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  1. Who plays in JLT v North Melbourne 24/2?

    I'd like to see games put into the new kids and those fighting for spots (I don't think they should be named as emergencies). These include the likes of Spargo, Baker, Fritsch, Balic, Maynard, JKH, Wagner (off the top of my head). We've also heard that some will be getting more midfield and on-ball time this year. So I'd like to see the likes of Petracca, Brayshaw, ANB, and Salem spend next to all their time there. Likewise, let's see some veterans, such as Lewis and Vince etc. (if named), spend all their time down back or forward. Of course we want to see our club go out and win every game possible, but the JLT offers players an opportunity to shake off nerves (new players) and show what they are capable off.
  2. The Elephant in the Room

    In action, I thought the clash strip looked sensational (of course prefer our traditional red and blue). I agree it was not needed against the Hawks, but as others have said, I hope the club sold a few extra pieces as a result.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Thank you all for another great year of news and discussion. Stay safe over the holidays, particularly if you're one of the many that does a long road trip on Boxing Day. Cheers

    Am I the only one concerned that we picked a bloke the drinks a lot and goes out partying with Jaime Elliot? On a serious note, a great pick up and a credit to everyone involved at Casey.
  5. Charlie Constable

    Shame to see him go directly before our third. This is why people get frustrated during trade week when better deals can be struck if Mahoney learnt to negotiate better (e.g. Watts for 31, when Watts and 36 for 31 and 34 should have been pushed). With that said I'm stoked to see us claim Fritsch, also recall Spargo being touted as a high draft prospect (at the start of the year) before injury.
  6. I would buy merchandise if it was unique to the MFC (not the same rubbish every other club has with their brand and colours).
  7. Phantom Draft Form Guide

    I use to highly value Cal Twomey's opinion until I saw his 2008 draft recap the other day (he did it with such confidence, but it was shocking). I also found out he is an Essendon supporter...
  8. Jumper Numbers 2018

    I respectfully disagree. Children grow and will be getting replacement jumpers regardless. I can't see every parent replacing a perfectly fitting jumper when they're to grow out of it within a year or two (As I grew I had the likes of Viney, Stynes and Lyon on my back). For that reason I'd rather see Lever in #4 than it be shelved resulting in some MFC kids having to wear a number with no name to it. EDIT: Alternatively we may see a few off centre #14's
  9. Jumper Numbers 2018

    I am very much of the opinion it's just a number on the back (don't take this as disrespecting past players). I recall Ron Barassi saying something similar when handing his 31 to Grimes during the height of Schwab's era of MFC history. I believe it's more important to assign numbers based on locker positions to provide greater access for youngsters to learn alongside leaders and veterans, or to strengthen friendships and culture so that it plays a part for when high-end players near the end of a contract (e.g. Lever #4 and Petracca #5 already good mates). Also as Tough Kent said, it would be good see Lever in #4 so that children can continue to wear and admire that number on their back.
  10. Rapped for him. He is a top bloke and deserves it.
  11. David Schwarz

    I love listening to the Ox on SEN. Love his passion for the club, whether he's excited or frustrated, and he never ceases to get a laugh out of me. Hopefully, we see his son Cooper line up alongside the Wizard's, Kobe Farmer, under the stern leadership of Jack Viney (it's certainly possible).
  12. List Analysis Potential v Reality

    I think that's a relatively fair assessment. Although, I believe that Viney, Oliver, Lever, and Gawn can take their games to a new level again. They are at a point, however, which is probably more dependent on how the team around them performs as to how much further they develop. Likewise, the development of the others will be catalysed if the team as a whole, including the game plan or execution of it, improves.
  13. Delisted Free Agents

    With the retirement of Garland we currently have four vacancies on the list. So we can use our three second-round picks, but should we draft someone with pick 47 or pick up a delisted free agent such as Clarke, Crameri, or Lennon?
  14. Liam Ryan

    I'm glad you a thread on him (after I seeing him pop up in another yesterday). He certainly has the talent and I have no doubt he can perform at the AFL level. I'd be happy to see the club draft him with our first pick (if available). With our new indigenous program led by Matthew "Wrecker" Wheelan, plus the likes of Jetta and Garlett at the club, I'd easily back the club's ability to facilitate his transition from both Perth and into the AFL.
  15. Mature Age Recruits

    Liam Ryan and Bayley Fritsch with picks 29 and 36. From a probability perspective they're more likely to succeed at the AFL level than 18 year old prospects (at those picks). They're also more likely to have an immediate impact, either directly on the field or indirectly by increasing competition for spots. If the club genuinely believes Ryan has the talent to succeed, I hope they back him in, along with their new indigenous program (led by Matthew "Wrecker" Whelan). I'm sure Jetta and Garlett would also help facilitate his transition into the AFL. Those two plus our current stock of forwards will offer sufficient depth and the potential to develop a potent forward line for years to come.