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  1. This thread is eerily quiet for this time of the year. Spooky
  2. Who would have thought At the start of this season that TMac is the player we would want kicking a crunch goal. Weird season upon us
  3. Bit stiff, solid 20 touches, lays some, carresses it down his throat
  4. Given his coach is a Scott brother, he is merely mimicking the behaviour of his leader.
  5. How good is Jetta
  6. Jake the Snake Melksham!!
  7. The Collywobbles will Buckley under the pressure and we win by 100
  8. Masher, just pointing out that the list is a sore spot for Melbourne supporters and is really a documented manifest proving the existence of the Norm Smith curse. Maybe Hird will present the medal on the day and break the curse.
  9. Where are the Melbourne players?
  10. The Norm Smith medal is awarded not based on integrity but to the best player in the Grand Final. Hird was the best player on the day and it is his turn based on the tradition the AFL has had in place for many years, so he should present the medal.
  11. Confess your sins James and you shall receive the mothers mercy
  12. It sends a better message than ostracising people who make mistakes for eternity. This can be a positive to raise awareness of doping, governance and mental health.
  13. Sue, irrespective of his actions as head coach of the EFC, Hird is still a legend of the game and has certainly paid the price for his role in the clubs doping program. I think this can be a good thing especially when we consider players speaking up re mental health and I think Hird could contribute positively to the topic.
  14. Haha, saw this on the AFL site and laughed at the storm it would create here. Personally I don't have a problem with it given he did win the medal and is next in line to present. It would be different if the AFL singled him out to award the medal.
  15. Adelaide at TIO is a great opportunity to scrap out another win. Tyson and/or Watts will be important ins to improve clearance differential and improve our ball movement. The rest of the game will be based on pressure, intensity and execution on our game plan across the 22. We are good enough to win but it will not be easy.