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  1. Agree. It just dragged on. Thought the same. It may have been the many second grabs, and average of one goal a game. Don't know why GC didn't go the King brothers.
  2. Does anyone know if it is going to be streamed through the AFL live app? I have nothing so far. Edit: with the live pass that is. Disregard, it's up.
  3. Lever didn't make the All-Australian squad. Bury your head in the sand as much as you want. Mahoney has poor negotiating skills.
  4. I don't care what anyone says, Mahoney cannot negotiate. He folded last year when he met Adelaide's demand of two first-round picks (for Lever), he also did it with Port Adelaide as we pay for some of Watts' salary. This year, yet again, he didn't stick to his guns and accepted the loss of Hogan and Pick 65 for pick 6 and 23 (arguably a more valuable player than Lever). He's just incapable of sticking to his guns and learning to manipulate the situation in his favour. Should he be sacked? No. He's managed the list well and done a good job at poaching/recruiting players. Do we need someone else to negotiate better trades during trade week? Yes.
  5. Mahoney bent over her again. He has no balls.
  6. As time goes on, Scully yet again shows he's one of those all-round sh*t blokes.
  7. Just get West Coast interested and watch Fremantle fold quick smart.
  8. Can someone make a few internet memes (to share on the social media sites)? Freo chase Hogan for the best part of four years to only pull out when asked for two first round picks (e.g. 5 and 11). Ironically they wanted nothing less than Pick 2 for Lachy Weller last year, who at best is worth an early second round pick.
  9. With Preuss coming in and Weideman pushing for selection, I don't see a problem. T. MacDonald can always rotate back. He'll be more capable than his brother.
  10. Freo demanded Pick#2 (2017) for Weller, what didid they expect we'd let Hogan go for? What a bunch biased armatures. Typical Fremantle, they just can't finish.
  11. I like the idea of swapping Tyson for Preuss. However, I only hope Mahoney and Co. push for a little more than a direct trade. Say start with a second-round pick, and settle with a third, or swap of a second and third. Alternatively, salary cap payment of Preuss. Why, because we know that Tyson is North's contingency to Gaff. I predict their salary cap savings won't roll over again (someone can clarify this, but is it two years non-fulfilled salary cap, 5% max, can roll over?). Furthermore, Tyson is a 100+ game player, former number three draft pick (if that means anything), while Preuss has only 8 games and is a former rookie selection. I presume one of the sides is currently pushing for a little more, which would explain the delay.
  12. If the Hogan deal goes ahead, I hope we target Shiel as we'll have room in our salary cap and sufficient currency to trade.
  13. It's a shame to see him go. I always enjoyed his enthusiasm and professional attitude. Even after a loss, it was obvious it cut him deep. Thanks for the years Burgs.
  14. Hahahaha so we are actually in agreeance. Thank you. Also yes, I couldn't agree with you more. There is significant upside and potential with regards to his age, talent, and relation price.
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