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  1. I had a chuckle at that but you are closer than you think @Skuit I remember there was a question posed by an article in the Age asking whose premiership reunion would be a happier affair: West Coast's seniors in 2006 or Fitzroy's reserves in 1989? It then pointed out the amount of Fitzroy blokes who went on to become football managers, coaches and administrators vs. the amount of blokes from the Weagles whose careers (and lives) went off the rails. The key with the Fitzroy blokes was that the overall 's**t conditions' forced you to take responsibility for your own career rather than being lead around by the nose. Melbourne 2008-2013 was survival of the fittest and probably was textbook in everything a club could do wrong in the proscribed time frame. While having blokes who know success helps, having others who have been through the meat grinder (but only if they haven't been scarred excessively by their experiences) is important for your leadership group.
  2. Disappointed when Perty said he was the right man to take the club forward. He should have referred to him as a 'guy'.
  3. Bloody hell! When did Beatnik Popeye get a game for the Dees?!!
  4. That was sad to see. Clearly this is very different to 'smokegate'. I can't comment with 100% accuracy with Jesse as I don't know him personally. However, young men tend to 'self medicate' when suffering from anxiety. It becomes a vicious circle when they sober up and feel like the bottom of a shoe that has stepped in some gum (complete with hangover). I don't condemn drinking in the slightest (although I have gone teetotal myself recently). People should be able to make their own decisions and enjoy themselves in whatever way they want; should it be legal and/or not doing excessive harm to themselves or others. However, if Jess is suffering from anxiety, the vacuous and dismissive Aussie bloke suggestion of 'hitting the pizz to unwind' is the motherlode of bad ideas.
  5. I think what he wrote was basically fair. He said 5 minutes before the bounce off Queen's Birthday (despite tipping us to win rather begrudgingly) that we drank our own bathwater. I think we were probably due for a loss but the first quarter lacksadaical garbage we served up pretty much doomed us. Why would he have changed his mind until he saw evidence?
  6. Did Whatley call Perty 'Peter' around the 7 minute mark? He has a bit of a 'strine accent but I had to do a bit of a double take.
  7. A bloke who didn't allow himself to be defined by one moment and copped criticism square on the chin to make himself a better player. I was there round 1, 2013 and was incredulous when he ducked. The club weren't happy either apparently as Todd Viney purportedly have him a spray at the end of his first year. All credit to Pedo in turning himself into a key member of the team at certain stages. His work as an undersized ruckman was top notch and from all accounts, he was a great clubman too. It should be noted that his improved output after 2013 allowed us to at least semi break even on the Brock McLean deal.
  8. The Adelaide Crows have also announced that the team will be running out in full corpse paint to emulate Eric Draven.
  9. He looks much better forward than back. He definitely takes after his Dad in that sense. Shaun was always hampered by defensive mindsets but when he went forward, he gave us an unpredictable edge. Joel seems to be more reluctant up back but seems released from a burden when sent forward.
  10. I think that the discussion between Oscar and Frosty will end in a similar way to the Max vs Spencil debate. Around 2013/2014, there was some debate who would be the heir to Russian's ruck position. I always felt that Spencil, despite his determination, didn't have the basics to be a genuine starting 22 player. He was a trier and cracked in, but lacked the physical gifts. I saw a much higher ceiling on Max and ultimately turned out to be correct. Sadly, unless Oscar hits the gym (and the refrigerator) and suddenly gains better reflexes, he will always be exposed. Frosty has athleticism to burn but his issue is his disposal and decision making. The latter problems for mine are easier to fix.
  11. Triggered much bro? Maybe you should go back to your safe space. Anyway, I bow out at this point. You've been warned about this more times than I've had hot dinners, and I'm not going to get banned because you want to play ideological warrior on a football message board.
  12. The second part of the original paragraph (re: postage stamp) was also part of the reason why he got tagged as that.
  13. I'd prefer we win than lose but perspective is important here. A win here was more important for Brisbane than it was for us. That being said, there are plenty of areas to work on. 1) Forward line delivery: Weed is constantly contesting and crashing packs. However, the positions he is getting the ball delivered to him in weren't great. We still have an issue with tempo football where everything needs to be smashed into the 50 at a million miles an hour. Sometimes, it's best to take that extra kick to move the distance from 55 meters out to 45 with a slight improvement of angle if possible. 2) An x factor crumbing forward: God bless Spargo, but he is more a pressure forward than a bloke who collects the spillage and makes something out of a half chance. If we insist on playing the way we did today (kicking to a pack contest), we need a Jeffy type to collect at ground level. 3) Quality of tackling: We fronted the opposition 9 times out of 10 and had men on them. However, the intensity of those defensive efforts wavered at times. When we got back in the second, not only were we tackling but they were finding that they were unable to do anything with the pill as a) their arms were pinned b) they had been spun around the wrong way and c) all outlets had been cut off. Positives were Clarry, Nev and Gus. Keilty showed a bit in that he seemed relatively composed and pretty well built for someone his age. Joel Smith was good too until he did his leg. May seems a bit lost for mine. I'm guessing that he needs an adjustment period like Jake Lever had last year. Hore didn't seem ready for mine (odd considering his background). Tommy Mc seemed a bit laissez-faire about it all but he is coming up to his 9th year so probably knows the relative significance of our season losses. A lot to work on nonetheless. I hope that the boys will have their heads screwed on for round one.
  14. I Iike the gist but I'm hoping that there is a strategy behind this besides just winning games (though that of course is the most important thing). I have always agreed with @Sir Why You Little that we need to look at new arrivals to Melbourne. Sadly, we have squeezed the stone dry with our old school supporters (many are starting to leave this world). Many of their kids and grandkids are a lost cause who jumped onto Hawthorn, Carlton or Richmond (the former two during the 70's through the 80's and the latter recently). Go through the CBD and inner suburbs today and you will find it's pretty bloody different to the 70's or even 90's. This diversity (which will spread out to the outer burbs as these demographics start to have families) is what we need to be aiming at. PJ himself said during his Demonland podcast interview that he was buoyed by the multiple nationalities amongst our supporters during our two finals at the G.
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