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  1. I see Halfwit Darcy has now extended his media role to interfering in MRP decisions.
  2. He'll be a legend in my book if he coaches us to a flag.
  3. Darn right. I'm not even sure I can absorb what just happened.
  4. Isn't this just their supporters saying "You can't fire me because I quit!"? They know they are spiraling into the abyss so are trying to lessen the hurt by saying they didn't want this game anyway. Next logical step is them losing the right to the Anzac Day game and then eventually relegation to whatever league wants a team supported by a legion of headcases declaring they won't turn up if they're not guaranteed a win.
  5. Same. I wont recount what I screamed as Watts ran in to kick that final goal today but I can assure you it was a cathartic moment that has been 8 years coming since I watched him get ragdolled on debut. Now we just need to bury Collingwood in a grand final and for me the circle will be complete.
  6. I'm a fan of the indigenous jumper too. Glad that we've stuck with it for consecutive years.
  7. Betcha Brad Scott still had a "What's goin on here?" look all over his Chevy Chase whenever we did get a free.
  8. Brilliant. Just like being there.
  9. I've tweeted the club the same. If there is anyone more social media savvy happy for them to push the barrow too. I know it's a bit copycat of the Roughy thing but it's respectful and everyone can participate.
  10. May I respectfully propose that one minute of applause at the one minute mark of the first quarter on Sunday against North could be a sign of support for Jesse. (If I recall correctly a similar show of support was arranged for Roughy at the second minute of the second quarter after his diagnosis). Just a thought.
  11. So Carlton get yet another sponsor whose main delivery method is in a paper bag.
  12. I'd like to send a big "[censored] you" to the two shithead Hawks supporters who just lobbed in the Melbourne seating section after 3/4 time. I hate all other team supporters but you just sent Hawks to the top of the list.
  13. Car park at the MCG is closed today as well so that may lower the crowd a bit. Would be nice for us to have the highest attendance for the round. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Eddie.
  14. It's a bit like the WWE. The fighting has spilled out of the ring and the combatants are now going at each other with chairs in other threads. If only some of our team had the same tenacity and perseverance on game day. Some here could go 4 quarters all day long with minimal provocation.
  15. Rolls Royce. Our "forward press" does not break down. It merely "fails to proceed".