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  1. To be honest it's the NRL who are absolutely dependent upon pokies. AFL has a opening to ditch them if it has the stomach for it. Can't see it happening
  2. only one of the Collingwood games was a home game... so that makes three games. 50k at the MCG is bare minimum ... it's not a great payday when the break even factor is around 25k You need to regularly punch into the near sell out numbers so you can sell the reserved seats (not sure why "[censored]" was censored. It refers to the punishment commonly inflicted on sailors and others in the 18/19th century)
  3. Melb vs Hawks 1990 5 goals in 4 minutes

    Great to watch We really should have won the flag in 1990 but we fluffed it.
  4. Here's another site that has the same figures but an easier and bigger break out. Adelaide tops or near tops many areas. For example its revenue from games played is 22M against ours of 7M. It's 4th in the sponsorship stakes and doubles us in that area. http://www.footyindustry.com/?page_id=2946 The revenue from pokies has the affect of skewing the figures in the sense that the profit margin relative to turn over on pokies is low. It doesn't need to be high as the real measure is return on investment not turnover. The writing is on the wall about AFL and pokies. Only takes some pressure from the big sponsors and clubs will be forced to give up that little earner. Port Adelaide only gets a small pokie revenue (probably goes to the local Magpies) but other than them no interstate club is on the pokies spiral.
  5. how many home games do we get that attract more than 50k. Collingwood and Richmond (recently) To make money you need to create a rarity factor ... we will not get it at the MCG Love the MCG myself but financially it is not a good fit for MFC
  6. It's dramatic for many on this Forum who consider the MCG tenancy sacrosanct. Unfortunately it's no longer a discriminator and we very rarely get crowds (50k plus) that make it buzz financially. It's worthwhile remembering that even Essendon have a shared ground concept with the their army of supporters
  7. Move to a boutique stadium at which we make significant money with 35k attendees and go to the MCG for a few blockbusters. Dramatic but if you think for a moment it's our only chance. Hopefully it could be a new stadium built in the Olympic area.
  8. LDC .. your idea has merit but as our numbers increase so too will those of the power clubs. The laws of mathematics says that in raw terms membership of the power clubs will increase far more than ours. To have any real impact we would need to emulate the success of Hawthorn and go through a period of success of around 40 years. Unlikely but nice to dream about.
  9. Sale perhaps but we are not developers. The problem with a sale is that it would give you a few million which is a drop in the bucket from an investment return basis. Unfortunately the answer lies in increasing the return per supporter which means creating a rarity factor ( Geelong). You cannot rely on ad hoc tin rattling anymore. There are so many problems with the MFC from a financial modelling viewpoint it is hard to know where to start. Some continued on field success will not alone fix the problem but it might make the journey a little easier.
  10. 2018 Membership Thread

    Essendon reported a record profit of $5 million today. In a few years that will probably be $20 million as they "monetise" their membership base. The AFL will try to cap football department spending in theory but that money has to go somewhere and somehow I don't suspect it's going into the suburban leagues. Perhaps they could reduce the price of their reserved seats?
  11. Apparently these were the most popular names in 1999 .... the chances of a "jack" look high Joshua, var. Joshuah▼, .. 8 more2.Jack, var. Jacky, .. 7 more3.Lachlan4.▲2Thomas, var. Tomas▼, .. 23 more5.▲2James, var. Jaimie, .. 27 more6.▼2Matthew, var. Mathew▼, Mathieu▼, .. 32 more7.▼2Daniel, var. Danial▼, .. 19 more8.newNicholas, var. Nicholaus new, .. 60 more9.▲1William, var. Willem▼, .. 33 more10.▼1Benjamin, Read more at http://www.thinkbabynames.com/popular/1/australia/1999#Uwz1C2pyAYJsaCLl.99
  12. The Irish

    Forgot it was on but I did enjoy the NRL last night
  13. Spring Carnival Caulfield

    Ah ... the old Sandown races. Do they still run the Sandown Cup? I remember some of the cup horses used to run in it so as to pay their expenses etc. I hear that the old place may be sold for housing. Perhaps they could extend the place across the road. (The crematorium). Many years ago in a job I had, the people at the Springvale cemetery asked for my advice on how to make the cemetery more family friendly. They were thinking of bike rides etc to increase the cafe patronage. Even offered me a tour out the back which I politely declined.
  14. The Irish

    To be honest lists were a lot bigger in those days and you could have more spec players on your list. Perhaps the AFL needs an academy in Ireland. Pity that Ireland is not a big draw country. Imagine if say Canada or France had a Gaelic tradition and were then available for growing the game. In the future I am worried that the power clubs will be able to spend money on overseas development. In return they will demand a form of exclusivity. After all there is a limit on how many local netball teams you can fund.
  15. The Soccer thread

    Some more great news. I booked for Kazan simply because it looked like a nice relatively small city and it has direct flights to Dubai. Being reported today that the Socceroos will be based in Kazan so we are odds on to see at least one of their matches. All I need is the Dees to do well next year and 2018 could be a very good year PS On closer reading they picked Kazan before qualifying so it will be just luck if they play there. Fingers crossed.
  16. The Soccer thread

    Wow......... I now have tickets for Russia for the Group stage and the round of 16 for myself and my son. Over the moon. My tickets are venue specific and are for the city of Kazan which is the Tartar capital of Russia. Never know I may be able to get to a Australian match as well. Now for the airlines and accomodation. Airbnb apartments in Russia are a little basic by the looks of things but hell the vodka is cheap.
  17. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    no problem with that theory except in the "development area" You cannot carry that many "development" players
  18. Ben Simmons

    Interesting article on Simmons in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/nov/15/how-philadelphias-ben-simmons-is-making-such-an-impact-in-the-nba They did highlight that the strategy these days is all about the three point game. Hard to imagine Gold at the Olympics or even silver. Maybe bronze.
  19. 2008 Redrafted

    so 3 out of the top 10 are still ranked in the revised top 10. Not sure Nic Nat deserves a number 2 ranking. I would have him around 8 based on the revised list and maybe rank him one or two higher based on that horrible word.... "potential." His absence from the 2017 season makes it more difficult to rank him. One also has to wonder whether he will come back with that incredible vertical leap after such a long injury.
  20. Draft Pick #29 (ex 27)

    No thanks we have two project ruckmen already plus the Weed as another development project: Target is simple.... rank the outside mids and it is best available when 29 comes around.
  21. The Soccer thread

    one could say never in doubt but of course it wasn't. At last the Aussies got the rub of the green but they deserved it as they made their own luck. Well predicted Macca. Now all I need is some tickets to Russia in tomorrow night's draw
  22. SSM postal vote

    Wasn't a number one issue for me but had no trouble voting yes. Bit concerned that the were 40% almost against in the sense that my take was that you had to be really against the concept to vote no. Anyway it's done now and time to move on to governing and please don't get me started on the dual citizenship fiasco (Only in Australia !!)
  23. The Scrapping of the Bounce is Imminent

    Now you're talking DS..... AFL in Westworld ... bring it on
  24. Team Melbourne

    we missed that about five years ago... we could have been the mother and daughter club but we didn't see it coming that horse has well and truly bolted
  25. The Soccer thread

    Milan is a wonderful city and the stadium has tours and a museum. I was there in August but it was just too hot. The club websites are well used to foreign ticket enquiries so that could be a good place to start. You may find the big clubs have a local supporters club in Australia which could also be a great source of leads. Sounds like a great trip. Don't forget the Lords cricket museum. Not very big but some very special exhibits.