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  1. Reminds me of a former MFC forward approach to goal kicking
  2. Sydee

    Nietschke out for the season

    Terribly disappointing for the young man - I wish him a speedy recovery and come back bigger and better next season
  3. Sydee

    Training - Monday, 18th February, 2019

    Hate to say it but Jake Lever has the skinniest set of legs in the AFL - look like they could snap with a slight breeze
  4. Sydee

    The Co-Captaincy?

    Big fan of JV but lets be honest he needs to get himself on the park consistently before he has sole captaincy For all of Jones's shortcomings (are there aren't many) he is there week in week out flying the flag and has been for many years
  5. Sydee

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Apologies - not trying to anyone's Dad just a bit of good old fashion realism and caution. I never said any player reads the dribble on here or that it might influence their attitude or performance Enjoy the ride whatever it is that's served up but try to resist being condescending to people who may have an opinion that doesn't perfectly align to you own
  6. Sydee

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    My point was if the team shares your overconfidence they are very likely going to get belted - simple really I certainly hope they don't because it would be completely ill founded at this stage
  7. Sydee

    Opposition Watch: Rd 1 vs Port Adelaide

    Oh dear this is the kind of "getting ahead of ourselves" mentality that has brought this club to its knees over and over again Rest assured they will, like every other team come out firing and will be desperate to get a win in round 1 - it will not be easy #bookmarkit They have some quality players - if we are not 100% focused and committed a loss is definitely on the cards
  8. Sydee

    Round 1 team 2019

    I agree he does have lots of similarities to Sam Mitchell - as he gets a bigger fitness base and spends more time in the midfield the similarity will become more striking I hope He's a good user of the ball , great reader of the play, tough , disposes well and in the vast majority of times to his team mates advantage Sam Mitchell is not tall , he is not quick by foot - still a great midfield weapon I expect Charlie to follow suit and I believe our coaching staff think the same
  9. Sydee

    Impact of rule changes

    Maybe you are right - if you are - what's the point of this change ? Surely there is an intended consequence for changing the status quo ?
  10. Sydee

    Impact of rule changes

    Impact of the changes - I see higher scores and much bigger winning margins in games that are blowouts I guess that's one of the AFL's intended / desired outcomes but it could lead to some pretty ugly results - more difficult for teams to play a defensive quarter to offset momentum wind advantage etc.
  11. Sydee

    Training - Thursday 24th January, 2019

    I think you have actually agreed with me but never mind
  12. Sydee

    Training - Thursday 24th January, 2019

    I'm a little surprised that with all the forward talk there is never a mention of Spargo ? He pretty much cemented a spot last year as our small crumber in the forward 50 and from what I saw did a pretty good job Seems like everyone thinks there are others ahead of him now - I feel the coaches like him because he seems to play very much to his instructions / team focus I would expect he will still be very much in the mix this year unless he has gone backwards
  13. Sydee

    Training - Monday 21st January, 2019

    I agree BB he is one that I expect will surprise a few this year Has the ability to become a valuable member of the best 22 From what I have heard it sounds like he has been training with the forwards
  14. Sydee

    Training - Wednesday 16th January, 2019

    Only if Preuss can actually play the game I think there are quite a few people on here getting carried away with a guy that didn't manage a game for a team that finished below us on the table and did not have one the best ruckman in the competition Like everyone else I really hope he contributes meaningfully to the team and makes us better - however playing him alongside TMac and Weid in the same forward 50 looks too big and slow for mine and I cant see any prospect of him surpassing those guys as a first pick tall forward Being big means nothing if you are not mobile enough and do not possess the skills and knowledge of the game Definitely has some potential but the question is can he rise to the next level
  15. True, his development last year was very significant. His challenge is now to sustain that and keep improving. I was personally a bit worried when he took JW's number that things may not have gone the way they did - don't ask me why it was just a feeling - anyway very pleased it played out well for him. I know it is easy in hindsight but I always felt James Harmes would be a good player perhaps not quite to the level he showed late last year. I have also had the same feeling about Jayden Hunt so I'm hoping that he can replicate Harmes' 2018 form rise in 2019
  16. Moves a bit like James Harmes IMO - hopefully plays like him when he gets his chance
  17. Sydee

    Does Height matter that much?

    Probably more relevant to look at height of best 22 for each side rather than height of overall list - some of the guys at the ends of the spectrum are possibly not even going to play AFL in 2019
  18. Great to see BV stick around clearly a popular guy around the club and hopefully helps fast track the young guys to achieve their best at AFL level
  19. Sydee

    The Ox is Excited

    Absolutely love Theox love the unbridled enthusiasm around here but - this competition is incredibly even and tough - we have a particularly difficult draw this year - if there is one team in the AFL that has a capacity to get ahead of itself it is the MFC I would have thought a big fat lid needs to be found quickly - it’s great to be positive but let’s actually achieve something before talking the talk. I think we need to see what this team can deliver in the first half of next season with the weight of expectation firmly on their shoulders - hopefully they don’t let themselves and supporters down.
  20. Sydee

    Training - Monday 3rd December, 2018

    Ahhh that didn’t end too well !
  21. Sydee

    2019 Jumper Numbers

    Adem Yze says hi too ! Numbers pretty predictable although 12 for young Toby is a big endorsement obviously think the young fella has some talent - hopefully turns out to be Wizard like
  22. Sydee

    Contract Extension Looms for Goodwin

    Can't wait to see this bloke lift the Cup with Viney!! Ahhhh - Nathan Jones says Hi !
  23. My comment was a bit tongue in cheek - I want all players to train hard and strive to impress the coach I just hate the idea of arguably our most important player getting injured by friendly fire in a training drill - I'm sure you agree
  24. Great but please do not break Max at training trying to impress
  25. My comments / observations are stupid ? Personally I think form over the last 2 years is a relevant indication of what someone can bring to the table. I have said a couple of times I trust the FD and their decision to recruit KK and wish him all the success in the world You can have your opinion and I can have mine but I will not be stupid enough to call your opinion stupid