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  1. The Liam Ryan thread

    I'm glad you a thread on him (after I seeing him pop up in another yesterday). He certainly has the talent and I have no doubt he can perform at the AFL level. I'd be happy to see the club draft him with our first pick (if available). With our new indigenous program led by Matthew "Wrecker" Wheelan, plus the likes of Jetta and Garlett at the club, I'd easily back the club's ability to facilitate his transition from both Perth and into the AFL.
  2. Mature Age Recruits

    Liam Ryan and Bayley Fritsch with picks 29 and 36. From a probability perspective they're more likely to succeed at the AFL level than 18 year old prospects (at those picks). They're also more likely to have an immediate impact, either directly on the field or indirectly by increasing competition for spots. If the club genuinely believes Ryan has the talent to succeed, I hope they back him in, along with their new indigenous program (led by Matthew "Wrecker" Whelan). I'm sure Jetta and Garlett would also help facilitate his transition into the AFL. Those two plus our current stock of forwards will offer sufficient depth and the potential to develop a potent forward line for years to come.

    Like previous years, Does anyone have the Champion Data statistics for this years carnival matches (and/or TAC cup)? If so please inbox me and I'll give you my email. Cheers!
  4. 2017 Contracts

    No, there should be a free spot on the list mate. Lumumba carried on to the point where he technically retired after the final list lodgement. Thus, we were stuck with his name on our list for the year.
  5. 2017 Contracts

    Watts and Garland depart, Balic arrives, means we have four positions available on the list. We currently have three draft selections in the second-round (#29, #31, #36) and one in the third-round pick (#47). However, we don't need to take four to the draft (technically we can go to the draft with two as J. Smith is being elevated). It will be interesting to see if the club has another last-minute play in mind (e.g. Kennedy as others have mentioned).
  6. Trade rumours

    Fair point. Carlton maxed out on that trade. Gibbs probably has two, maybe three good years left in him. However, if we compare this to the Watts trade I feel like banging my head against a wall. Granted Watts doesn't have the track record like Gibbs, but I still think the MFC could have fought it out to acquire both of Port Adelaide's second round picks (#31 and #34). Especially considering we're paying for a fraction of his salary.
  7. Not yet on the MFC site, here's a little highlights package.
  8. Trade rumours

    Not a rumour. But I hope today we try and upgrade our pick 29 so we can acquire Fritsch. I'm concerned the Bulldogs will scoop us with their pick 28 as they desperately wanted Hannan last year.
  9. The Bayley Fritsch Thread

    I suspect we'll have to upgrade our pick no. 29 today so that we can confidently acquire Fritsch. I'm concerned the Bulldogs will snatch him up with no. 28. Supposedly they were shattered to miss out on Hannan last year (from their VFL team). I doubt they would target Fritsch to spite us, but I'm sure they are at least interested and predict we'll use one of our second round picks on him.
  10. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Yeah, fair point. BTW. I heard a fan yell "Come on Red Legs" during the Brisbane game (I think it was). Level 1, MCC, far right on the arc of 50. Had me thinking "Adam Farr / A F"... could it have been you?
  11. Who is going onto the Banner?

    Demonland sponsor Hunt and Wanger. That is why both are up there.
  12. A fantastic acquisition for pick #66. He was genuinely impressive the day I saw him play against us. I hope he makes the most of this opportunity and continues to excel with us at home.
  13. Farewell Jack Watts

    Mahoney on Trade Radio (Watts for pick 31): Roughly quoted below (Scribed while listening). Don't shoot the messanger. Introduction "Yeah, very pleased to get Lever done in the time we did" This morning, caught up with Jack, decided just this morning (yeah right) he wanted to go to Port. Wanted to JUST get the deal done Thought second-round pick was ideal. Wanted a little earlier in the second. But Port only had 31 so thought it was an easy transaction. Now talking about how Jack feels. They both leave thinking its the best for Jack and right move for the footy club. Now talking about how quickly the deals are getting done. Commending the club on it. Don't look at individual deals, looking at the final change at the end of the trade period (Something along those lines). Thinking it's the right move for the footy club (despite the supporters feeling). BLAH BLAH Jack Watts scrutiny over his career. Now on Balic YES they think they'll get a deal done with Balic. They believe with one of their later picks. Mention they are going to the draft with Pick 29, 31, and 36. Now Garland Indicating he'll likely retire. Did not confirm. Now Gawn In discussions to lock him away long-term. Sounds very promising that he's not far off signing. Final priority To get the Balic deal done. They will weigh up the options to bundle the three 2nd round picks to upgrade in the draft.
  14. Farewell Jack Watts

    This will be interesting.