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  1. Jara

    Melbourne and Matthews

    I agree. I remember how stunned I was by that incident. Happened just in front of me. It's the main reason I support a send-off rule, at least for Grand Finals. Imagine if we made it to the Grand Final and somebody did that to Clarry in the first minutes.
  2. Jara

    Chris Judd in the Age

    Nice article. Might mean something if I hadn't been hearing these "coulda wouldas" for fifty years. I'm over potential.
  3. Jara


    Recovering from heart attack. Can't take this any more. This team is an OH&S issue.
  4. Jara

    GAMEDAY - Round 16

    Uh god only option for following this game is the radio and i have to listen to TerryWallace. That voice should not be on air. Id appreciate lots of updates here thanks.
  5. Jara

    Bob on fox footy

    Thanks for that. Yes, I remember reading about his health problems somewhere recently. Very sad. Glad somebody else remembers him as a writer. To be honest, I can actually barely remember what he wrote - I was just a kid, but I read a lot, and I remember thinking - wow - that guy has written so well about a game I love, not something I'd ever come across before. Have any of you on this thread read The Mystery Spinner? I thought it was an incredible book, and story - I've met its author a couple of times, and he was a bit p'd off that it didn't sell more at the time.
  6. Jara

    Bob on fox footy

    One more thing I like about Murphy - he's a superb writer - I find his stuff some of the best I've ever read - insider trading - real meat and potatoes stuff - most other writers try too hard (or they are just dills) Interestingly, the other player/writer I recall reading with admiration was Brent Croswell - dunno if anybody even remembers his writing these days (and I was only a kid, so I suppose my judgement was susso) funny how there's been so much good writing about cricket (e.g. Gideon Haig's The Mystery Spinner) but precious little on footy
  7. Jara

    Bob on fox footy

    My daughter's school burnt down on Black Saturday, and Bob visited and spent a whole day with the kids. My daughter said he was really nice - interested in all sorts of things, not just footy, and very funny. (Some Collingwood players visited as well - or tried to. They got lost, couldn't find the school, turned around and went home)
  8. Maybe my memory's playing tricks, but I seem to recall they also put a lot of money into the Western Bulldogs (not to mention $30 mill to Foxtel to increase coverage of women's sport) We're the oldest club, we started the league and haven't had a proper home for decades; should be able to mount a pretty good argument.
  9. Jara

    Islam in the West

    Hmmm...guessed as much. Lots of "anecdotes", precious few books.
  10. Jara

    Islam in the West

    Pro - You keep boasting about what an "expert" you are on Islam. You said back there your expertise was based upon your wide reading and "anecdotes". I'm not interested in the latter (which I presume is Pro-speak for unmediated rubbish you see on the Internet), but what is this "reading"? What are the books you've read? (I know you've mentioned the Koran, but using that as the basis for an argument would be like using the Bible to condemn the Christian West) By the way, I'm still waiting for your explanation of what you mean by saying you're "cause-based" and we're "side based".
  11. Jara

    Islam in the West

    im just home and having a quick look on my phone but i don't understand. Is this a picture of the Eid festival or something? Why are you posting it? Am i missing something or is it just a photo of people praying?
  12. Jara

    Islam in the West

    Thanks When was it? And i suppose it might be difficult to say but what did you mean "you've done your bit" in fighting terrorism?
  13. Jara

    Islam in the West

    Ethan Could i ask where and when that happened?
  14. Jara

    Islam in the West

    What's this! Pro doesn't do sides. He only does causes.
  15. Jara

    Islam in the West

    Yes, Earl, you're a disgrace. Your grammar is hopeless. Now off to bed. And Pro, congrats, you're the grammar king. Well done on picking up the "your". But you let the side down with that "absolving Islam with FGM". What's that supposed to mean? How do you absolve a religion with FGM? Sloppy work there Pro.