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  1. Lose tomorrow and we are tied with Calton, and below St Failure and Essendrug. Urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Did Hawthorn do no research before trading for Jaeger O'Meara? Anyone on Demonland could have told them he has serious knee issues and would be a shadow of his former self.
  3. I know we have tomorrow's game to worry about first but if we dont beat the Hawks next week we may as well pack it in. They are slow and spiritless.
  4. Was just thinking that the Essendope team doesn't look too impressive on paper. Then remember their VFL team beat us last season. Sigh.
  5. Must be a decent chance to be a late out. Would prefer his fat ass played though.
  6. Melksham a better option than Harmes or Stretch? Dear lord.
  7. Exactly. Our midfield looks incredible and Essendon will need to do their homework.
  8. Oh it will happen soon enough. Nothing is surer.
  9. It is the latter. Collingwood are a terrible, terrible team. Also the most boring in the comp.
  10. Our back 6 on paper is the best we have assembled in many, many years. And that is without Hunt and Salem in it. Those two guys playing up the ground are so dangerous. No more negativity. We will annihilate the druggos.
  11. Beat the drug cheats and we will smash through 40k on Monday.
  12. I amn starting to feel confident about this match after a week of gloom - its a great feeling to have Lewis and Hibberds decision making and kicking skills out of the back half. Will add a whole new dimension to the team.
  13. Why didn't Mitch hannan play for Casey last week? He was dropped from the Demon side as i recall, thats what the changes said anyway. Cant recall an injury.
  14. This absolutely has to happen.