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  1. GAMEDAY - Round 22

    First game I'm actually able to get to this year, looking forward to it but gee in nervous!
  2. Training - Monday 9th November, 2015

    "Declan" keilty. Went to school with him. Always outstanding in school footy, but haven't seen him since year 12 in 2013. Always had a massive standing and running jump on him though! Could possibly become a replacement for Howe?
  3. Post Match Discussion - Round 8

    Very impressed with spencer and fitzy today. If they can play like that more often they're in the 22. Pedersen is so far ahead of dawes at the moment. Toump showed a bit which was great. Vandenberg is a truely great find, does just about everything well. Hogan should finally get his nomination after today, very impressive. going to be scary when he fills out even further. Great all round performance, go dees!

    I was sure he'd be well gone by pick40, let alone pick 53! Good get dees
  5. Draft Coverage

    I know you could follow it live on the afl website for free last year. Don't know about this year though
  6. Demonland Supercoach 2015 Comp.

    You can confirm me as being in for 2015
  7. Boys on the Track!

    I'm pretty sure I saw spencer and another player last Wednesday doing a whole heap of laps with a couple of coaches looking on too.
  8. Pre Season Draft

    Out of those I'd have a look at petrenko, polkinghorne, Goodes, or Schroder. Nobody else really grabs my attention.
  9. Lewis Johnston

    Couldn't find a thread on this guy so thought I'd start one. Recently delisted by the crows after a bad run of injuries. Been described as having one of the best set shots for goals. Not a big forward bit still got a bit of size about him. He's only 23 so he theoretically should be coming into his prime, and we'd be able to pick him up for nothing. Thoughts?
  10. Two Metre Peter

    Only judging mcCartin and wright by the highlight packages of them, but going from those wright has a lot more going for him. Mccartins highlights have a lot of him missing set shots, and if that's what they can come up with to show him off then I don't like what I see. Wright has a good kick on him for his size and uses his size well, and I'd say would be a safer bet if we were to draft one of the two.

    He may've done the wrong thing after all we've done to help him through his depression, but to wish the worst for him is going too far.
  12. Tim Membrey

    Brad green was 184cm, and tim membrey is 188cm. Brad green, while not being a dominant forward was still able to hold his own and kick a couple of goals a game for us as well as moving through the middle a bit, and I think membrey could be similar for us as green was.
  13. Bombers scandal: charged, <redacted> and <infracted>

    Went over to bomberblitz to see the meltdown, and either I'm blind or they don't have any threads on the whole drugs saga. Seems they're all putting their heads in the sand
  14. Nick Malceski

    Are you seriously going to right him off after 2 bad kicks in one game? You obviously haven't been paying much attention to him in any other games. One of the best rebounding half backs in the AFL.
  15. Cameron Ling

    The difference between ling and most great players is he wasn't blessed with great skills from the start. He had to work very hard to improve himself and got the absolute most out of himself. I'd like to think as a coach he might be able to do the same with others.