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  1. Sorry - you're right - very rude of me - you are very straightforward in your posts - my apologies (god knows, I should be the last to criticise anybody - I send my silly little missives off without even checking them half the time - probably riddled with typos ((if that's how you spell typos ))
  2. I'm with you on this, Biff (well, maybe not the tortured bit)
  3. Yes you are. Any readers who aren't aware, have a look at some of Prodee's anti-Muslim bile on the General forum (he may argue that it's not racist, as Islam is a religion, not a race, but the two are intertwined and it's certainly divisive).
  4. Haha yes, I noticed that, too. Einsein, Eisenstein, what's the diff? They're all in on the conspiracy. Haven't seen it for thirty years, but Alexander Nevsky is one of my favourite films. Do you remember that opening scene, when he's fishing and he tells all the Huns or whatever they were to shut up?
  5. Oh and here's the professor's email: M.Englandunsw.edu.au I challenge you to send him your refutation of his article. Very easy to confuse me. Possibly not so easy to confuse him. If you can't do it - well, I'll put you in the same category as my uncle - (better not give his name - he's a Dees supporter - may wander by, though I doubt it - he's a bit past it these days) - was a handy feller, some sort of boilermaker by trade. Tried to tell us he'd figured out where Einstein got it wrong. He knew enough to confuse me, but (not having maths) probably not enough to confuse Einstein.
  6. You confuse me (not hard to do when it comes to science, I must admit) - but let me get this experiment straight. (Let's just talk about the bath for now, not the ocean) You said to basically get a heat source and transmit it into the bath - you're saying it isn't detectable at the bottom of the bath, right? I'm asking - why not? Maybe hydroponic lights aren't strong enough, as you suggest, but surely a stronger light would be (say the lights of the MCG)?
  7. I'll give you a science experiment you can conduct in your own home. Fill your bath with water (pretend it is the ocean) get a source of heat, maybe borrow Dieters hydroponic lights (pretend it is the sun) exhale in front of it (you don't even need to pretend that is carbon dioxide) and see if the heat can somehow magically get to the bottom of the bath. Surely that depends upon the strength of the source of heat?
  8. Or a forehand criticism of you...
  9. Thanks Wrecker - I'm impressed that you would go to such trouble to refute the article - would you be willing to go to the extra trouble of passing your criticism on to the journal itself? (Or to Professor England, if I can get his email address?)
  10. "Hird f---ed up, badly. He placed his trust in the wrong people, and he arrogantly played the ignorance and innocence card when he failed in his duty of care to the players. " It's not the eff-up - I suspect Hird didn't know exactly what Dank was doing - it's the ongoing cover-up that's the problem. Where are the records? And if they try to say that Dank's got em, why haven't they sued him? Until they produce em, or acknowledge that they destroyed them and apologise, I'll never forgive. Makes me sick that they look like playing finals this year - especially with the Number One pick they got for doing drugs.
  11. I'm with Ralphius. To my (not very competent, I admit) eye, it seems that we're better off when Hogan's not there. I know he's still getting into form, but even before his recent troubles, we still seemed to just bomb it long to him and hope for the best. When he was out of the team we found ways to improvise a decent score. Like a few others here, for now, at least, I'd rather see him on the ball or cruising around the forward line, rather than being its sole focus.
  12. Wrecker - I'm puzzled by your claim that Climate Science is a pseudo science. What on earth (or in your mind, not necessarily the same thing) qualifies you to make such a claim? If you feel competent and knowledgeable to make such judgements, perhaps you could demonstrate this by showing me where Mathew England, a world-famous Australian climate scientist who has just won the international Tinker-Muse prize, has got it wrong in the following article: England, M. H., J. B. Kajtar, N. Maher, 2015: Robust warming projections despite the recent hiatus, Nature Climate Change, 5, 394-396, doi:10.1038/nclimate2575. ∗NCC link∗Reprint including S.I. Are you saying Professor England is a pseudo-scientist? He's not some outer-suburban nutter: he's a leader in his field, with a lifetime of research, peer-review and prizes behind him.
  13. "in fact, I reckon you guys are probably their scriptwriters." Nah, they're not good enough.
  14. "I don't know if you are taking the [censored], serious, or out of your depth." All of the above. You said that the BOM has admitted to falsifying figures. All I said was that, if indeed they have done admitted to falsifying the figures, and you can show me where they admit it, sure, I'd believe it. Could I ask you a quick question in return? Are there any Australian climate scientists (and I mean actual climate scientists, qualified, professional experts, not like your IPA entomologist or geologists like Bob Carter, or even retired weathermen) who disagree with the view that the climate is heating up and that our actions are causing it? I was thinking about this the other day when I was listening to Andrew Blot. He's always crapping on about it to his fellow genius Steve Price and their audience of retired newsagents, but I've never heard him in debate with somebody who knows what they're talking about.
  15. Thanks from me too - they are hilarious - the Barry Hall one is brilliant (especially the placement of the two photos of Robert) I hope Clarrie gets to see em.