues and his form hasn’t been good, smith who is probably handy but not much more than that and saad who I think is the best of all three. The dockers added an elite half back, a good forward pocket and got pick 2 by giving up one homesick player who wasn’t worth that. They clearly won. We got lever who is the best medium defender in the game at his age by a mile, exactly what our backline needs and could well be a future leader/captain/all Australian and balic who could be a good value pick up. So we did well also.
  9. Patches O’houlihan

    Billy Hartung

    He’s soft and he can’t kick.
  10. Patches O’houlihan


    I reckon lever gets the number 9
  11. Patches O’houlihan

    Rd 1 Team with Lever

    I actually think frosts best position is probably centre half back where he can use his run and attack. Oscar will be the full back and lever the third tall. Very solid set of attacking key defenders. Hibbered, Jetta and hunt is probably the three best medium/small defenders in the comp.
  12. Patches O’houlihan


    I have no doubt poor development and over exposure early on has hurt jacks development. Along with other players. My inpression has always been with Jack Watts that footy was a job and not a lifestyle.
  13. Patches O’houlihan

    Trade rumours

    We have done well with later picks so I'll back Jason Taylor and the team in with four picks under 47
  14. Patches O’houlihan


    Was rated a first round pick based on talent but obviously has a few off field issues to deal with. And I personally believe that’s why he slipped down the draft. He’s a strong overhead mark, a good user of the ball and has footy smarts. I think he’ll thrive being at home with his mum. The reality is we wouldn’t have used pick 66 so anything we get out of him is a bonus and I think he can and will be a regular in our side for years to come.
  15. Patches O’houlihan

    Calling all Trolls

    Well done, once again you aren’t contributing to a topic, you’re having a sook.