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  1. Best win: Adelaide and or saints worst game: Carlton (even though we won I think it's the worst we've played) most improved: Clayton Oliver needs to lift: dom Tyson ( he's going along okay, but he's a much better player than we've seen) leading the bluey 1. Oliver 2. Hibberd 3. Hunt best recruit: hibberd, but hannan has been very good also will we make finals: yes, if we beat the pies and are sitting 6-5 when we regain gawn I believe we can win another 6 in the run home and make finals. Even if we don't our best footy has improved heaps and when we gain that consistency we are going to become a premiership threat very quickly
  2. He is as dangerous as Jeffry on the ground and probably the best in the air of all our forwards. He is a special talent
  3. I think you're letting your bias get in the way picket, Alex ran id say as hard or harder than any other player, he used the ball well and tackled hard. It's not his best game for the club but he was far from our worst out: bugg, Wagner in: Salem, Kennedy
  4. Honestly I think it's a combination of thinking of what he may become and not having any great opposition for the position he plays. I suspect if garland were fit he may be feeling more heat
  5. Could be number 1 and it wouldn't matter, he's been beaten comfortably by virtually every decent forward he's played on and offered very little in an attacking sense. You don't select a guy based on one percenters.
  6. I thought Alex Neal bullen and harmes did enough to hold their spot. bugg out and Salem in
  7. This could get extremely ugly if we don't get off the plane.
  8. No defensive game at all.
  9. Lol we are a lazy, heartless club. Watch the saints, even when they lose they aren't soft and don't lack effort.
  10. Is the app streaming this game? Doesn't seem to be a steam on there yet.
  11. I want to see the team show how much last weeks effort hurts, being the intensity they did against the crows and keep us in the finals race.
  12. We simply can't afford to lose this game
  13. I must admit I am pretty bullish about anb, I think he's improved quite a lot in almost all areas of his game this year. His defensive game is strong and he's a smart player, as you said he does panic at times but I think you could say the same thing about most young players. Im not sure how good he will end up being but I'm not unhappy that he's in the team i am a bit surprised stretch isn't but I'm also very confident in what he will eventually become.
  14. I suspect the suns could match anything that we could offer so it's really about his confidence in the suns future, if he wants to leave id go very hard at him
  15. I'd like to see anb given another year