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  1. The Grand Final - 2017

    Crows by 19. Should have to much fire power up forward. Tom lynch best on ground
  2. Port Melb VFL Premiers 2017

    Not the worst option for the Gold Coast suns.
  3. Cotchin out?

    Setting up for the verdict that he braced.
  4. Cotchin out?

    But he won the ball, he is within his rights to attack the ball hard and fairly which is what I believe he did. It's literally only a discussion because of the concussion which may or may not have been caused by the incident.
  5. Cotchin out?

    Pretty much. Cotchins only real alternative is to let Shiel grab the ball and then try and tackle him.
  6. Cotchin out?

    The problem is that he had delayed concussion, and had also copped a head knock from astbury earlier so there is no real way to attribute the concussion conclusively to the Cotchin knock. That in mind I don't think the force can be judged above low. And the contact is incidental because his eyes are on the ball and he's in the contest. Had no real alternative outside letting Shiel win the ball. I personally think he has a very strong case to be cleared and the case to fine or suspend him is very shakey when the concussion isn't viewed as a factor
  7. Cotchin out?

    Things in his favour. 1. His eyes were on the ball 2. He was in the contest and won the ball 3. Shiel had delayed concussion so it's difficult to attribute that to that exact incident
  8. Cotchin out?

    I'm not sure it's even careless, he won the ball, at worst it was a free kick if you ask me.
  9. Cotchin out?

    Honestly I think he's just going hard at the ball. That same action would have happened 10,000 times this year and it's only being discussed because Shiel got hurt. Cotchins eyes are on nothing but the ball. Itd be a shame if he missed because of that
  10. I think when he's playing well he's that good. His injury really cost him this year
  11. The Jake Lever Thread

    I wonder if Motlop could be better if he were played more as a deep forward to help out Jeffry? Would add some real speed and class up there
  12. Trade rumours

    That's a horrible deal for us. Id be surprised if there were any truth to that.
  13. The Jake Lever Thread

    Lever was ultra reliable last night. Was beaten one on one once. In the first minute of the game. His disposal efficiency was elite. The new pay deal changes the actual worth of those big deals in a way as well 800k a year is what 650k a year is worth under the previous agreement and lever is worth every cent
  14. Trade rumours

    I suspect Charlie Cameron's trade value just went up. A few weeks ago I'd have guessed the lions could get him for an early second round pick. Now I think he's definitely worth between 10-15
  15. The Jake Lever Thread

    He just knows his limitations. He doesn't try and pull off miracle kicks, picks the first target and does all the basics well. Absolute jet. Can't wait to see him at the Dees although I do wonder if a crows flag will make him re-think things