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  1. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-02-24/match-report-kangaroos-v-demons-jlt1 MELBOURNE mature-age draftee Bayley Fritsch has emphatically boosted his round-one selection chances with a fine performance in attack in the Demons' comprehensive 53-point victory over North Melbourne at Kingston Twins Ovals in Tasmania on Saturday. The word out of Melbourne is that Fritsch, 21, has been earmarked for an opening round debut after an impressive summer, and the spring-heeled forward gave every indication that that will be the case with an impressive first-up display.
  2. Post Match Discussion: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    We have more talent than GWS, or any other list. Yeah I said it. Debate me.
  3. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Fritsch vs the Cats, it will happen.
  4. GAME DAY: JLT #1 vs North Melbourne

    Geez, it almost feels like Round 1 of the real season. Can't believe I am this pumped for a JLT game. I was worried all preseason as I couldn't get excited about the footy. But that changed pretty quick today. Seeing the team with a certain J.Lever in there helped for sure. Lets get it on!
  5. New MFC facility?

    Hey thats cheating.
  6. Millionaire Ex-Demon

    Man. I thought that tattoo was the worst thing I'd ever seen, only to scroll down and see the haircut..... Hes off the rails.
  7. Robbo (Mark) doesn't think we'll make finals

    Am sure he had Essendon in the top 6 though.
  8. Bloody hell..... only if he has earned them, please. We dont want or need a repeat of the start of last season where he was force fed games which kept out a more deserving and ready made player (Pedders who came into the team and played great).
  9. JLT Squad for the North game

    His skill set is the perfect foil for Hogan, T Mac and Garlett up forward. I picked him in my round 1 best 22 after the draft. Not sure he will sneak in at this stage, though that will depend on JLT form. He might be too good to leave out. Whatever the case, it wont be long before he breaks into the team.
  10. https://thewest.com.au/sport/melbourne-demons/melbourne-reveal-plans-to-unleash-jesse-hogan-into-midfield-mix-ng-b88752769z Hulking forward Jesse Hogan has been earmarked for longer stints in the midfield throughout 2018 as Melbourne look to end a finals drought that stretches back more than a decade.
  11. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    I'd like to thank St Kilda not just for passing on Trac in favour of McCartin, but for passing on Angus Brayshaw too. Our dynamic draft duo will be a joy to watch this season and beyond.
  12. According to the stats our midfield is below average

    I knew this would be more Champion Data craziness just from reading the title. Go have a look at their 2017 AA team. Their statistical model is badly flawed.
  13. Christian Petracca Re-Signs Until End of 2020

    Was searching for a new avatar and stumbled on a pic of the greatest moment in Nathan Buckleys life.
  14. Nev as a Leader

    I assumed he was already in there. Hes one of the best leaders at the club, and excluding the obvious pick of Jack Viney would just about be his teammates first choice of who they'd want to to go battle alongside.
  15. Crazy things you’ve done as a Demons supporter

    Don't worry, they deserved it. That game was a disgrace and it was that classic MFC fragility that crept in to Round 23 last season vs the Pies and cost us a finals berth.