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  1. Kick the dog
  2. Bring in Juice Newton for the Weed! He'd kick 4 in the first quarter and between him and Hogan could clear the ball out of our backline into our forward 50 by clunking massive contested grabs!! Neddy could simply run out the back and take an easy kick from our goal square. We'd kick at least 30 goals this way!!
  3. They might have meant Jesse Hogan but got him and Jake the Snake mixed up.
  4. Throw in Terlich to seal the deal
  5. The AFL did better than a priority pick by facilitating PJ into our club. Because we were fined for bringing the game into disrepute by "not tanking" and had screwed up with so many high draft picks the AFL was never going to offer a priority pick to provide another high draft pick. That we got a first rounder (pick 2) for Frawley was a good outcome. Brisbane need a PJ and Roos more than they need draft picks. If they fold it will be a tragedy for the game given what Fitzroy becoming the Bears did to their supporters. On a positive I think I'm cured of MFCSS as I no longer relish in other clubs misery unless it is Carlton, North or Hawthorn.
  6. Lol - with us Collingwood when scores are tied Fitzy serves up tunnel ball, while with Hawthorn when game is in the line he wins crucial clearance and streams out of the centre to kick a running bomb 60 metres out.
  7. Perhaps we are wrapping him in cotton wool before he goes to Richmond?
  8. I wonder if the umpires will interpret his tunnel ball move favourably if he does it wearing yellow and brown?
  9. I'd keep Trenners and offer Grimes a player / development role at Casey, assuming he wants to move into Coaching/development.
  10. The umpiring was pretty good yesterday. We lost the free count because we were second to the ball.
  11. The AFL should play this round in Russia, a good way to grow our game internationally and a fitting return for the drug cheats.
  12. Can we offer up Dawes and Terlich?
  13. This is the worst post I have ever read
  14. Perhaps we can engineer a 3 way trade with Collingwood and Richmond where we end up with Vykery and Jesse White. They will provide enormous comedy value and we could offer Terlich and a late pick.