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  1. Soidee

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Anyone bother listening to FM? Almost every station has moronic comedians every morning laughing at their own jokes and frankly make up childish non funny stuff. I guess many have a short attention span. If you want decent radio with trained broadcasters, tune into UK radio.
  2. Soidee

    Gerard Whately is a Moron

    Damn site better than listening to bogans on the radio! He has a few smarts which intimidates the bogans. Plenty of ex AFL players on radio that are poo!
  3. Soidee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    I made my point. Great win, move on
  4. Soidee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Give it a rest WB, people are entitled to their view. Stop playing god with your opinion.
  5. Soidee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 7

    Wins are good! We win when we should that’s now done. Still need to get ruthless and not leak goals. Percentage is going to decide our fate. Must not leak late goals.
  6. Soidee

    Round 7 Non MFC games

    About time teams who travel to Perth gave a contest! Holiday time for travelling teams to Perth, eagles just getting a dream run without any serious effort from opposition.
  7. Soidee

    Round 7 Non MFC games

    Why can’t teams play in Perth? The WCE have a dream draw so far! When do they play outside the border of WA! I cannot Believe where they sit on the ladder, simply not that good a team. More road travel in weeks to come may sort them out. As for other teams playing in Perth, the ground is new, so no excuses!
  8. This IS the game we come out and give it to a side lacking confidence, however this club has no trust yet and very likely to cop a touch up. If that happens nobody can trust this team until they can prove their trust. Heart in mouth again for dees supporters.
  9. Soidee

    Dom Tyson

    Tyson did a full pre season before injury. He should be up and about. Expect more from him and time he needs to fire up and get the best out of himself. The other is ANB, he has misfired in the first 6 games, patience running out with him.
  10. Trouble been a MFC supporter is we watch every game with our heart in our mouth. It is decades of inconsistency and not knowing which team will turn up on any given day. The season is on a knife edge and we have to be at our best every week. Beating the Saints, GC and Carlton are simply a must for us to cement our season. I have no idea week to week it’s a lottery and that’s a major concern. If we miss out on the 8 it’s a dismal failure with our list. Supporters of this club are just fatigued with inconsistency. If we are to improve we must win the next 3 then there is a glimmer of hope. At the moment I do not trust this club.
  11. Soidee

    Post Match Discussion - Round 6

    Great to be back on winning list. Lesser lights Hannan, Fritsch showing up more talented players. Mentally now need to re-start season and meet expectations. Tasty to belt the bummers...delicious!
  12. Soidee


    That’s a big part of the problem! No onfield leadership.
  13. Soidee


    I’m convinced this team has no ticker! They are a disgrace of a team.
  14. Soidee

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    Ok he tackles. How many years on the list? Wanna see improvement!
  15. Soidee

    Match Preview and Team Selection - Round 6

    Harmes is a forward and has kicked one goal! He should be dropped, done nothing in 5 weeks.