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  1. Another Jako article, oh boy. Your interview is the gift that will keep on giving. It still feels surreal that the great man has emerged to speak... cant imagine what it must have been like talking to him. And who was the other interviewer, was that nasher? Anyway, great job guys. Just amazing. As good as it gets, and it will never be topped any footy journo, or anyone else.
  2. Poll: Rate our Trade Period

    Landed our biggest fish since a young ruckman fresh off pick 2 in the draft, Jeff White, came home. Easy vote for '5 - great'.
  3. Not one mention of Jakovich interview/article on the Demons 'bigfooty' forum. Average age there must be 13.
  4. He kicked half of them on Angus Brayshaws dad after they moved Mick Martyn off him.
  5. Thats exactly what I was saying. It is very low risk for very high reward.
  6. The greatest thing ever seen on AFL.com..... so glad they are reporting on it.
  7. That photo of Jakovich and Schwarz... wow. What could have been. I would go as far as to say that if they both remained injury free, it would have become the greatest FF-CHF combination in the history of the game, and by far the most exciting.
  8. I still cant believe this happened it was like a dream. Hearing the great man speak for 2 hours... it seemed surreal. He really is a mythical figure. When he said goodbye and hung up the phone, it really sunk in what had just happened. And that there's every chance we may never hear from him ever again. So glad hes doing well... 2 kids, living on the northern coast of NSW... and he confirmed all the rumours were true about running a fishing charter and working on oil rigs... amazing interview and it got very deep when he went into his fathers passing and other personal matters. Funny that he almost didn't play in the Elimination Final vs Essendon as he drive the wrong way to the ground and got there with 10 minutes to spare.... then kicked a lazy 8 goals. And he ran into Jeff Farmer in a nightclub in Perth just after Farmer left the Demons for Freo. The great man was clubbing in Perth early 2000's, well what do you know hey. Those cool little tidbits made the interview so special. Unbelievable the impact this guy made in just 47 games of footy. i was gonna say it was like Jurrah x 1000. But that doesnt even do it justice. The only comparison must be John Coleman who funnily enough he shares the record for fastest player to 100 goals. Though he played half as many games as Coleman, and had the advantage of being one of the great characters of the game. AJ was one of a kind. Jaka, you're a hero and easily the most exciting and talented player I have ever seen in the Red and Blue.
  9. Wonder if he has kept in contact with his brother over the years?
  10. 1 - Wrong. We gave up fair value for the biggest fish of the trade period. 2 - We got fair value for Watts 3 - Hes talented, could go either way, only cost pick 66.
  11. Trade rumours

    We got Jake Lever, we won trade week long ago.
  12. Trade rumours

    So much for all the player unrest about Watts getting traded lol Nice reality check for the JW fanboys.
  13. Rd 1 Team with Lever

    B: N.Jetta - O.McDonald - J.Smith HB: J.Hunt - J.Lever - M.Hibberd C: A.Brayshaw - C.Oliver - C.Salem HF: C.Petracca - T.McDonald - J.Melksham F: J.Garlett - J.Hogan - M.Hannan R: M.Gawn - N.Jones - J.Viney IC: D.Tyson - H.Balic - A.Neal-Bullen - J.Lewis Emerg - J.Harmes - S.Frost - C.Pedersen Backing Joel Smith and Harley Balic to have huge preseason and be there in ROund 1. Bugg, Vandenberg and Vince a bit stiff, but a good sign I didnt have them in the 25. Any or all could easily play round 1. Not to mention Corey Maynard, and the forgotten man Dean Kent. A strong draft from Jason Taylor and our depth will be immense.
  14. Hes a smooth mover., with nice skills and some legitimate talent. Keeping expectations in check, but confident he wont be another Michie/Riley/Kennedy.