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  1. Tassie Saturday V Norf

    My Hobart rumour is that it sold out a week ago, best you check out GA availability before hitting the skies. I landed last night. Had an interesting flight with the Pres of the Glenorchymagpies and one of Jimmy's Hobart Dees supporting Irish mates. Now all I'm hoping for is a win on Saturday and no localised Gnasher penalty points !
  2. MATCH REPORT - Round 17

    At least not in years gone bye we're still sweatin it out. Go you good things DEES and may the force be with you and yours
  3. AFL ask Hird to present Norm Smith Medal

    Of course it will be a liquid moment, there'll be brown chocolate everywhere !
  4. Jesse Hogan's Return

    It's time to not give that goose any more time .Please revert to whatever and proceed with you're great posts .
  5. How's everyone coping?

    I'm chitten briks ! But as confident as a catholic cardinal in ballarat !
  6. Looking ahead .. the Path to September

    Really , well I'll be stuffed !
  7. Jesse Hogan's Return

    Lust like your avatar ! lol !
  8. David Zaharakis

    Yeah where ?
  9. Collingwood and the Holden Centre

    This a very pressing issue to be addressed now . When we win the flag where the hell do we go to celebrate the the occasion ? The MCC in their wisdom will shut their joint up. MFC a division of the MCC as long as they like it until then ! After 5pm what happens next , Do we just wander down to Gosche's paddock or Aami and go " Go Dees " Where the hell do we turn up on sunday to celebrate our flag ? Sadly I don't think the MFC's got the ability to address. If you think I'm getting ahead of myself then look back in September !
  10. The Dom Barry Thread

    My memory might be fading but isn't that what Garry saw as the marsterplan in his incisive appraisal !

    Notwitihstanding we've had a good run outa 7 recently on fta.tv Hopefully Jason Bennett is the next bruce. What i'd really like to see for the rest of the year is 7 admit that lethal,ling,basil,wayne,and ( names escapes me ) that 2 tryhards from Sydney and Essendon are nfg'd . Just recall the burbling fisherman and stick him on with the Wowee and Brian would be happy to go roaming !
  12. Key Positions

    Definitely need a Fijian input get nicnat on board !
  13. Anyone Seen Maynard and Filipovic Together??

    Hope they're not out together drinking like the other 4 !
  14. How's everyone coping?

    Think Downer came home on the return flight with the Elisabethean. Try ringing the Abbott he's on the return flight. Apart from that I'm holding my head above water atm just like the Dees
  15. David Zaharakis

    Enough bombers on our mission ta very muchly !