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  1. puntkick

    Christian Petracca is annoying

    I'd like to watch him whats his number ?
  2. Go Pro this is your most conciliatory post ever !
  3. puntkick

    Umpire Report

    Nah they're playing an AFL franchise club on their home ground, nothing to see here ! Maybe later ?
  4. puntkick

    Billy Stretch - Stress Fracture / Toe

    Mostly in the mouth !
  5. puntkick

    Angus Brayshaw

    No but the little maestro might want to come home to us eventually if the price was Philld !
  6. puntkick

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    You had to think about it !
  7. puntkick

    Changes vs Western Bulldogs

    Anyone with a spare quid give Dan Watts at the MFC a call he'll give you a $200 ticket in the $30.000 draw
  8. puntkick

    Fun fact

    34 to go but they might beat you yet!
  9. puntkick

    Injury List - Season 2018

    Therein lies the problem again !
  10. puntkick

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 17

    Geeze I,d like to be at Etihad !
  11. puntkick

    Demons in the Media

    Well there ya go, I was only concerned with the revival !
  12. puntkick

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Ably qualified
  13. puntkick

    Run home to Finals - 2018

    We'll be right, the pain of the loss in round 23 still burns like a pain in the guts !
  14. puntkick

    Round 17 Non MFC Games

    Speaking of arrogance I cant wait for Tom Elliott to be their next president !
  15. puntkick

    Bernie keen to lure Sloane to the Dees

    I had a quiet chuckle that Price Gibbs was the second happiest in the room !