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  1. True, his development last year was very significant. His challenge is now to sustain that and keep improving. I was personally a bit worried when he took JW's number that things may not have gone the way they did - don't ask me why it was just a feeling - anyway very pleased it played out well for him. I know it is easy in hindsight but I always felt James Harmes would be a good player perhaps not quite to the level he showed late last year. I have also had the same feeling about Jayden Hunt so I'm hoping that he can replicate Harmes' 2018 form rise in 2019
  2. Moves a bit like James Harmes IMO - hopefully plays like him when he gets his chance
  3. Sydee

    Does Height matter that much?

    Probably more relevant to look at height of best 22 for each side rather than height of overall list - some of the guys at the ends of the spectrum are possibly not even going to play AFL in 2019
  4. Great to see BV stick around clearly a popular guy around the club and hopefully helps fast track the young guys to achieve their best at AFL level
  5. Sydee

    The Ox is Excited

    Absolutely love Theox love the unbridled enthusiasm around here but - this competition is incredibly even and tough - we have a particularly difficult draw this year - if there is one team in the AFL that has a capacity to get ahead of itself it is the MFC I would have thought a big fat lid needs to be found quickly - it’s great to be positive but let’s actually achieve something before talking the talk. I think we need to see what this team can deliver in the first half of next season with the weight of expectation firmly on their shoulders - hopefully they don’t let themselves and supporters down.
  6. Sydee

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Ahhh that didn’t end too well !
  7. Sydee

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    Adem Yze says hi too ! Numbers pretty predictable although 12 for young Toby is a big endorsement obviously think the young fella has some talent - hopefully turns out to be Wizard like
  8. Sydee

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Can't wait to see this bloke lift the Cup with Viney!! Ahhhh - Nathan Jones says Hi !
  9. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek - I want all players to train hard and strive to impress the coach I just hate the idea of arguably our most important player getting injured by friendly fire in a training drill - I'm sure you agree
  10. Great but please do not break Max at training trying to impress
  11. My comments / observations are stupid ? Personally I think form over the last 2 years is a relevant indication of what someone can bring to the table. I have said a couple of times I trust the FD and their decision to recruit KK and wish him all the success in the world You can have your opinion and I can have mine but I will not be stupid enough to call your opinion stupid
  12. 2015 is a hell of a long time in AFL just look at our list turnover during that time if you need any further proof btw balic had the benefit of the same winning environment and it meant nothing in terms of him making a go of his chance I am not saying he’s a completely without hope however on the 3 games I was bothered to watch he looked underwhelming and can’t really see why some people are suggesting he’s the answer to our prayers for skilful outside run on the wing Sorry to be the voice of reason and not blindly optimistic
  13. Sydee

    Who will step up in 2019

    I think it’s a bit premature to say Weid has made it he still has a way to go to be considered a real threat to opposition teams on a regular basis - few nice games but much improvement and consistency needed
  14. I have watched 3 entire games that KK played in this year and to be honest remain completely clueless as to what we think he brings to the team. I know this years form may not represent his “potential” and I haven’t really seen much of his best year when he was runner up in their B&F other than a few highlights but I’m really not convinced he is the right fit. I really hope I’m wrong and do have confidence in our FD these days to make good choices but this feels like another Harley Balic potentially I wish him all the best and hope he can turn his football career around quickly
  15. Sydee

    Pass Mark 2019

    We have a particularly hard draw (assuming other teams perform as well as they did this year in 2019). If we make the finals again we will have done well hopefully top 4 then who knows. If we make finals next year given our draw we will have certainly earned it and will have consistently beaten some of this years finalists to get there. If we drop a couple games we should win (a habit that seems hard to break) things may get a bit tough
  16. Interesting I just read that Rodney Eade said he played KK out of position on a wing and his best position was HBF I wonder where that leaves Jordan Lewis ? I would have Hibberd on HBF over anyone else so it’s getting very crowded back there
  17. Sydee

    Tom Sheridan

    Interesting they are cutting a midfielder after losing Neale to Brisbane - don't know much about him but could be a chance
  18. True - he was good but he does kick very short a lot and I also noticed a consistent tendency to kick or handball high to teammates - perhaps that’s something he will work on at MFC he did mention Goodwin had talked about how he could improve aspects of his game perhaps that is one area the guy who played on Buddy was pretty impressive - can’t remember his name #16 I think Weller played well too that day
  19. Sydee

    PICKS # 26 & 31 (formerly # 23 & 28)

    Looks a likely type
  20. I watched the entire suns vs swans game from this year (suns won this btw) KK was pretty disappointing in that game I thought - didn’t do a whole lot even when the team after 1/4 time had one of their best performances of the season He didn’t have great continuity of games I guess this year but still didn’t look any quicker or harder over the ball than Tyson. Hope he has a big pre season and proved me wrong May was pretty good that day but did have a few sloppy turnovers
  21. Sydee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    J Smith I think may get game time
  22. Sydee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Put a line through T Smith as he is a VFL player only - I asked the same question in another post I think we are light on for tall forwards too
  23. Sydee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    I think the real problem is paying too much and losing them for too little - that is the real question
  24. Sydee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    WTF? why bother with a swap of future 4th round picks
  25. Sydee

    Farewell Jesse Hogan

    Hope he's wearing a hard hat