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  1. f**cking disgusting performance. i got my a** ripped on here for not signing up last year and guess what? i still ain't signed up to this dog [censored] team. we wont pass 8 wins again, game over, rebuild, new coach, new players, who f**cng cares anymore??? on a side note well done Jesse, been a long time since I've seen a demon kick a real bag.
  2. and the second half of the season slide begins.....time to look away as things won't get any better from here
  3. pathetic. I'm done. I'm sick of feeling like [censored] every weekend watching this club.
  4. Is it a lot for a supporter to want his team to win more than one week in a row?
  5. The club would move heaven and hell to keep him a demon.
  6. Nice to see a few goals but it's been junk time since the first quarter so who cares???
  7. [censored] we just took our first mark Inside 50 for the game. is that a record?
  8. Please, please, please drop Frawley for the last game next week
  9. There is absolutely zero excitement in this team. I don't even get my weekly hanger from Howe anymore
  10. Simply not AFL standard. If we are going to lose every week can we at least kick some goals? Our scoring is beyond pathetic and it's an embarrassment to the game
  11. i couldnt get it to downlaod but a coach not speaking to the players after the game must be massive?!?!?!
  12. is it wrong of me to wish Jones would leave so he could have success at another club? God knows he deserves it
  13. its either drama queens or silent sufferers. take your pick...
  14. i feel so sorry for the people that think a priority pick will turn around the fortunes of this club. Have they not been watching the last few years? we are so beyond priority pick hope its not funny