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  1. It's a bit like the WWE. The fighting has spilled out of the ring and the combatants are now going at each other with chairs in other threads. If only some of our team had the same tenacity and perseverance on game day. Some here could go 4 quarters all day long with minimal provocation.
  2. Rolls Royce. Our "forward press" does not break down. It merely "fails to proceed".
  3. Nespresso brings George Clooney and Jack Black right. That's good Hollywood money. Tesla brings Elon Musk. That could be interesting. But I think we actually aim to eradicate "Ludicrous Mode" in our gameplay.
  4. Eerily enough I actually met Satyriconhome at a game (long before I was on Demonland so I can't really compare the two experiences). Since then I have had the occasional conversation with fellow Demon supporters when I have ended up at games without my usual cadre. (Saturday @ Etihad being one case where I chatted with 3 or 4 random other Dee supporters). I've often wondered if any of them are on Demonland but generally refrain from asking for various reasons. None of the people I have met at games however, have had the uniqueness of Chris from Camberwell.
  5. Agree. There's signs there for Oscar but I guess it's key to remember that it is early days for him.
  6. I'm gonna stick with the "Russian Roulette" metaphor for Col or Oscar kicking in. 5 times out of 6 everything will be hunky dory but when they pull the trigger at the wrong moment you end up with your head in your lap.
  7. He has certainly had a looooooong career and they have persisted with him however his signals when kicking out from the goal square are somewhat confusing. Crowd seems to enjoy them though.
  8. Like clockwork.
  9. He has ascended to a higher plane of existence.
  10. His commando camp must have focused on Chicken Wings and Eye Gouging so naturally it lead to injuries.
  11. I chug a keg in Yarra Park before the game so it's really a non-issue.
  12. The MRP had reviewed the footage and the incident was classified as intentional high impact to the head by the concrete. The MRP has concluded that as the precedent was set in Melb vs WCE the balcony and concrete have no case to answer.
  13. And apparently also: