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  1. Diamond_Jim

    Finals Tickets

    that gives the top 4 a two day break advantage when it only needs to be one. Didn't realise they did that last year. I was still getting over Round 23.
  2. Diamond_Jim

    Finals Tickets

    Interesting concept the Thursday night.... Presumably the next week will be Friday and Saturday night. The loser of the matches between the top four will most likely be rewarded by the longer break but I assume it will only be one day extra. So I think you can have a good guess at working out the order
  3. Diamond_Jim

    Trade HOGAN

    Ah the experts are now where many of us were at a few weeks back. Interesting that King mentions trading Jess for pick 7...easy decision ....No. It gets harder for Freo's next 2 first rounders ..but I would want to be sure about the AFL's position on priority picks for Carlton and the Suns. Would also be influenced by what we could ontrade for given the spare salary cap. A mature club looks at these things with a hard head.
  4. Diamond_Jim

    Finals Tickets

    thanks ... now I see GWS cannot make the four irrespective of who wins between Hawks and Swans
  5. Diamond_Jim

    Finals Tickets

    Win and we most likely play Geelong at the MCG Lose and we most likely play GWS in Sydney at the Sydney showgrounds. Am I correct .... assuming Geelong and Collingwood win which are both high probabilities? PS: Oh wait a minute that Hawks v Sydney game can change a few things ...my head is hurting
  6. Diamond_Jim

    Which Dee has X-Factor?

    Hogan when he has a 29 possession... 4 goal game Enough to win finals .... if only After that... Brayshaw and of course Oliver. Petracca could be but we certainly haven't seen it yet.
  7. Fascinating ....now one of the fans' favourite players
  8. Diamond_Jim

    Changes v GWS Giants

    There are two VFL games to be played before the first final. Garlett would need to be in the best for both and then maybe. His VFL form last weekend was bordering on woeful. Must admit it's hard to think of many VFL games where he contributed much let alone starred. The game against Frankston was okay but not too many others spring to mind. An enigma to say the least.
  9. Diamond_Jim

    Changes v GWS Giants

    makes sense... didn't realise that it required AFL approval. I thought it was open slather re using players if you were still in the finals. (Another quirk of the bye.)
  10. Diamond_Jim


    From the commentary I believe he also made McGovern accountable by having Melksham play as a defensive forward unlike Aliir the previous week
  11. Diamond_Jim

    Changes v GWS Giants

    No change.... wonderful phrase Forecast for next Sunday.... 19 and light winds.... perfect day for footy
  12. Diamond_Jim

    Hell NO... blues and the priority draft pick

    Looks like the momentum is building and it's just a question of where the picks occur. GCS could quite possibly get three picks in the first 5 or 6 and Carlton 2. http://www.afl.com.au/news/2018-08-19/bevo-disappointed-if-priority-picks-impact-draft
  13. Diamond_Jim


    6PR commentators in their post match show are saying that Vandenberg should get a week. Late and an elbow
  14. Diamond_Jim


    Well done Dees..... flying back to Oz next week and will be coming to the MCG to watch the GWS game with my fellow Dees supporters. Let's go into this final series with momentum and belief. Go Dees
  15. Diamond_Jim

    GAMEDAY - Round 22

    is it safe to turn on the radio now ?