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  1. I don't think they'd have any intention on taking pick 1 to the draft. I suspect they'll be trying to tempt the afl funded giants into giving up that number 22 bloke
  2. I did the ladder predictor and gave us wins against north, lions and pies. That has us finishing 7th. I think we're a good shot in the other two games so our destiny is in our hands. We'd have to stuff up to miss finals though
  3. Did we get any update on Gawn? i know he went for scans but haven't seen/heard anything. if he's out that makes our run home a little tougher
  4. Giants pick and choose when they want to defend, they have no culture. It's a team of champions but not even close to a champion team
  5. He's overtaken vandenberg and is now a best 22 lock.
  6. Geez there are some sour power supporters on Facebook today haha
  7. Michael hibberd - 2017 best and fairest and recruit or the year leading Melbourne to its finals appearance in a decade.
  8. To add to this, it shows how close Tyson is to being a genuine a grader, he's a very good kick who makes some average decisions at times.
  9. I can see the logic of trenners down back. Steadying influence like Matty Boyd at the dogs or McVeigh at the swans
  10. If we win 5/5 we probably finish top 4 if we win 4/5 or 3/5 we almost certainly finish top 8 i personally think we are good for wins against north, Collingwood, saints and lions 14 wins and the giants game is very winnable as well. Richmond are a big chance to drop out of the 8 dogs will come home with a wet sail and make it I think
  11. Umpiring was pretty average in general, on the most part I thought it was consistently bad for both sides
  12. I think our best 22 would see Jones and vince come back in and unfortunately Kennedy Harris and trenners go out. So I'd say Jones in trengove out next week I'd love trenners to stay but taking the emotion out of it I think jkh offers some X factor that trengove just doesn't
  13. Lewis behind the ball was massive! His leadership and setting the boys up reminded me of Luke hodge. Without him I worry port may have stolen that game. I also though trengove was solid, looked very composed with the ball. Hogan found a bit of form.
  14. 6. Hibberd 5. Jetta 4. Hunt 3. Oliver 2. Tommy 1. Tyson
  15. We can beat GWS they aren't world beaters and we have a good record against them. rhe only ones who will stop us winning our last 5 games is us. Especially with jones back next week and vince the one after go dees