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  1. QueensBirthday

    Post Match Discussion - Round 2

    The issue is not the players. The coaching staff have a lot to answer for... If you're not using your team and so that everyone plays to their strengths and have a dogged mentality to play in a certain way without the players to unfold your 'twisted moustache' plan, then you're really a bad coach. End of story. What is sorely lacking is teamwork. Namely; two players in the contest vs 1; 1 wrestles the other takes an easy mark. Three of ours go up and get spoilt by 1 of theirs. This should never happen, but it always does to us. Teaching players to run to advantage, only Hogan did this well in the last quarter, the opposition do it all the time. We are a premiership winning team with the people on our list. Play them properly, coach them well and we're set. Unfortunately, we're not coached well and so we'll be a below ability performing team all year. And that might sneak us into the finals, but what a waste. Goodwin, thin ice bud!!
  2. QueensBirthday


    I thought you misspelt escorts. Anyway, I was wrong. Continue on...
  3. QueensBirthday

    Trade rumours

    I think he should be drug tested for melanotan. If he's gone cross eyed... start to worry!
  4. QueensBirthday

    2017 Player Reviews: # 25 Tom McDonald

    I agree, but in his defence, there are not too many people that reach 11ft in the air to intercept. It would be shocking from his viewpoint to see how high that bloody dinosaur can reach. just saying...
  5. QueensBirthday


    Don't judge tall forwards too early. Very few are able to set the world on fire straight away, which is why Jesse is a freak. Josh Kennedy was rubbish when he played for Carlton. Look how that turned out.
  6. There should be nothing but praise for these amazing gentlemen. The fact they made it to AFL level to start with is a feather in their cap. Jack and Jake did everything possible to realise their full potential and we should be extremely grateful. I'm not trying to virtue signal but I believe perspective is needed to appreciate what they gave us and the MFC. May we also get better from here as well.
  7. QueensBirthday

    Anyone Seen Maynard and Filipovic Together??

    I think it's an incredibly racist thread. Shut it down. steve_f, I guess you think all white people look the same to you!!!
  8. QueensBirthday

    A Letter to Goodwin

    The fact that half of the letter is typed, there would have been a million green squiggly lines before he pushed print. If you're going to send a letter to 'The Ox', proof read the bastard first! "BTW" Probably wouldn't be taken seriously anyway...
  9. QueensBirthday


    Just reading the thread. I was at the game and I don't understand all the hate directed at Bugg. He won a lot of one-on-one contests and moved to good positions to receive the mark exiting the backline. Anyone who disagrees watch the replay, you'll see his steadying influence.
  10. QueensBirthday

    My 3 word analysis V Hawthorn

    I'll give you views once my keyboard dry's out. A bit too excited at the moment.
  11. QueensBirthday


    Oh no! Troy's looking after us this week. Get ready with the Free Kick Hawthorn meme's...
  12. QueensBirthday

    Post game discussion - Round 10

    A real issue today was not getting to the second contest after competing for the ball. That's how Port kept getting number advantages at each contest. One particular player, I counted to eight before he got to his feet when the ball was being disputed 5 metres away. We don't need that in our side.
  13. QueensBirthday

    GAMEDAY - Round 10

    Just a tip. Watched the 3rd quarter with mute on the telecast... A lot more enjoyable.
  14. QueensBirthday


    Can I check that I read that article correctly. EFC won the court case saying that there were no more documents to be discovered - and subsequently Hal Hunter had to pay for the legal costs of the AFL and EFC. Then the AFL stepped in and EFC handed over more documents, but the original judgement wasn't overturned. Is that a fair summary?
  15. QueensBirthday

    The Incredible Hulk - Jesse Hogan

    I'm laughing to myself about Leigh Matthews comment, saying "Hogan's weakness is when the ball hits the ground." Just watched a replay of him turning Dalhaus inside out. Still laughing... Ha ha ha, no wait!... Ha ha... Oh mercy!