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  1. Diamond_Jim

    Calling All MCC Members

    why shouldn't we know the arrangements. One organisation, the MCG trust is a state government appointed body and the other is a community owned football club
  2. Diamond_Jim

    AFLX Revamped

    Far too nice about a failed concept...yes I think we can say that this one has failed before it even started. No magical cricket under lights a la the World Series Cricket for this monstrosity. As to expansion the AFL are involved in subsidised trade missions to China and a lesser extent India. The games are sidelines,
  3. Diamond_Jim

    Harmsey Ready to Wreak Havoc Again

    To me Harmes and ANB remind me a little of the Febey twins in the late 80's. Both pairs went from being okay to very solid contributors with the ability every now and then to really turn it on. I know it's cliched but getting that bottom 6-10 players up by a couple of notches is where the coaching staff earn their dollars.
  4. Diamond_Jim

    AFLX Revamped

    Just got an email from the AFL offering me a free ticket to the AFLX as an AFL member. Savouring the delights of Kolkata at present so I will have to give it a miss.How disappointing. I suspect the ticket sales are not exactly booming.
  5. Diamond_Jim

    AFLW: Rd 3 vs Brisbane

    That Freo win against Collingwood has not done our finals chances any good. As others have mentioned there seems to be some disparity between the two conferences
  6. Diamond_Jim

    Foxtel Sports aka Kayo

    According to the Whirlpool site the Android TV app will be available prior to season start. I can imagine they are having trouble making the app compatible with all makes of TV. If it is anything like the ABC app and Samsung TV's I can understand. The other thing that is becoming obvious is that they are not offering the full Foxtel with all its bells and whistles. It is the Foxtel Now product with perhaps better HD. As such you get channel 7 coverage if they are broadcasting an AFL match (including ads) and no easy recording. The whirlpool discussion on Kayo is now over 200 pages ! Plenty of discussion on the playing media along with syncing issues. https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/thread/2763582?p=215
  7. Diamond_Jim

    Sam Weideman

    sage words Mr Chook In a strange way we are in a similar position to Collingwood with Mason Cox. Like Cox, Sam W had a good finals series but the jury is still out on their long term impact on the game. Looking forward to seeing how Sam goes as a full time member of the senior team.
  8. Diamond_Jim

    The Soccer thread

    A very thought provoking article from the Guardian about the ownership of various soccer clubs and their potential use as soft power in the world of international politics. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/feb/15/sportswashing-europes-biggest-clubs-champions-league-owners-sponsors-uefa Seems that only the German fans are pushing back... Must say if I was living in Europe I might be looking to follow a local second division team. "These facts on ownership, partners and practices are presented simply as information. At the end of which two things leap out. First, the level of actual English interest in the world’s top club football is negligible. Not one of the four Premier League clubs involved is majority owned by a company or individual based the UK. There are no major UK sponsors. All England is really offering here is some staging, a little colour and heritage. The actual property is all located elsewhere "
  9. Diamond_Jim

    New Major Sponsor - Jaguar CONFIRMED

    Doing my annual winter trip to India at present. Yeah it's different and it's unbelievably hot outside the November to March period. Almost every truck is a Tata so there's scope to think laterally if we want to bring in the brawn. Not that many years ago who had ever heard of Isuzu.
  10. Diamond_Jim

    AFLW on the main board

    A big thank you Andy... I'm sure you have already thought it but a podcast from one of the AFLW team would not go astray. On a separate note I hope the club is busy getting some oral histories from the 1964 team.I hope they all make 100 but the youngest is probably 70. They would make a wonderful archive to the MFC website. Just arrived in Kolkata. Took the ferry from the Howrah train station across the mighty Hooghly river and then caught a cab past Eden Gardens. It has a certain resonance with the MCG. Not sure I have seen too much advertising for the upcoming AFLX series but one never knows !!
  11. Diamond_Jim

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    thought I could recall him retiring...thanks obviously still can play the game
  12. Diamond_Jim

    Kangaroos Intra Club 13th February

    Didn't realise Boomer was going around for another year. A truly good/great player who always gives you a good game. For years I would lament that you could not point at any Melbourne player and say they would play well irrespective of a win or loss.I think in the likes of Oliver and perhaps one or two others (Jetta) we can start to say that about some of the Melbourne players. Shows we are moving in the right direction. Thanks Saty for an interesting thread
  13. Diamond_Jim

    AFLW on the main board

    That is a very sensible compromise and we could see how we go. Not sure if the site can handle simultaneous threads in both forums but if so that would be a fantastic outcome. Even the naysayers would have been happy with beating Collingwood at Victoria Park last week. It does take time for the game to evolve but as we have seen with women's cricket and soccer it can and will happen.
  14. Diamond_Jim

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Thanks Saty the use of drones is an obvious one when you think of it for getting that overall movement of the ball angle Body cams is an interesting one too Cheers
  15. Diamond_Jim

    Training - Tuesday 12th February, 2019

    Hi I would be interested to hear from the regulars how they think training and in particular the use of training aids has developed over recent years. Do for example they use the ball shooter that they were using for one of the entertainment comps at the quarter breaks etc. Thanks