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  1. Bold prediction - Both Melbourne and GWS will score the magical 200 points in a game in 2018. GWS will do it twice.
  2. Thats a nice looking number. Maybe its the pretty colours.
  3. The ins (Watts, Garlett, Hogan) next week vs Carlton are going to look very, very nice. Especially considering we will be coming off 5 straight wins. Yes we will beat Sydney.
  4. Jack Viney at pick 26 Priase the universe for the father son rule
  5. Kent would have to be a certainty, you need to replace Garlett with a small forward, its vital to our gameplan. Unless Dion Johnstone is called up for a shock debut, Kent is in. In - Kent, Wagner Out - Salem, Garlett Would love to find a spot for JKH, but theres no clear opening and he can not play as a small forward.
  6. I feel for McCartin, its almost an identical situation as Angus Brayshaw. The top 3 of that draft have all had serious hurdles, with Petracca doing his ACL. Which strangely enough, is the less serious situation of the three and hes back playing and looking amazing. That was just about a career ending injury 30 years ago, now players can come back better than ever from an ACL, Meanwhile concussions are treated much more serious these days, and repeated concussions are now career threatening (or career stalling at the least).
  7. Dom is a very good player, hes too maligned around these parts. Id like him to kick more goals though, as he showed he was capable of that in his first season with us. He should be like Stephen Powell circa 2000, if I recall correctly he averaged something like 25 possies and kicked 30 goals in our Grand FInal season. Like Dom, he wasnt the most polished with his foot skills but he was a lefty who loved a goal and was a weapon for us.
  8. Deserves 6 weeks for trying to worm out of it behind 'character references'. Take your punishment like a man.
  9. No Garlett, Watts, Jones, Hogan, Salem.... You could argue they are our 5 most important players, Gawn excluded. Sydneys injury list is empty. This will be a greater win than last week if we get up.
  10. Will just make him go to another level. Hes not a normal 19 year old second year player. Hes a born warrior and champion who will love the physical heat and thrive on it.
  11. Add him to your favourite players in your profile, it will show up under your username and post cout. I added Jake Melksham to mine yesterday, and it felt great as he cops so much crap on here (though its been quiet lately as hes been paying well). Also Im sticking by Dean Kent.
  12. LOL West Coast supporters must be in full melt down mode
  13. Nice. Always believed he will make it, and its pretty obvious now that the coaches like him. His form as a mid in the VFL has been phenomenal, and the reality is that Lewis, Vince, Jones won't be around forever. We must continue to build depth in the midfield. This will be another Brendan McCartney success story,
  14. I cant recall Buddy Franklin ever having a huge game against Melbourne. Are we his bogey team? Hes certainly never kicked a bag against us that I recall, not even in his Hawthorn days. Frawley used to hold him well, and I remember Col Garland doing well on him also. Since then, T Mac has been able to hold him.
  15. Damn you and your mail for always being spot on. If we win this without Watts, Jones, Salem, Garlett and Hogan.... it will be a third watershed win in a row. And maybe better than last win.