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  1. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Watching that attack and mark on the ball left me with a cheeky one-sided grin. Nothing more needed. Beautiful.
  2. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Dom Tyson, first kick out on the full (under pressure), wonder what Joeboy will say now ...
  3. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    Wow Gold Coast are just a shambles. They've just given up completely. No intent, no drive, nothing. I hope we continue to aim at the jugular.
  4. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 20

    This is a great game, but I genuinely dislike JKH as a player. He just sold Jones into trouble, that suicide kick and subsequent knock to Jones that had him grounded for a while was purely a result of a typical JKH rushed kick. He needs to be replaced.
  5. ignition.


    Good to see the recruiting staff still thinking outside the box. I hope they continue to follow Will Sutherland's cricket career. He was an absolute weapon as a junior.
  6. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 12

    Two-way running and spreading on offence! FFS! That's where Collingwood have destroyed us all game. That and clearances. Geez I hope we can get over these scum bags
  7. ignition.

    Wines Unsure of Contract

    Wines is exactly what we, or any club, "needs" as he's one of the best contested ball and clearance players in the competition. He alongside Oliver, Viney, and Gawn should allow us to consistently be the #1 team in these areas. This also allows the coaching staff to further exploit the dual-position capabilities of Petracca and Jones (between on-ball and forward), as well as Brayshaw and Lewis (on-ball and wing or half-back), which would synergistically affect our midfield dynamic, thus, making it harder to stop. As for "outside" players I think we have it covered. For example: Salem, Fritsch, and Melksham are wonderfully efficient going inside 50, while the respective footy-smarts and gut-running of Brayshaw and ANB have them racking up the "second touch" uncontested possessions. Sure, I'd take Gaff if he's available (although there is currently too much hype surrounding him), but not over Wines.
  8. ignition.

    Jake Lever injury - Confirmed ACL

    [censored] ME!
  9. ignition.

    What the Fritsch

    He's a fantastic user of the footy that's for sure. I'm often confident when he's going for a contested mark or kicking the ball. Great find MFC.
  10. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Again Salem [censored] himself, third time today.
  11. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Shocking kick by Smith, but that's the second time today Salem has shrugged a contest.
  12. ignition.

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    Word is Mark Neeld is available and looking for a slight change in role. Regarding the "reality bus" he aims to implement "elite" standards both on and off the football field.
  13. ignition.

    Peter Jackson's Replacement?

    I don't know enough, or any names, that could be raised as candidates. I only hope the club explores beyond its four walls to find the best person for the job. As for Mahoney, I've questioned his negotiation skills in the past (regarding trade week) and would prefer someone with more experience. However, if PJ believes he can meet and exceed his expectations then so be it. We've all seen first hand what a poor CEO can do. This decision will crucially impact the club's ability to succeed in the future. I just hope the person helps us become a sustainable powerhouse like we once were many many years ago.
  14. ignition.

    Tom Lynch (Adelaide)

    I'd rather pass on Adelaide's Lynch. Signing T.McDonald should be much higher on the priority list. Not only do I think he's the better player but it's also beneficial for club culture. If the club sees a need to target an additional tall forward, out of fear Hogan may not re-sign next year, then do it properly and go for Gold Coast's Tom Lynch.
  15. ignition.

    GAMEDAY - Round 9

    Tim Smith looks like a rabbit in head lights.