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  1. The problem with final predictions other than the up and down form of the team itself is the inconsistent form of the rest of the competition. If asked at the start of the year who would slip out of the 8 from last year most of us had North and probably Hawthorn. Who would have picked the Swans as a struggler. As others have identified there are only two certainties for the 8 at present ... namely Crows and GWS. I still think West Coast is a probability given the home ground advantage. To this one can add the Bulldogs as a probability but not a certainty. As to the remaining four places they are just guesswork. The two leaders are Geelong and Port leaving two spots being filled by any combination of Swans, Essendon, Richmond us and St Kilda. Then throw in North who seem to have more lives than the proverbial cat.As to the order of the last six teams and who will and won't get road games that is impossible to predict. To me the end of round 15 is the key .... if we can win 3 out of the next 4 our chances for the 8 will be very strong. Win two and we are still breathing. Win one and that is probably the end of the finals dream Personally while making the 8 is good I will be disappointed if after making the 8 we do no make it to the third round of finals. This year is more open than ever. While bulldogs were an upset last year this year could go to any team in the 8.
  2. Weather looking good for Sunday... might go along. Is there a special item of cuisine for which Coburg Oval is famous a la the Casey bacon and egg roll. Are the players who played in Alice Springs eligible for selection. Some of the fringe players might benefit from a hit out.
  3. Spot on... the sooner they win a flag the better it will be for the other teams in the sense that GWS will be well and truly raided. My only concern is that they will receive high draft picks in return for the leaving players and the dominance will continue for a few more years. The are like the mythical hydra.... cut off a head and another two grow back !! The way to beat GWS is to squeeze the life out of the game .... (the ultra flood etc) if you let them run free they will cut any side to pieces. WC nearly succeeded last night.
  4. Aaron Davies (Flash) while recognised as a very good player does not perhaps get the credit he deserves. As well as being a great field kick and a prolific goal kicker he redefined (invented) the role of the defensive forward. Until then backmen would stroll out of the backline with the big forward lumbering behind them. Flash used his blistering pace to run the backman down completely changing the pace of the game for backmen. Few players can be said to have that much of an impact on the way the game is played. All that from an elevated rookie.
  5. The Orange men march on Not a bad win and they still have quite a few to come back WC played a great style of game against them by closing down the forward half and then counterattacking. GWS' game reminded me of the Lions at their best when they would deliberately play for stoppages and out of bounds. If you think about it for a moment it is a great tactic for halving the zone and if you have better stoppage players it is a real percentage play.
  6. http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/sport/afl/federal-government-asked-to-fund-majority-of-70-million-final-stage-of-simonds-stadium-redevelopment/news-story/36f8ac38059bf5c6b0aaa0d8c9646832 THE Federal Government will be called on to pick up the majority of the tab for the last stage in the Simonds Stad­ium redevelopment. The stage five project, which would upgrade the city end’s Ford Stand and Gary Ablett Terrace, would modernise the remaining old areas of the stadium. In a welcome change for the club, the Cats will take more of a back seat in funding neg­otiations, deferring to the controlling Kardinia Park Stadium­ Trust. .................................... Mr Cook said the State Government had largely carried the cost of the four stages of the stadium rebuild, contributing $120 million of the $200 million spend. “It is really the Federal Government’s turn — I think they acknowledge that.” The stadium’s capacity will reach 40,000 through stage five of the project, which will cost about $70 million.
  7. Collingwood had 39 scoring shots to Brisbane's 19 so perhaps the 45 point win does not do justice to their dominance Certainly wont be a walk in the park on QB. With luck they could start favourites !!
  8. The money comes at an enormous cost in the form of lost exposure in the Melbourne market. It is short term survival stuff. A $20 levy on supporters would see this gone. Hell.... Essendon supporters pay that for the add on cost of reserving a seat at one of the lesser matches
  9. just to clarify ... I edited to $100 per attendee but that is still real money that could be spent on a multitude of problems facing the territory No tax breaks for the NT Govt.... they don't pay taxes As I posted yesterday .... Mildura has a bigger population than Alice Springs
  10. Brisbane playing the Pies into form Darcy M with 2 goals 2 behinds
  11. so at a reported figure of $500K plus travel expenses that is $100 per attendee. Somehow I think the NT government has better things on which to spend its money. And please don't tell me they make it from Tourism ..... how many people watched that game against say two or three ads during the Richmond v Collingwood game
  12. Casey play Coburg at Coburg at 2pm on June 4 (next week). Will be interesting to see who of the MFC players line up. Not sure what rules there are but given that there is then an 8 day break until QB game I would not mind seeing the revolving doors (those three or four players who go in and out of the team .... Bugg, Harmes, ANB. Kent, Kennedy etc ) all playing for Casey and the best make the QB game. If it's a nice day it might be worth a trip https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coburg_City_Oval One anomaly is that Casey then has a six day break until it plays Collingwood at Casey on 10 June.... another interesting dilemna for how the QB emergencies are selected/played
  13. bit of a disappointing crowd..... 5000 was reported on the TV. A bit of a difference from the crowd at the MCG last night. Cannot understand how the NT government can justify the spend .... bread and circus for the masses but the masses don't attend As you can see I don't like these peripatetic games. For those who can remember it we pioneered the selling of home games when we sold our soul (home game) to Brisbane. Believe it or not the biggest complaint was from other clubs who objected to us gifting another win to the then all powerful Lions On a separate note... time to really pressure the AFL to relocate the Suns to Tasmania. A second team in the Brisbane greater area is an almost certain failure from a following viewpoint. A 30K stadium in Hobart a la Kardinia Park would be a great venue
  14. We are not a young team .... we are almost the same average age as all the other teams Our problem is that a number of our better players are young..... testimony to our woeful performance over so many years
  15. To impact the finals series ( and to make it there) we need to get consistently good efforts from our bottom six players. Ask yourselves how many times has our notional bottom six featured in the top six (or even top 10) players for a game. Our bottom six is in fact a bottom ten and we move 3 or 4 in and out each week