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  1. Jara

    Anyone for cricket?

    Fair enough. Ta (I just like us playing the first Test there because we normally seem to win - I know we're sheizenhausen at present, but so much of the summer seemed to depend upon who won the toss).
  2. Jara

    Anyone for cricket?

    Just as a matter of interest, anyone know why we didn't play India in Brisbane, which is what we normally do. Was that at India's request? Were we pandering to them?
  3. Jara

    Anyone for cricket?

    Just wandered by to see if there's any movement on this thread. Not much, apparently, but I agree with your comment, Daisy. I'm sure others here know a lot more about cricket than I do, but to me this seems to have been a decision so hysterical (and driven by the yellow press) that it borders on injustice - an injustice for which we're now paying. In this society, you have a right to expect consistency from the law. If I attend the magistrates court one morning and see the five guys in front of me get a $200 fine for speeding and I cop a $10,000 one, I'd have a right to feel pretty p'd off. IMHO, we should have accepted the ICCs original decision. If there was going to be a renewed focus on ball tampering, there should have been a warning. From what I gather, ball tampering continues everywhere - we were just particularly dumb at it. Warner - what a moron - but at least he's maintained a dignified silence since then.
  4. Jara

    The 1964 Grand Final Banners

    Thanks for posting that. I wasn't there, but the saddest memory it stirs for me is that glimpse of the old members' stand. I hate the fact that we tore it down. Only made it in there once (2000 Grand Final on a borrowed ticket) but I'll never forget it. Sorry my kids will never have the pleasure.
  5. Jara

    Finals Tickets

    Finally got ticket, but seem to be sitting on top of Mount Everest. Disappointing.
  6. Jara

    Finals Tickets

    Hmmm - still waitin... says sold out says "allocation exhausted" for my code - what's that supposed to mean? Dunno bout the allocation but I'm exhausted
  7. Jara

    Bull or Mutton?

    Isn't perfect? He was an incredible failure. I also had some hopes. They came to nought. He was the Liberals' Jack Watts. The thing that surprised me most was his lack of nous. I thought that was the one thing he had. That decision to call a double dissolution - what a dill. That's why we've got Anning et al. Turnbull couldn't even handle a vicious know-nothing like Abbott. In the end he was so desperate to hang onto his job he was willing to sacrifice his supposed core commitment - climate change. No spine. Dunno how he got so rich - just lucky, I suspect. Sold out just before the dot.com collapse, if I recall correctly.
  8. Jara

    Finals Tickets

    Friggin hell Been trying all morning. So stressful Been looking forward to this for so long. Id rather the old days when you had to queue.
  9. Jara

    Bull or Mutton?

    Bug business? Is that the IPA entomologist again? Im sure she'd be happy to support the Liberals.
  10. Jara

    Bull or Mutton?

    I'm hoping for a Dutton victory. Then he can lead them to the slaughter they deserve. Hopefully he'll lose his own seat. Bishop's probably the one I fear most.
  11. Jara

    Melbourne and Matthews

    I agree. I remember how stunned I was by that incident. Happened just in front of me. It's the main reason I support a send-off rule, at least for Grand Finals. Imagine if we made it to the Grand Final and somebody did that to Clarry in the first minutes.
  12. Jara

    Chris Judd in the Age

    Nice article. Might mean something if I hadn't been hearing these "coulda wouldas" for fifty years. I'm over potential.
  13. Jara


    Recovering from heart attack. Can't take this any more. This team is an OH&S issue.
  14. Jara

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Uh god only option for following this game is the radio and i have to listen to TerryWallace. That voice should not be on air. Id appreciate lots of updates here thanks.
  15. Jara

    Bob on fox footy

    Thanks for that. Yes, I remember reading about his health problems somewhere recently. Very sad. Glad somebody else remembers him as a writer. To be honest, I can actually barely remember what he wrote - I was just a kid, but I read a lot, and I remember thinking - wow - that guy has written so well about a game I love, not something I'd ever come across before. Have any of you on this thread read The Mystery Spinner? I thought it was an incredible book, and story - I've met its author a couple of times, and he was a bit p'd off that it didn't sell more at the time.