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  1. Training 19/4

    If this is the case then I say lets throw caution to the wind and play him v Richmond. Whats the worst that could happen.
  2. Breaking down the 15 goals to 1

    While the tactical moves are important we got smashed because we didnt work hard enough to win the ball and find space and we didnt work hard enough to shut down Hawthorns run. There are issues with our backline working as a cohesive unit which have caused us to cough up easy goals and we have been poor in convertong from inside 50 entries but to say our gameplan is fundamemtally flawed is a gross over exaggeration.
  3. Missed Opportunity - ANZAC Eve Crowd

    Not sure we will lose numbers, we might sign up some of the 10,000 lost members who perhaps used to be members because they felt it was ironic to barrack for Melbourne.
  4. Shame on Bernie for making a joke. The players should be packed onto a bus, blind folded and made go listen to every single Mark Neeld post match press conference as preparation for the game on Tuesday night.
  5. Shepherding the man on the mark

    Cant we simply man the man manning the mark?

    We won the first quarter and looked very sharp, with Jones tag keeping Mitchell quiet. Kent also kicked a bag of 3 and Hogan had his way in the midfield. A blacked out after that, did we win?

    Yes, we won the toss!! Good start, im pumped!!!
  8. Left behind again - ground upgrades

    I would say we should hold our horses. Recent announcement that we have sold assets and will reinvest the money rather than pay down debt says to me something big is in the works.
  9. Josh Wagner

    Cant tell if serious
  10. Training week commencing 9 April

    Thanks Demon77
  11. Training week commencing 9 April

    Is the team training today? Im in Richmond with my 5yold for brekkie and a few rounds of rock paper sissors and thought wed check out training if its on before heading home
  12. Gawn: How Jones Saved Me

    Nice read. Gawn has grown so much as a player and has been superb this season. His ruck craft, workrate and leadership yesterday were unbelievable and seeing a bloke his size lay some big tackles would be very uplifting.
  13. How do we STOP Ben Brown?

    Let Ben Brown kick as many goals as he wants. He might rack up lots of goals, but are they really that damaging?
  14. If I was an umpire i'd much prefer to cop an occasional spray like the one from Lewis than to have Ablett winge to me every time he is beaten to the ball or tackled. The umpire should award a free kick against wingeing.