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    Oliver doesn't care if you don't like him

    What I love most about our team is that the players never winge or complain, they just roll up to the next contest and go harder when it doesnt go their way. In my view Goodwin sets this standard by never complaining about the umpiring which cascades to the playing group. Compare this to Geelong where the coach carries on like a pork chop, Danger flops around and Ablett winges when he cops some contact. To Selwoods credit he doesnt complain much.
  2. I wonder if Jesse Hogan will wear his Freo scarf to the game and he along with Jeff Farmer get the Freo crowd on board.
  3. chookrat

    My Melbourne highlights from Semi Final

    Draft positions are based on where we finish home and away season. Finals have no bearing.
  4. chookrat

    GF Ballot Barcode

    Thanks, do you know how many priority two members the club has? Im a priority 2 but my three kids are priority 3. Also, if each club has an allocation of 20k each who do the remaining 60k tickets go to? Surely a situation where more than half of the people attending do not support either team is not the ideal atmosphere.
  5. chookrat

    The Jack Viney made me cry thread

    Viney is an absolute bull. Love the unbridled joy on his face belting out the team song.
  6. chookrat


    I wonder if Carltons sponsors have asked for less Friday nigjt exposure to help minimise damage to their brand?
  7. chookrat

    Vanders- What a Gun, Tough Story

    Lets make sure that tomorrow 50,000 of us make sure he knows we support him. What an amazing character to persivere under such a difficult and tragic period.
  8. chookrat

    Alex Neal-Bullen

    ANB is underrated here for his workrate and pressure. Without guys lik him our system would not work. He also gets on the end of scoring chains and decent around goal.
  9. chookrat

    Is Goodwin the right guy....

    I think Goodwin is doing okay. A slight negative is that we did not do the camp. We should have been like Adelaide and did our camp. Fugazi.
  10. chookrat

    Post Match Discussion - Elimination Final

    I feel it too, a stirring in my loins
  11. Ch 7 does not take requests but can record it on Foxtel
  12. chookrat

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    A benefit of being on the Sandringham line. Im carrying a spare scarf for a Carlton supporter that sill be watching the game with me and another mate. A condition of supplying extra ticket was that they wear a Melbourne scarf and face paint. Lots of anxious energy, need a drink.
  13. chookrat

    GAMEDAY - Elimination Final

    Ive been too anxious to read about footy all week and now that im about to head into the game have only just opened demonland. Need alchohol.
  14. chookrat

    Our Holy Trinity

    What a great and classic movie scene, amazing acting and costumes, looks at least as good as Avengers Infinity Wars too.
  15. In fairness it is not easy to find a reliable au-pair that speaks fluent French and will work for below minimum wage. Gillion for PM.
  16. chookrat

    Open Mike with Mark Neeld on Fox Footy (4/9)

    An interesting proposition - could Neeld be appointed to top clubs in a senior football capacity as an equalisation measure of sorts?
  17. chookrat

    Key tactical issues v Geelong

    How do we combat Abblet's persistent wingeing to the umpires every time he cops some physical contact?
  18. chookrat

    Bernie Vince Retires

    An absolute Champion who is loved by both clubs he played for and the public in general. My favourite was his job on Danger in hi first game against Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.
  19. chookrat

    Go and get Gaff!

    Tom Morris is an attention seeker and average journalist
  20. chookrat

    Petracca in a rut?

    Petracca's ability to close down space, pressure and win the ball in 1 v 2 and 1 v 3 situations is the most exciting part of his impressive form over the past month or two. He also never loses his feet.
  21. chookrat

    Demonland Player of the Year - Round 23

    1. Harmes 2. Gawn 3. Petracca 4. Frost 5. Brayshaw 6. Oliver And to think only four or five years ago wed struggle to find more than three players worthy of votes.
  22. chookrat

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Haha, ive been walking around the house singing it while getting the boys ready for bed. Its quite a catchy tune.
  23. chookrat

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves ok.
  24. chookrat

    Round 23 Non MFC Games

    With Ports loss we are now guaranteed to play in September. Well done boys.